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Max Out with These Advanced Cantonese Words


We’ve already compiled guides on Cantonese words for beginners and intermediate learners for those who are dedicated to acquiring this fantastic language. And now, for those who have persevered and made it to the advanced level, we have also put together this advanced Cantonese words guide. If you’re looking to become a master in Cantonese and are wondering what vocabulary words you should learn next, this one’s for you!

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Learn the advanced Cantonese words you need!

In this article, we’ll list the most important Cantonese words for advanced learners so that you can communicate, understand, and express situations more accurately. Keep reading!

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  1. Academic Words
  2. Business Words
  3. Medical Words
  4. Legal Words
  5. General Advanced Words
  6. How Can Help You Learn More Cantonese

1. Academic Words


Our first set of advanced Cantonese vocabulary words comprises terms related to academia. These words will be essential if you plan to study in Hong Kong

#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1學術 (adj.)hok6 seot6academic近年學術文章嘅出版數量增加。
gan6 nin4 hok6 seot6 man4 zoeng1 ge3 ceot1 baan2 sou3 loeng6 zang1 gaa1.
The number of academic writings being published has increased in recent years.
2意見 (n.)ji3 gin3opinion大家有咩意見或者諗法?
daai6 gaa1 jau5 me1 ji3 gin3 waak6 ze2 lam2 faat3?
Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts?
3參考書目 (n.)caam1 haau2 syu1 muk6bibliography參考書目如下。
caam1 haau2 syu1 muk6 jyu4 haa6.
Please find the bibliography below.
4結論 (n.)git3 leon6conclusion結論係令讀者留下好印象嘅最後機會。
git3 leon6 hai6 ling6 duk6 ze2 lau4 haa6 hou2 jan3 zoeng6 ge3 zeoi3 hau6 gei1 wui3.
The last chance to impress the readers is through the conclusion.
5論文 (n.)leon6 man2thesis個教授要求寫一篇三十頁嘅論文啊。
go3 gaau3 sau6 jiu1 kau4 se2 jat1 pin1 saam1 sap6 jip6 ge3 leon6 man2 aa3.       
The professor asked for a thirty-page thesis.
6隱喻 (n.)jan2 jyu6metaphor隱喻令讀者發揮想像力。
jan2 jyu6 ling6 duk6 ze2 faat3 fai1 soeng2 zoeng6 lik6.
Metaphors encourage readers to imagine.
7抄襲 (n.)caau1 zaap6plagiarism抄襲係一個好嚴重嘅罪行。
caau1 zaap6 hai6 jat1 go3 hou2 jim4 zung6 ge3 zeoi6 hang6.
Plagiarism is a serious crime.
8結構 (n.)git3 kau3structure建築結構
gin3 zuk1 git3 kau3
Architecture structure
9來源 (n.)loi4 jyun4source文章冇列明任何來源。
man4 zoeng1 mou5 lit6 ming4 jam6 ho4 loi4 jyun4.
This article does not specify the sources.
10簡報 (n.)gaan2 bou3presentation設計引人入勝嘅簡報。
cit3 gai3 jan5 jan4 jap6 sing3 ge3 gaan2 bou3.
Design a fascinating presentation.
11文學士 (n.)man4 hok6 si6Bachelor of Arts文學士適唔適合我?
man4 hok6 si6 sik1 m4 sik1 hap6 ngo5?
Does a Bachelor of Arts suit me?
12格式 (n.)gaak3 sik1format引文格式
jan5 man4 gaak3 sik1
Citation format
13研究 (n.)jin4 gau3research私人研究嘅成本好高。
si1 jan4 jin4 gau3 ge3 sing4 bun2 hou2 gou1.
Private research is very costly.
14例子 (n.)lai6 zi2example講一個你成功處理工作困難嘅例子。
gong2 jat1 go3 nei5 sing4 gung1 cyu5 lei5 gung1 zok3 kwan3 naan4 ge3 lai6 zi2.
Tell me about an example where you overcame a challenge at work.
15段 (n.)dyun6paragraph第三段
dai6 saam1 dyun6
The third paragraph
16學術寫作 (n.)hok6 seot6 se2 zok3academic writing學術寫作係申請美國大學時必備嘅能力。
hok6 seot6 se2 zok3 hai6 san1 cing2 mei5 gwok3 daai6 hok6 si4 bit1 bei6 ge3 nang4 lik6.
Academic writing is a necessary skill for applying to universities in the States.
17摘要 (n.)zaak6 jiu3abstract摘要內容必須要緊湊。
zaak6 jiu3 noi6 jung4 bit1 seoi1 jiu3 gan2 cau3.
The content of an abstract has to be tight.
18個案研究 (n.)go3 on3 jin4 gau3case study個案研究報告
go3 on3 jin4 gau3 bou3 gou3
Case study report
19介紹 (n.)gaai3 siu6introduction自我介紹
zi6 ngo5 gaai3 siu6
20改寫 (n.)goi2 se2paraphrase改寫句子
goi2 se2 geoi3 zi2
Paraphrasing a sentence
21副教授 (n.)fu3 gaau3 sau6associate professor副教授都係终身嘅。
fu3 gaau3 sau6 dou1 hai6 zung1 san1 ge3.
Associate professor is also a lifelong position.
22研討會 (n.)jin4 tou2 wui2seminar學術研討會
hok6 seot6 jin4 tou2 wui2
Academic seminar
23理論 (n.)lei5 leon6theory科學理論
fo1 hok6 lei5 leon6
Scientific theory
24研究生 (n.)jin4 gau3 sang1graduate student珍妮係研究生。
zan1 nei4 hai6 jin4 gau3 sang1.
Jenny is a graduate student.
25座談會 (n.)zo6 taam4 wui2symposium佢喺文章分享對座談會嘅感悟。
keoi5 hai2 man4 zoeng1 fan1 hoeng2 deoi3 zo6 taam4 wui2 ge3 gam2 ng6.
He shared his thoughts on the symposium in an article.

