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Top 10 Hong Kong TV Shows to Boost Your Cantonese

Most language learners worldwide agree that watching TV shows is a great way to learn a new language. You can boost your skills in many different contexts according to the show’s genre (drama, crime, comedy, sci-fi, cooking, nature, etc.), while at the same time having a great deal of fun. Here at, we’ll share with you a complete guide to Hong Kong TV shows for Cantonese learners. But before we get into the top Cantonese TV shows, there are a few things we’ll go over first. Let’s get started!

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Table of Contents

  1. How to Study Cantonese with TV Shows
  2. Where to Watch Hong Kong TV Shows
  3. Hong Kong TV Shows
  4. Conclusion: How Can Help You Learn More Cantonese

1. How to Study Cantonese with TV Shows

As one of the most difficult languages in the world, learning Cantonese could be a headache to many. But, with the right tools, you can certainly learn a lot quicker and more effectively; in this case, a great Cantonese course and the best Hong Kong TV shows.

Watching TV shows is a great way to sharpen language skills. Without even noticing, you’ll end up understanding the spoken language a lot better and improve your pronunciation simply because you’ve gained familiarity with Cantonese as a whole.

Keep on reading to discover what Hong Kong TV shows you can watch and where to find them!

2. Where to Watch Hong Kong TV Shows

There are several different ways to watch Hong Kong TV shows:

  • MyTV (HK) / TVB Anywhere (non-HK): MyTV / TVB Anywhere are streaming platforms operated by one of the most dominant broadcasters in Hong Kong: TVB, which has produced many dramas and TV shows that aren’t only famous in Hong Kong, but also in Southeast Asia. Here you can find Hong Kong TVB drama series in Cantonese.
  • ViuTV: ViuTV is a popular Hong Kong TV channel that’s famous for its reality TV shows.
  • Netflix: The streaming giant also offers Cantonese shows, but keep in mind that you may not be able to watch them from your country as Netflix localizes the content according to the rights it owns. So finding cantonese TV shows on Netflix may prove to be a challenge.
  • YouTube: You can find some amazing Cantonese TV shows on YouTube, especially those from the past. You can even find some bits of the most recent ones.
  • DVD: You can buy the DVDs of some of the most successful Cantonese TV shows on Amazon and other online stores.

As you can see, you can find Hong Kong TV shows online as well as hard copies.

3. Hong Kong TV Shows

Below is a list of Hong Kong TV shows for Cantonese learners. Make some popcorn, sit back on your couch, and enjoy!

1- 同事三分親 (tung4 si6 saam1 fan1 can1) / Best Selling Secrets

What can be happier than learning a language with a sitcom?

This famous 364-episode sitcom series revolves around complex office and family politics amongst the characters. Wong Ka Nam, a smart and confident lady, left her son and husband behind for the States. After her husband died in an airplane crash in search of her, their son, Luk Chit, was taken into the custody of her mother-in-law.

Eighteen years have passed since, and Ka Nam wants to see her son again. But she’s forbidden by her mother-in-law as she was blamed for the death of her husband. Amusingly, Chit and Ka Nam soon become friends and colleagues.

The story evolves and touches on the rivalry, friendship, and romance within the office and household.

  • Quote: 愛情何價,我點知?
  • Romanization: ngoi3 cing4 ho4 gaa3, ngo5 dim2 zi1?
  • English Meaning: How would I know the price of love?

If you’re not quite sure about this one yet, feel free to check out the trailer and get a feel for it:

2- 巾幗梟雄 (gan1 gwok3 hiu1 hung4) / Rosy Business

Rosy Business portrays a businesswoman torn between duty and desire. Hong Po Kei, the fourth wife of Tseung Kiu, is very talented and resilient. She knows exactly how to turn every threat into an opportunity. Before Kiu died, he entrusted his business to Po Kei and asked her to look for a suitable successor.

Despite all the attacks from the other wives in the family, Po Kei manages the business well and guides Kiu’s second son to be the future leader. However, her efforts are met with Chai Kau, who aimed to seek revenge for being mistreated by the Tseung family. After rounds of witty battles and actual fights, Kei and Kau begin to appreciate each other and eventually fall in love.

