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Get 40% Off With The Epic Sale. Ends Soon! Blog
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Starts Now! Save Up to 45% with the 12-Month CantoneseClass101 Challenge

Starts Now! Save Up to 45% with the 12-Month CantoneseClass101 Challenge

Welcome to 2016, listener!

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy. Keeping them? Well, that’s usually a lot harder, but if your resolution was to learn Cantonese in the next year – then we’re about to make your resolution a LOT easier and more affordable thanks to:

The 12-Month CantoneseClass101 Challenge!

The “Challenge” is quite simple: Learn AND master Cantonese in the next 12 months.

How is this possible?

Because we’re providing FULL ACCESS to our Premium or Premium PLUS plans at up to 45% OFF, so your dream of learning Cantonese has never been more affordable

But wait – we’re not done!

To ensure you stay motivated and have the support you need to keep to your New Year’s Resolution and learn Cantonese this year: We’re throwing in a BONUS for all Premium and Premium PLUS members who sign up for the Challenge by January 15th, 2015:

12 Months of Free Access to Our Exclusive Inner Circle!

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This special bonus includes: Monthly audio lessons with tips, tricks and tools to help you get motivated, stay on track and improve your Cantonese all the way to December 2016. For Challenge subscribers only!

This special bonus is in addition to the 120+ hours of high-resolution audio and video lessons by real teachers, learning tools and special resources available to both Premium AND Premium Plus members!

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Ready to transform your resolution into reality and open up a new world of opportunities by learning Cantonese in the next year? Then sign up now for Premium and gain 12 months of unlimited access to these tools and resources for less than $2.00 a week:

Your Premium Plan Includes:

  • Exclusive! 12 Months of Free Access to the Inner Circle
  • Exclusive! App for the iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Full Lesson Library Access: 680+ Audio & Video Lessons
  • PDF Lesson Notes for Each Lesson to Read Along With
  • Instructor Feedback & Comments on Each Lesson
  • Progress Tracking: See Your Cantonese Progress GROW
  • Learning Guidance: We Guide You Through the Lessons
  • Cantonese ONLY Tracks & Line by Line Dialog Breakdown
  • Full Lesson Transcripts, Translations & Review Tracks
  • Lesson Review Quizzes for Extra Practice
  • Smart Flashcards To Master All The Cantonese Words You Need
  • 2,000 Top Cantonese Words List (enough for conversational fluency)
  • Word Bank to Store Your Key Vocab & Review
  • Voice Recording Tools to Perfect your Pronunciation
  • 24/7 Access via Any Media Device with Internet Access
  • Season Vocabulary Lists To Review All Vocab From Lessons
  • For Members! New Audio & Video Lessons EVERY WEEK!
  • Exclusive! Custom Lists App to Create Your Own Word Lists

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As great as our Premium plan is, however, nothing helps you learn and master Cantonese faster than our uber-exclusive PLUS Plan.

New! 1-on-1 Interaction with Your Own Cantonese Teacher

What’s so special about our Premium PLUS plan?
Well, you know all the lessons, tools and resources in the Premium plan? You get those plus a few secret weapons to help you learn and master Cantonese even faster, including:

  • 1-on-1 Interaction with Your Cantonese Teacher: Learn directly with your teacher via Premium PLUS My Teacher. Get help with all your questions and problems.
  • Ongoing Professional Assessment: Get an assessment of your Cantonese. Understand your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to study next.
  • Your Own Personalized Learning Program: Your teacher will create a study plan based on your needs. If speaking is your weak point, your teacher will work with you to get you speaking like a native speaker.
  • Voice Analysis to Perfect Your Speaking: Learn to speak like a native speaker with the help of a real native speaker! Record yourself with Premium PLUS My Teacher and your teacher will give you crucial feedback on what to improve and how.
  • Weekly Assignments & Achievement Badges: You get assignments every week from your teacher. With every completed task, you unlock badges to mark your Cantonese improvement and accomplishments.

Plus, and exclusively for Premium PLUS members who sign up for the 12-Month Challenge:

New! 1-on-1 Learning App: Take Premium PLUS with You Everywhere!

For the first time ever, members of our Premium PLUS plan can access every tool, resource, AND 1-on-1 instruction with our new Innovative Language 101 App! This means you can learn with your very own teacher, anywhere, anytime!

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But hurry: We have VERY LIMITED slots available for Premium PLUS due to a limited number of available Cantonese teachers.
And you don’t risk a cent regardless of which plan you choose because joining is risk-free. Every purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not speaking Cantonese as fast as you’d like, contact us for a full refund.

No questions asked.

With more than 500 million lesson downloads, 10,000s of success stories and the world’s most advanced language learning system, CantoneseClass101 can and WILL transform your new year’s resolution into reality and having you speaking Cantonese from the very first lesson!

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To Mastering Cantonese,
Team CantoneseClass101

P.S. Remember, anyone who joins the 12-Month Challenge will also receive 12 months of free access to our exclusive Inner Circle. But hurry: Our 12-Month Challenge ends on January 15th, 2016 so ACT NOW!

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