2. Business Words

Business Diagram

As an advanced Cantonese learner who’s serious about your studies, you’ll greatly benefit from learning words related to the business world. Memorizing the words below will give you a leg up as you search for a job in Hong Kong and allow you to discuss a wider range of topics. 

#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1經濟 (n.)ging1 zai3economics經濟可以應用喺好多範疇。
ging1 zai3 ho2 ji5 jing3 jung6 hai2 hou2 do1 faan6 cau4.
Economics is a good background for many fields.
2通脹率 (n.)tung1 zoeng3 leot2inflation rate津巴布韋係全世界通脹率最誇張嘅國家。
zeon1 baa1 bou3 wai5 hai6 cyun4 sai3 gaai3 tung1 zoeng3 leot2 zeoi3 kwaa1 zoeng1 ge3 gwok3 gaa1.
Zimbabwe has the world’s most bizarre inflation rate.
3通縮 (n.)tung1 suk1deflation通縮即係整體物價水平下降,係通脹嘅相反。
tung1 suk1 zik1 hai6 zing2 tai2 mat6 gaa3 seoi2 ping4 haa6 gong3, hai6 tung1 zoeng3 ge3 soeng1 faan2.        
Deflation means a fall in the general price level; it is the opposite of inflation.
4圖表 (n.)tou4 biu2chart個圖表顯示公司上季嘅銷售業績。
go3 tou4 biu2 hin2 si6 gung1 si1 soeng6 gwai3 ge3 siu1 sau6 jip6 zik1.
This chart shows the company’s sales from last quarter.
5每月數據 (n.)mui5 jyut6 sou3 geoi3monthly breakdown睇住個每月數據,金融形勢愈嚟愈清楚。
tai2 zyu6 go3 mui5 jyut6 sou3 geoi3, gam1 jung4 jing4 sai3 jyu6 lei4 jyu6 cing1 co2.      
Looking at the monthly breakdown, the financial situation becomes clearer.
6跌 (v.)dit3to drop最近報告濫用毒品嘅人數跌咗。
zeoi3 gan6 laam5 joek6 ge3 bou3 gou3 jan4 sou3 dit3 zo2.        
The number of reported drug abuse has decreased recently.
7反彈 (n./v.)faan2 daan6rebound無論如何,我哋都要搵辦法嚟彌補呢個新嘅反彈。
mou4 leon6 jyu4 ho4, ngo5 dei6 dou1 jiu3 wan2 baan6 faat3 lei4 nei4 bou2 ni1 go3 san1 ge3 faan2 daan6.       
At any rate, we have to find a way to compensate for that new rebound.
8穩步上升 (v.)wan2 bou6 soeng6 sing1to increase steadily睇嚟我哋每月嘅收入穩步上升。
tai2 lei4 ngo5 dei6 mui5 jyut6 ge3 sau1 jap6 wan2 bou6 soeng6 sing1.
It seems that our monthly incomes are increasing steadily.
9總銷售額 (n.)zung2 siu1 sau6 ngaak2total sales上年嘅總銷售額高過大家預期。
soeng6 nin2 ge3 zung2 siu1 sau6 ngaak2 gou1 gwo3 daai6 gaa1 jyu6 kei4.
Last year’s total sales were a lot higher than everybody had expected.
10銷售預測 (n.)siu1 sau6 jyu6 cak1sales forecast銷售預測係必要嘅商業行為。
siu1 sau6 jyu6 cak1 hai6 bit1 jiu3 ge3 soeng1 jip6 hang4 wai4.
Developing sales forecasts is a necessary business practice.
11銷售業績 (n.)siu1 sau6 jip6 zik1sales performance呢間公司嘅銷售業績咁好,應該值得投資。
ni1 gaan1 gung1 si1 ge3 siu1 sau6 jip6 zik1 gam3 hou2, jing1 goi1 zik6 dak1 tau4 zi1.
This company should be worth investing in because of its excellent sales performance.
12推廣活動 (n.)teoi1 gwong2 wut6 dung6campaign為咗推廣產品,佢哋實行一個全國推廣活動。
wai6 zo2 teoi1 gwong2 caan2 ban2, keoi5 dei6 sat6 hang4 jat1 go3 cyun4 gwok3 teoi1 gwong2 wut6 dung6.      