We have a feeling you’ll like this Hong Kong television drama.

  • Quote: 人生有幾多個十年?
  • Romanization: jan4 sang1 jau5 gei2 do1go3 sap6 nin4.
  • English Meaning: How many “ten years” does one have?

In case you’re still debating whether you’ll like this one or not, you can catch a glimpse of it beforehand!

3- 單戀雙城 (daan1 lyun2 soeng1 sing4) / Outbound Love

Outbound Love is a light-hearted romantic drama mainly shot in Malaysia. The story begins with a rift between Law Sik Sik, who’s on a business trip in Malaysia, and Luk Kung Chi, a cunning local tour guide.

After the business trip, Sik Sik flies back to Hong Kong and starts preparing her wedding, but finds out that her fiancé is seeing her best friend. The heartbroken Sik Sik decides to leave Hong Kong and works for a local hotel in Malaysia instead, and re-encounters Kung Chi. As the days go by, the subtle feeling between the two starts to grow.

  • Quote: 如果連口味都可以改變,呢個係唔係愛情嘅味道?
  • Romanization:
  • jyu4 gwo2 lin4 hau2 mei6 dou1 ho2 ji5 goi2 bin3, ne1 go3 hai6 m4 hai6 ngoi3 cing4 ge3 mei6 dou6
  • English Meaning: Even my preference for food has changed, is this called the taste of love?

To get a better feel for this Cantonese romance, be sure to check out the trailer on YouTube.

4- 衝上雲霄 (cung1 soeng5 wan4 siu1) / Triumph in the Skies

Triumph in the Skies paints the highs and lows of life in the aviation industry. Samuel and Vincent are friends and are both striving to become the first Chinese captain. Things start to complicate when both of them fall in love with Isabelle, and at the same time Zoe comes into the picture. On the other hand, aviation newbies Issac, Zita, and Donald are entangled in a love triangle.

  • Quote: 記住- 人類就係因為有冒險精神,先唔甘心係地上走,要到天上飛。
  • Romanization: gei3 zyu6 – jan4 leoi6 zau6 hai6 jan1 wai6 jau5 mou6 him2 zing1 san4, sin1 m4 gam1 sam1 hai6 dei6 soeng5 zau2, jiu3 dou3 tin1 soeng5 fei1
  • English Meaning: Remember – It is because of the adventure spirit of human being that we are not only walking but also flying.

If you want to get a taste of this fascinating adventure-romance, be sure to check out the trailer on YouTube.

5- 天與地 (tin1 jyu5 dei6) / When Heaven Burns

When Heaven Burns is a controversial drama that has become the talk of the town despite low viewership ratings. Joe, Angus, Ronnie, and Ka Ming are bandmates. During a mountaineering trip, the four are stranded on a snowy mountain and out of despair, Ka Ming is killed and eaten by the others. This incident completely changes the lives of the remaining three and their friendship starts to break.

  • Quote: 和諧唔係一百個人講同一句說話,和諧係一百個人有一百句唔同說話之餘,而又互相尊重。
  • Romanization: wo4 haai4 m4 hai6 jat1 baak3 go3 jan4 gong2 tung4 jat1 geoi3 syut3 waa6, wo4 haai4 hai6 jat1 baak3 go3 jan4 jau5 jat1 baak3 geoi3 m4 tung4 syut3 waa6 zi1 jyu4, ji4 jau6 wu6 soeng1 zyun1 cung4.
  • English Meaning: Harmony doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same way. Harmony is even though everyone expresses different opinions, they still respect each other.

To get a better idea of what this dark show is all about, you can watch the trailer.

6- 男親女愛 (naam4 can1 neoi5 ngoi3) / War of the Genders

War of the Genders is one of the most highly viewed dramas in Hong Kong. The sitcom series predominantly follows a serious lawyer named Miss Mo and her loud-mouthed paralegal advisor Yu Lok Tin. Both witty and sharp-tongued, sparks soon fly between the two and romance follows. We think you’ll be a fan of this one if you’re interested in Cantonese comedy TV shows.

