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New Premium PLUS Feature! 1-on-1 Cantonese Learning with Your Own Teacher

Hello Listener,

Imagine having your very own CantoneseClass101 teacher. They give you personal attention and fix any Cantonese problem you’ll ever have. They can…

  • Correct your writing
  • Be a source of constant Cantonese practice
  • Give you insider tips on what words sound more natural in Cantonese
  • Correct your Cantonese pronunciation (something most native speakers are too polite to do!)
  • Point out your weaknesses
  • Tell you how to best master Cantonese

Access to your own Cantonese teacher was already available in our Premium PLUS subscription, but mostly via email interaction.

Now, there’s a new Premium PLUS feature that gives you 1-on-1 instruction on the website or on the go via an App: Premium PLUS My Teacher (formerly titled Premium PLUS Messenger).

Get 1-on-1 Cantonese learning with My Teacher!

What is it? It’s a new App exclusively for our Premium PLUS subscribers. You get 1-on-1 access to your teacher on the site or on the go, anytime. Contact them while you’re studying with CantoneseClass101 lessons or for any Cantonese problems you have.

When you log in, you’ll see a message open up with from your instructor. Or, look for the “My Teacher” option in the upper right hand corner of CantoneseClass101, by “My Account.”

More specifically, you can….

  • Send casual exchanges in Cantonese or ask questions
  • Get advice on how to best learn Cantonese
  • Contact your teacher on the site while you’re using CantoneseClass101 lessons
  • Get 1-on-1 learning on the go with your mobile device via a Mobile Web App
  • Have your them correct, cross out and add feedback to your writing inside My Teacher (Messages are limited to 750 characters)
  • …And more!

Want to send longer texts (over 750 characters) or send a recording of yourself? Simply send your teacher an email and they’ll fix any mistakes and provide crucial feedback.

That’s the power of learning with a native Cantonese speaker.

They give you personal attention and fix any Cantonese problem you have. Imagine how fast your Cantonese will improve when someone’s guiding you every step of the way.

My Teacher is for Premium PLUS subscribers only.

Want to upgrade to a Premium PLUS subscription? You get the best of both worlds – unlimited CantoneseClass101 Premium access, which includes 510+ Audio & Video Lessons, PDF Lesson notes, Study tools and more – plus, you get a teacher who creates a personalized learning plan and guides you along the way.

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To your fluency,

Team CantoneseClass101

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Click here to get 30% OFF Premium or Premium PLUS & a FREE audiobook!