In order to promote the product, they are running a nationwide campaign.
13PRESENT (v.)PRE6 SEN6presentation推銷一個諗法嘅時候,最好為個PRESENT準備充足。
teoi1 siu1 jat1 go3 nam2 faat3 ge3 si4 hau6, zeoi3 hou2 wai6 go3 PRE6 SEN1 zeon2 bei6 cung1 zuk1.
The best way to sell an idea is to be well prepared for a presentation.
14講解 (v.)gong2 gaai2to explain個水手講解佢點樣俾海岸護衛隊救返。
go3 seoi2 sau2 gong2 gaai2 keoi5 dim2 joeng2 bei2 hoi2 ngon6 wu6 wai6 deoi2 gau3 faan1.
The sailor explained how he was rescued by the coast guard.
15準備 (n./v.)zeon2 bei6preparation旅行要準備好多嘢。
heoi3 leoi5 hang4 jiu3 zeon2 bei6 hou2 do1 je5.
Traveling requires a lot of preparation.
16CHECK (v.)CHECK1to check因為技術問題,我CHECK唔到個銀行戶口。
jan1 wai6 gei6 seot6 man6 tai4, ngo5 CHECK1 m4 dou2 go3 ngan4 hong4 wu6 hau2.
I can’t check my bank account due to technical problems.
17投影機 (n.)tau4 jing2 gei1projector如果呢盞燈閃下閃下,即係個投影機要修理喇。
jyu4 gwo2 ni1 zaan2 dang1 sim2 haa5 sim2 haa5, zik1 hai6 go3 tau4 jing2 gei1 jiu3 sau1 lei5 laa3.
If this light blinks, it means the projector needs to be fixed.
18會議室 (n.)wui6 ji5 sat1meeting room會議室嘅燈光可以影響成間房嘅氣氛。
wui6 ji5 sat1 ge3 dang1 gwong1 ho2 ji5 jing2 hoeng2 seng4 gaan1 fong2 ge3 hei3 fan1.        
The lighting in a meeting room can influence the atmosphere in the room.
19墨 (n.)mak6ink衫上面啲墨跡好難洗甩。
saam1 soeng6 min6 di1 mak6 zik1 hou2 naan4 sai2 lat1.
It’s very hard to get rid of the ink mark on the shirt.
20白板 (n.)baak6 baan2whiteboard要展示一啲視覺上嘅嘢,白板係最好嘅途徑。
jiu3 zin2 si6 jat1 di1 si6 gok3 soeng6 ge3 je5, baak6 baan2 hai6 zeoi3 hou2 ge3 tou4 ging3.
A whiteboard is a perfect means to demonstrate something visually.
21實體店 (n.)sat6 tai2 dim3physical store實體店會閂門,但係網上商店就可以24小時開住。
sat6 tai2 dim3 wui5 saan1 mun4, daan6 hai6 mong5 soeng6 soeng1 dim3 zau6 ho2 ji5 ji6 sap6 sei3 siu2 si4 hoi1 zyu6.
Physical stores have to close up every day, but online stores can be opened 24 hours a day.
22速遞 (n.)cuk1 dai6courier咁急?要寄速遞先趕得切喇。
gam3 gap1? jiu3 gei3 cuk1 dai6 sin1 gon2 dak1 cit3 laa3.So urgent?
Then we’ll have to send it by courier to be on time.
23物流公司 (n.)mat6 lau4 gung1 si1logistics company你有冇相熟嘅物流公司?我有一批貨要運去大陸。
nei5 jau5 mou5 soeng1 suk6 ge3 mat6 lau4 gung1 si1? ngo5 jau5 jat1 pai1 fo3 jiu3 wan6 heoi3 daai6 luk6.
Do you have a preferred logistics company? I have a number of goods to be transported to the mainland.
24負責 (v.)fu6 zaak3to take responsibility係我做錯程序,我會負責。
hai6 ngo5 zou6 co3 cing4 zeoi6, ngo5 wui5 fu6 zaak3.
I did not follow the procedures well; I will take responsibility.
25裁員 (n.)coi4 jyun4layoff裁員通知已經落咗喇,今次唔知係邊個黑仔。
coi4 jyun4 tung1 zi1 ji5 ging1 lok6 zo2 laa3, gam1 ci3 m4 zi1 hai6 bin1 go3 haak1 zai2.
The layoff notice has already been sent, but we don’t know who the unlucky ones are.

