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Cantonese Resources

Welcome to's Cantonese Resources. To get started, make a selection from the list below.


About Cantonese

Read all about the rewarding benefits of studying the Cantonese language

Cantonese Pronunciation

Read about how to pronounce Cantonese properly

Cantonese Alphabet

Learn about the Cantonese alphabet and pronouncing the letters

Written vs Spoken Cantonese

How does spoken Cantonese differ from the written form? Learn all about it in this popular article!

Daily Dose of Cantonese

Learn Cantonese easily in minutes a day with new lessons everyday

Reading & Writing

Chinese Radicals

Read about Radicals, the graphical components of Chinese characters

Basic Rules of Stroke Order

Read about the rules in writing Chinese characters

Learn Chinese Characters

Practice writing Chinese characters with these printable Honzi practice sheets, and learn about their stroke orders and pronunciations


Cantonese Grammar

Learn Cantonese grammar with these easy to follow tutorials

Cantonese Verbs

Learn about how verbs work in Cantonese.

Mobile Applications

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Custom Lists Mobile

Create, Study & Share Your Cantonese Lists With Others!