  • Quote: 係我錯,用盡力將塊面冚埋佢手掌度。
  • Romanization: hai6 ngo5 co3, jung6 zeon6 lik6 zoeng3 faai3 min6 kam2 maai4 keoi5 sau2 zoeng2 dou6.
  • English Meaning: It’s my fault – for smashing my face on her hands.

Not sure if this drama is for you? Find out more by watching the trailer.

7- 戇夫成龍 (ngong6 fu1 sing4 lung4) / Square Pegs

Square Pegs is a romantic tale that proves love can conquer all. Choi Fong, a smart young girl, is forced to marry Ding Seung Wong, a man with brain damage. Fong tries her very best to get a divorce and the fun and drama start to kick in.

  • Quote: 我唔係傻架,我只係單純。
  • Romanization: ngo5 m4 hai6 so4 gaa3, ngo5 zi2 hai6 daan1 seon4.
  • English Meaning: I am not dumb, I am just pure and simple.

Interested in learning more about this Cantonese drama? Watch the trailer on YouTube.

8- 溏心風暴 (tong4 sam1 fung1 bou6) / Heart of Greed

Heart of Greed tells the story of a big traditional family that owns a renowned sea-products retailing company. As some family members yearn for more money and power, the family breaks.

  • Quote: 呢度唔係法庭,唔需要證據,我對眼就係證據。
  • Romanization: ne1 dou6 m4 hai6 faat3 ting4, m4 seoi1 jiu3 zing3 geoi3, ngo5 deoi3 ngaan5 zau6 hai6 zing3 geoi3.
  • English Meaning: This is not a courtroom. I don’t need evidence. My eyes are evidence.

Get a little more insight into this Cantonese drama by watching its trailer on YouTube.

9- 來生不做香港人 (loi4 saang1 bat1 zou6 hoeng1 gong2 jan4) / To Be or Not to Be

To Be or Not to Be is a controversial drama that examines the future of Hong Kong and her relationship with China. The reunion and quarrels of two sisters have brought out the frustration of many HongKongers.

  • Quote: 窮得只有錢嘅人,有幾厲害!
  • Romanization: kung4 dak1 zi2 jau5 cin2 ge3 jan4, jau5 gei2 lai6 hoi6!
  • English Meaning: The only thing that the poor guy got is money. How remarkable!

Want to get a better glimpse of this Cantonese TV show steeped in culture? Watch the trailer on YouTube.

10- 真情 (zan1 cing4) / A Kindred Spirit

With over 1000 episodes, A Kindred Spirit is one of the longest-running Hong Kong dramas. The series revolves around the ups and downs of the Lee family, who run a siu mei restaurant.

  • Quote: 最緊要日日開工,大便暢通
  • Romanization: zeoi3 gan2 jiu3 jat6 jat6 hoi1 gung1, daai6 bin6 coeng3 tung1.
  • English Meaning: What I want the most is to be able to work every day – and a massive dump.

Interested in absorbing yourself in a lengthy Cantonese drama, but want to know more first? Watch the trailer on YouTube.

4. Conclusion: How Can Help You Learn More Cantonese

We hope you enjoyed learning about the best Hong Kong TV shows and Hong Kong TV series. We believe that these are all good Cantonese TV shows, especially for learning the language. If you’re a beginner, we recommend watching Cantonese TV shows with English subtitles until you get a better feel for the language.

Want to level up your Cantonese after watching these TV shows? No worries. With, you can have your daily dose of Cantonese whenever and wherever you want, through your mobile apps, desktop software, and our website. We offer entertaining, engaging, and effective lessons on various aspects of the Cantonese language and culture.

Use our free resources to learn more Cantonese through movies and TV shows. Here at, you’ll have everything you need to boost your Cantonese in the most effective and fun way.

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In the meantime, feel free to fire up your computer and search for Hong Kong TV shows online, or find some DVDs to watch! Enjoy!

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