3. Medical Words


Whether you plan to study medicine, want to land a job in the medical field, or happen to find yourself in the emergency room, you’ll want to know the following words.

#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1專科 (n.)zyun1 fo1specialists (medical)有冇專科醫生推薦?
jau5 mou5 zyun1 fo1 ji1 sang1 teoi1 zin3?
Any recommended specialist doctors?
2醫科 (n.)ji1 fo1medical studies人人都想讀醫科。
jan4 jan4 dou1 soeng2 duk6 ji1 fo1.
Everyone wants to pursue medical studies.
3法醫 (n.)faat3 ji1forensics法醫人類學家
faat3 ji1 jan4 leoi6 hok6 gaa1
Forensic anthropologist
4診斷 (n.)can2 dyun6diagnosis必須以進一步嘅調查確定診斷。
bit1 seoi1 ji5 zeon3 jat1 bou6 ge3 diu6 caa4 kok3 ding6 can2 dyun6.
It’s necessary to conduct further investigation to confirm the diagnosis.
5症狀 (n.)zing3 zong6symptom新型冠狀病毒嘅症狀
san1 jing4 gun1 zong6 beng6 duk6 ge3 zing3 zong6
The symptoms of COVID-19
6藥物 (n.)joek6 mat6drug藥物可能有副作用。
joek6 mat6 ho2 nang4 jau5 fu3 zok3 jung6.
The drug may contain side effects.
7藥物敏感 (n.)joek6 mat6 man5 gam2drug sensitivity我有藥物敏感。
ngo5 jau5 joek6 mat6 man5 gam2.
I have drug sensitivity. 
8食物中毒 (n.)sik6 mat6 zung3 duk6food poisoning我應該係食物中毒。
ngo5 jing1 goi1 hai6 sik6 mat6 zung3 duk6.
I probably got food poisoning.
9腹部絞痛 (n.)fuk1 bou6 gaau2 tung3abdominal cramps症狀包括腹部絞痛
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 fuk1 bou6 gaau2 tung3
Symptoms include abdominal cramps
10食慾不振 (n.)sik6 juk6 bat1 zan3loss of appetite症狀包括食慾不振
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 sik6 juk6 bat1 zan3
Symptoms include loss of appetite
11發燒 (n.)faat3 siu1fever症狀包括發燒
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 faat3 siu1
Symptoms include fever
12乏力 (n.)fat6 lik6fatigue症狀包括乏力
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 fat6 lik6
Symptoms include fatigue
13反胃 (n.)faan2 wai6nausea症狀包括反胃
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 faan2 wai6
Symptoms include nausea
14嘔 (n.)au2vomiting症狀包括嘔
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 au2
Symptoms include vomiting
15肚屙 (n.)tou5 o1diarrhea症狀包括腹瀉
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 tou5 o1
Symptoms include diarrhea
16頭痛 (n.)tau4 tung3headaches症狀包括頭痛
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 tau4 tung3
Symptoms include headaches
17牙痛 (n.)ngaa4 tung3toothaches症狀包括牙痛
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 ngaa4 tung3
Symptoms include toothaches
18肌肉痛 (n.)gei1 juk6 tung3muscle pain症狀包括肌肉痛
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 gei1 juk6 tung3
Symptoms include muscle pain
19關節痛 (n.)gwaan1 zit3 tung3joint pain症狀包括關節痛
zing3 zong6 baau1 kut3 gwaan1 zit3 tung3
Symptoms include joint pain
20過敏反應 (n.)gwo3 man5 faan2 jing3allergic reaction我有過敏反應。
ngo5 jau5 gwo3 man5 faan2 jing3.
I got an allergic reaction.
21花粉過敏 (n.)faa1 fan2 gwo3 man5hay fever我有花粉過敏。
ngo5 jau5 faa1 fan2 gwo3 man5.
I got hay fever.
22濕疹 (n.)sap1 can2eczema我有濕疹。
ngo5 jau5 sap1 can2.
I got eczema.
23類固醇 (n.)leoi6 gu3 seon4steroid我對類固醇過敏。
ngo5 deoi3 leoi6 gu3 seon4 gwo3 man5.
I am allergic to steroids.
24胃潰瘍 (n.)wai6 kui2 joeng4peptic ulcers我有胃潰瘍。
ngo5 jau5 wai6 kui2 joeng4.
I got peptic ulcers.
25免疫系統疾病 (n.)min2 jik6 hai6 tung2 zat6 beng6autoimmune disease我有免疫系統疾病。
ngo5 jau5 min2 jik6 hai6 tung2 zat6 beng6.
I got an autoimmune disease.

4. Legal Words


As you enter an advanced level of Cantonese, learning a bit of legal vocabulary will help you sound better educated and allow you to discuss important topics with greater accuracy. Here are just a few of the key terms you should know. 

#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1法庭 (n.)faat3 ting4court法庭係進行法律聆訊嘅地方。
faat3 ting4 hai6 zeon3 hang4 faat3 leot6 ling4 seon3 ge3 dei6 fong1.
A court is a place where the adjudication of legal disputes is carried out.
2結論 (n.)git3 leon6decision上訴法庭嘅結論
soeng5 sou3 faat3 ting4 ge3 git3 leon6
Decision from Court of Appeal
3案件 (n.)on3 gin2case民事案件
man4 si6 on3 gin2
A civil case
4陪審團 (n.)pui4 sam2 tyun4jury陪審團係普通香港市民。
pui4 sam2 tyun4 hai6 pou2 tung1 hoeng1 gong2 si5 man4
The jury consists of ordinary Hong Kong citizens.
5審判 (n.)sam2 pun3trial審判結果
sam2 pun3 git3 gwo2
Trial result
6合同 (n.)hap6 tung4contract請細閱及簽訂合同。
cing2 sai3 jyut6 kap6 cim1 ding3 hap6 tung4.
Please review and sign the contract.
7罰款 (n.)fat6 fun2fine佢非法泊車需要交罰款。
keoi5 fei1 faat3 paak3 ce1 seoi1 jiu3 gaau1 fat6 fun2.
He received a fine for parking illegally.
8疑犯 (n.)ji4 faan2suspect疑犯揸車走甩咗。
ji4 faan2 zaa1 ce1 zau2 lat1 zo2.
The suspect did a hit and run.
9拉 (v.)laai1arrest警方拉咗兩名疑犯。
ging2 fong1 laai1 zo2 loeng5 ming4 ji4 faan2.
The police arrested two suspects.
10檢控 (v.)gim2 hung3 prosecute佢被檢控。
keoi5 bei6 gim2 hung3
He is being prosecuted.
11被告 (n.)bei6 gou3defendant被告申請保釋。
bei6 gou3 san1 cing2 bou2 sik1.
The defendant applied for bail.
12法律 (n.)faat3 leot6law好多讀法律嘅學生去打政府工。
hou2 do1 duk6 faat3 leot6 ge3 hok6 saang1 heoi3 daa2 zing3 fu2 gung1.
Many students of law take government jobs.
13律師 (n.)leot6 si1lawyer律師正為犯人辯護。
leot6 si1 zing3 wai6 faan6 jan4 bin6 wu6.
The lawyer is defending the criminal.
14定罪 (n.)ding6 zeoi6conviction定罪紀錄
ding6 zeoi6 gei2 luk6
Conviction record
15原告 (n.)jyun4 gou3plaintiff原告取得補償。
jyun4 gou3 ceoi2 dak1 bou2 soeng4.
The plaintiff is reimbursed.
16立法 (n.)laap6 faat3legislation立法部門
laap6 faat3 bou6 mun4
Legislative branch
17保證 (n.)bou2 zing3pledge消極保證
siu1 gik6 bou2 zing3
Negative Pledge 
18有罪 (adj.)jau5 zeoi6guilty佢被判有罪。
keoi5 bei6 pun3 jau5 zeoi6.
He is found guilty.
19判決 (n.)pun3 kyut3verdict佢質疑判決。
keoi5 zat1 ji4 pun3 kyut3.
He questions the verdict.
20指控  (v.)zi2 hung3accuse佢被指控偷車。
keoi5 bei6 zi2 hung3 tau1 ce1.
He is accused of car theft.
21犯法 (adj.)fan6 faat3illegal吸食大麻喺香港係犯法嘅。
kap1 sik6 daai6 maa4 hai2 hoeng1 gong2 hai6 faan6 faat3 ge3.
Smoking marijuana is illegal in Hong Kong.
22證據 (n.)zing3 geoi3evidence如果你可以揾到證據就最好啦。
jyu4 gwo2 nei5 ho2 ji5 wan2 dou2 zing3 geoi3 zau6 zeoi3 hou2 laa1.
If you can find evidence, that would be good.
23證明 (v.)zing3 ming4to prove所有證據都證明你就係殺人兇手。
so2 jau5 zing3 geoi3 dou1 zing3 ming4 nei5 zau6 hai6 saat3 jan4 hung1 sau2.
All of the evidence proves that you are the killer.
24破產 (n.)po3 caan2to go bankrupt就算佢破產,佢老婆都冇離開佢。
zau6 syun3 keoi5 po3 caan2, keoi5 lou5 po4 dou1 mou5 lei4 hoi1 keoi5.
Even when he went bankrupt, his wife still didn’t leave him.
25手續 (n.)sau2 zuk6procedures請辦理手續。
cing2 baan6 lei5 sau2 zuk6.
Please handle the procedures.

5. General Advanced Words

進 - Progress

#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1論盡 (adj.)leon6 zeon6clumsy新嚟個司機好論盡。
san1 lei4 go3 si1 gei1 hou2 leon6 zeon6.
The new driver is very clumsy.
2揦西 (adj.)laa2 sai1sloppy; slipshod; careless and unsystematic要成功,一定唔可以揦西。
jiu3 sing4 gung1, jat1 ding6 m4 ho2 ji5 laa2 sai1.
In order to succeed, one must not be sloppy.
3鹹濕 (adj.)haam4 sap1lustful; perverted你正一鹹濕佬!
nei5 zing3 jat1 haam4 sap1 lou2!
You’re such a pervert!
4搵笨 (v.)wan2 ban6to cheat; to con; to trick; to fool你唔好搵我笨。
nei5 m4 hou2 wan2 ngo5 ban6.
Don’t you fool me.
5放飛機 (v.)fong3 fei1 gei1to stand somebody up; to fail to keep an appointment你成日放人飛機,所以冇人再約你。
nei5 sing4 jat6 fong3 jan4 fei1 gei1, so2 ji5 mou5 jan4 zoi3 joek3 nei5.        
You always stand people up, so no one asks you out anymore.
6發錢寒 (v.)faat3 cin2 hon4to be obsessed with money細細個就發錢寒,有冇攪錯!
sai3 sai3 go3 zau6 faat3 cin2 hon4, jau5 mou5 gaau2 co3!        
So obsessed with money at this young age? That’s ridiculous!
7眼紅 (v.)ngaan5 hung4to be jealous of (someone)眼紅人哋即係對自己冇信心。
ngaan5 hung4 jan4 dei6 zik1 hai6 deoi3 zi6 gei2 mou5 seon3 sam1.
Being jealous of others means that one lacks self-confidence.
8發火 (v.)faat3 fo2to lose one’s temper講起就發火!
gong2 hei2 zau6 faat3 fo2!
I’m pissed off when speaking of that!
9劈酒 (v.)pek3 zau2binge drinking晚晚都去劈酒,小心你個肝呀!
maan5 maan5 dou1 heoi3 pek3 zau2, siu2 sam1 nei5 go3 gon1 aa3!        
You go binge drinking every night. Take care of your liver!
10貓咗 (adj.)maau1 zo2to be drunk佢次次貓咗都會打畀前女友。
keoi5 ci3 ci3 maau1 zo2 dou1 wui5 daa2 bei2 cin4 neoi5 jau5.
Every time he got drunk, he’d call his ex-girlfriend.
11斷片 (adv.)tyun5 pin2blackout (after drinking too much)我未試過飲酒飲到斷片。
ngo5 mei6 si3 gwo3 jam2 zau2 jam2 dou3 tyun5 pin2.
I’ve never drunk to the point of blacking out.
12啤一啤 (v.)be1 jat1 be1to have a pint of beer together放工得唔得閒去啤一啤?
fong3 gung1 dak1 m4 dak1 haan4 heoi3 be1 jat1 be1?
Free to go for a drink after work?
13眼花 (v.)ngaan5 faa1to have blurry vision人老咗,就開始眼花。
jan4 lou5 zo2, zau6 hoi1 ci5 ngaan5 faa1.
As we age, we start to have blurry vision.
14老花 (adj.)lou5 faa1presbyopia老花眼鏡
lou5 faa1 ngaan5 geng2
reading glasses
15四眼 (adj.)sei3 ngaan5four-eyes唔好叫人四眼仔,冇禮貌。
m4 hou2 giu3 jan4 sei3 ngaan5 zai2, mou5 lai5 maau6.    
Don’t call people four-eyes; it’s rude.
16鬥雞 (adj.)dau6 gai1cross-eyed我細個有鬥雞,不過之後做手術整返好。
ngo5 sai3 go3 jau5 dau6 gai1, bat1 gwo1 zi1 hau6 zou6 sau2 seot6 zing2 faan1 hou2.
I was cross-eyed when I was younger, but it was fixed after surgery.
17菠蘿蓋 (n.)bo1 lo4 goi3kneecap菠蘿蓋後面嘅軟骨
bo1 lo4 goi3 hau6 min6 ge3 jyun5 gwat1 cartilage at the back of the kneecap
18厚多士 (adj.)hau5 do1 si2nosy阿嬸你厚多士呀
aa3 sam2 nei5 hau5 do1 si2 aa3!
Ma’am, you’re so nosy!
19蝦碌 (adj.)haa1 luk1clumsy; outtakes (or bloopers)成龍最出名係佢啲蝦碌鏡頭。
sing4 lung4 zeoi3 ceot1 meng2 hai6 keoi5 di1 haa1 luk1 geng3 tau4.
Jackie Chan is famous for his blooper reels.
20食軟飯 (n.)sik1 jyun5 faan6an action in which a man depends on his woman for monetary support or has a sugar-mama我勸你離開佢,佢淨係識得食軟飯。
ngo5 hyun3 nei5 lei4 hoi1 keoi5, keoi5 zing6 hai6 sik1 dak1 sik6 jyun5 faan6.
I advise you to leave him; he’s only using you for financial support.
21白鴿眼 (adj.)baak6 gaap3 ngaan5snobbish邊個教到你咁白鴿眼㗎?
bin1 go3 gaau3 dou3 nei5 gam3 baak6 gaap3 ngaan5 gaa3?
Who taught you to be this snobbish?
22食死貓 (v.)sik6 sei2 maau1to take the blame for others’ wrongdoings我呀姐迫我食死貓。
ngo5 aa3 ze1 bik1 ngo5 sik6 sei2 maau1.        
My manager forced me to take the blame.
23打蛇餅 (adj.)daa2 se4 beng2a queue that is too long, forming a zig-zag pattern因為交通意外,巴士站度打晒蛇餅。
jan1 wai6 gaau1 tung1 ji3 ngoi6, baa1 si2 zaam6 dou6 daa2 saai3 se4 beng2.        
There’s a long line at the bus stop because of the traffic accident.
24軟皮蛇 (n.)jyun5 pei4 se4a lazy person unwilling to get things done而家啲後生仔個個都軟皮蛇咁。
ji4 gaa1 di1 hau6 saang1 zai2 go3 go3 dou1 jyun5 pei4 se4 gam2.        
Teenagers nowadays are lazy and don’t have motivation.
25吹水 (v.)ceoi1 ngau4to boast; to brag; to talk big佢成日都吹水,所以冇人信佢講嘅嘢。
keoi5 sing4 jat6 dou1 ceoi1 seoi2, so2 ji5 mou5 jan4 seon3 keoi5 gong2 ge3 je5.
He’s always bragging, so no one believes his words anymore.
26搶眼 (adj.)coeng2 ngaan5eye-catching; dazzling; attractive佢揸住架好搶眼嘅車。
keoi5 zaa1 zyu6 gaa3 hou2 coeng2 ngaan5 ge3 ce1.
He’s driving a very attractive car.
27頭耷耷 (adj.)tau4 dap1 dap1head drooping; depressed佢比賽輸咗,頭耷耷咁返屋企。
keoi5 bei2 coi3 syu1 zo2, tau4 dap1 dap1 gam2 faan1 uk1 kei2.
He lost the match and went home with his head low.
28夾手夾腳 (adv.)gaap3 sau2 gaap3 goek3to work together; to do something together夾手夾腳砌埋個台,快啲收工。
gaap3 sau2 gaap3 goek3 cai3 maai4 go3 toi4, faai3 di1 sau1 gung1.
Let’s finish building the stage together as soon as possible so we can get off work sooner.
29面阻阻 (adj.)min6 zo2 zo2to be in conflict or acrimony (usually of two parties)你哋成日面阻阻,影響到其他同事。
nei5 dei6 sing4 jat6 min6 zo2 zo2, jing2 hoeng2 dou2 kei4 taa1 tung4 si6.
You two are always in conflict, and it negatively affects other coworkers too.
30脆卜卜 (adj.)ceoi3 bok1 bok1crispy; crunchy; brittle個蛋糕入面有啲嘢脆卜卜,咩嚟㗎?
go3 daan6 gou1 jap6 min6 jau5 di1 je5 ceoi3 bok1 bok1, me1 lai4 gaa3?
There’s something crunchy inside the cake. What is it?
31軟腍腍 (adj.)jyun5 nam4 nam4soft and pliable糯米糍軟腍腍,我鍾意食。
no6 mai5 ci4 jyun5 nam4 nam4, ngo5 zung1 ji3 sik6.
Glutinous rice dumplings are soft. I love it.
32軟癩癩 (adj.)jyun5 laai4 laai4flaccid; lineless; powerless唔好成日軟癩癩攤喺梳化 。
m4 hou2 sing4 jat6 jyun5 laai4 laai4 taan1 hai2 so1 faa2.
Don’t flaccidly lay on the sofa all day.
33硬繃繃 (adj.)ngaang6 baang1 baang1hard; tight; stubborn佢份人硬繃繃,一啲都唔肯變通。
keoi5 fan6 jan4 ngaang6 baang1 baang1, jat1 di1 dou1 m4 hang2 bin3 tung1.
He is so stubborn and refuses to adapt to the circumstances.
34散修修 (adj.)saan2 sau1 sau1loose; messy啲嘢散修修,快啲執好佢。
di1 je5 saan2 sau1 sau1, faai3 di1 zap1 hou2 keoi5.
This stuff is so messy; tidy up.
35輕飄飄 (adj.)heng1 piu1 piu1very light; floating你個喼輕飄飄,冇嘢喺入面㗎?
nei5 go3 gip1 heng1 piu1 piu1, mou5 je5 hai2 jap6 min6 gaa4?
Your suitcase is so light. Is it empty?
36密質質 (adj.)mat6 zat1 zat1packed; cramped; dense地鐵成日都密質質,好逼。
dei6 tit3 sing4 jat6 dou1 mat6 zat1 zat1, hou2 bik1.
The subway is always so packed and crowded.
37出貓 (v.)ceot1 maau1cheating (on a test)我個仔俾人捉到考試出貓。
ngo5 go3 zai2 bei2 jan4 zuk1 dou2 haau2 si3 ceot1 maau1.
My son got caught cheating on an exam.
38出馬 (v.)ceot1 maa5to take the role or initiative to tackle a situation; to deal with a problem今晚大廚出馬,實有好嘢食。
gam1 maan5 daai6 cyu2 ceot1 maa5, sat6 jau5 hou2 je5 sik6.
The big chef is on duty; there’ll be some good food tonight for sure.
39金牛 (n.)gam1 ngau4HK$1000 bill假金牛
gaa2 gam1 ngau4
counterfeit HK$1000 bills
40火牛 (n.)fo2 ngau4electric transformer; adapter; charger呢個火牛係邊部機㗎?
ni1 go3 fo2 ngau4 hai6 bin1 bou6 gei1 gaa3?
Which appliance is this charger for?
41O嘴 (adv.)ou1 zeoi2shocked; puzzled; speechless; jaw-dropping; mouth-opening間餐廳貴到O嘴呀!
gaan1 caan1 teng1 gwai3 dou3 O1 zeoi2 aa3!
The restaurant is shockingly expensive!
42R晒頭 (adv.)aau1 saai3 tau4to be totally clueless or confused; perplexed呢本書咁深,睇到我R晒頭。
ni1 bun2 syu1 gam3 sam1, tai2 dou3 ngo5 aau1 saai3 tau4.
This book is so difficult, I’m perplexed.
43好瘀 (adj.)hou2 jyu2embarrassing or to be embarrassed佢喺全校面前向佢表白,但係俾佢拒絕,好瘀呀。
keoi5 hai2 cyun4 haau6 min6 cin4 hoeng3 keoi5 biu2 baak6, daan6 hai6 bei2 keoi5 keoi5 zyut3, hou2 jyu2 aa3.
He confessed his love to her in front of the whole school and got rejected. How embarrassing!
44眼白白 (adv.)ngaan5 baak6 baak6helplessly; not being able to make amends眼白白睇住佢走甩咗。
ngaan5 baak6 baak6 tai2 zyu6 keoi5 zau2 lat1 zo2.
I could only (helplessly) watch him run away.
45穿煲 (v.)cyun1 bou1to let a secret out; to fail in covering up something再咁落去,一定穿煲。
zoi3 gam2 lok6 heoi3, jat1 ding6 cyun1 bou1.
If it goes on like this, the secret will be out.
46長氣 (adj.)coeng4 hei3talkative; mumbling你咁長氣,我怕咗你。
nei5 gam3 coeng4 hei3, ngo5 paa3 zo2 nei5.
You’re too talkative; I give up.
47拗柴 (v.)aau2 caai4to twist one’s ankle我次次著高踭鞋都拗柴。
ngo5 ci3 ci3 zoek3 gou1 zaang1 haai4 dou1 aau2 caai4.
Every time I wear high heels, I twist my ankle.
48回水 (n.)wui4 seoi2reimbursement; refund啲觀眾個個喺度嗌「回水」。
di1 gun1 zung3 go3 go3 hai2 dou6 aai3 wui4 seoi2.
The whole audience is yelling, “Refunds!”
49浸過鹹水 (adj.)zam3 gwo3 haam4 seoi2to have lived/studied abroad咪以為浸過鹹水就高人一等。
mai5 ji5 wai4 zam3 gwo3 haam4 seoi2 zau6 gou1 jan4 jat1 dang2.
Don’t think that you’re better than others just because you’ve lived abroad.
50掘 (v.)gwat6to stare in a hostile manner; to glare佢淨係掘咗佢一眼,就冇再講嘢。
keoi5 zing6 hai6 gwat6 zo2 keoi5 jat1 ngaan5, zau6 mou5 zoi3 gong2 je5.
She only glared at him, and didn’t say anything anymore.

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