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100 Cantonese Nouns Just for You!


Nouns are vital in our everyday conversations. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to talk about people, objects, places, or ideas—or communicate effectively.

The more Cantonese nouns you know, the easier it will be for you to master the Cantonese language. Can’t wait to learn the most common Cantonese nouns? Keep reading and let give you a hand!

Note that we’ll provide both written and spoken example sentences or phrases throughout the article. This way, you can learn Cantonese nouns in both formats. We’ve used symbols to help you identify which ones are written (w), spoken (s), or applicable to both (ws).

Okay. Now, let’s learn some nouns in Cantonese!

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  1. Nouns for Appliances
  2. Nouns for Technology
  3. Nouns for Transportation
  4. Nouns for Dining
  5. Nouns for School Essentials
  6. Nouns for Occupation
  7. Nouns for Family Members
  8. Nouns for Body Parts
  9. Nouns for Time
  10. Nouns for Hobbies
  11. How CantoneseClass101 Can Help You Learn More Cantonese

1. Nouns for Appliances

Nouns 1
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1微波爐mei4 bo1 lou4microwave oven(s) 


ngo5 maai5 zo2 bat1 sau3 gong3 mei4 bo1 lou4

I bought a stainless steel microwave oven.
2吸塵機kap1 can4 gei1vacuum cleaner(s) 


ne1 bou6 hai6 zik6 laap6 sik1 kap1 can4 gei1

This is an upright vacuum cleaner.
3雪櫃syut3 gwai6refrigerator(s) 


syut3 gwai6 hai2 go2 dou6

The refrigerator is over there.
4風扇fung1 sin3fan(ws) 


ngo5 jau5 fung1 sin3

I got a fan.


caa4 wu2 zoi6 lou4 soeng6

The kettle is on the stove.
6電視din6 si6TV(w) 


din6 si6 gei1 zoi6 haak3 teng1 leoi5

The television is in the living room.
7DVD機DVD gei1DVD player(w) 


ngo5 mun4 mui5 go3 sing1 kei4 saam1 maan5 jung6 DVD gei1 hon3 din6 jing2

We watch movies on the DVD player every Wednesday night.
8洗衣機sai2 ji1 gei1washing machine(w) 


ngo5 jung6 sai2 ji1 gei1 sai2 ji1 fuk6 bou2 ci4 ji1 fuk6 gon1 zeng6

I use the washing machine to keep my clothes clean.
9冷氣機laang5 hei3 gei1air conditioner(w) 


zoi6 jim4 jim4 haa6 jat6, laang5 hei3 gei1 wai6 ngo5 mun4 zing2 tin1 sung3 loeng4 fung1

On a hot summer day, the air conditioner works all day to keep us cool.
10筆記型電腦bat1 gei3 jing4 din6 nou5laptop(w) 


bat1 gei3 jing4 din6 nou5 joeng6 ngo5 ceoi4 si4 ceoi4 dei6 dou1 ho2 ji5 gung1 zok3

The laptop computer allows me to work almost anywhere.

2. Nouns for Technology

Laptop and tablets
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1Wi-Fi routerWi-Fi routerWi-Fi router(s) 

Wi-Fi router 喺邊?

Wi-Fi router hai2 bin1

Where is the Wi-Fi router?


nei2 tai2 ngo5 ge3 blog laa1

You can read my blog.
3互聯網wu6 lyun4 mong5InternetThis example includes all the words below as well:



si5 man4 ho2 zoi6 wu6 lyun4 mong5 lau4 laam5 mong5 jip6, mong5 zaam6, se5 gaau1 mui4 tai2 kap6 din6 zi2 jau4 gin2, jik6 jau5 sau2 cam4, soeng6 zoi3 kap6 haa6 zoi3 fuk6 mou6

Citizens can browse the webpage, website, social media, and email on the Internet. There are also search, upload, and download functions.
4搜尋 sau2 cam4search
5下載haa6 zoi3download
6上載 soeng6 zoi3upload
7網頁mong5 jip6webpage
8網站mong5 zaam6website
9社交媒體se5 gaau1 mui4 tai2social media
10電子郵件din6 zi2 jau4 gin2email

3. Nouns for Transportation

#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1飛機fei1 gei1airplane(s) 


ngo5 wui5 daap3 ___

I will take ______.

*Note: #1-#7 are similar and share the same grammatical features. The above example phrase applies to all #1-#7 – you can simply fill in the blanks.
2地鐵dei6 tit3subway
3小巴siu2 baa1minibus
4巴士baa1 si2bus
5渡輪dou6 leon4ferry
6電車din6 ce1tram
7的士dik1 si2taxi
8巴士站baa1 si2 zaam6bus stop(s) 


ngo5 jiu3 heoi3 ____

I need to get to the ______.

*Note: #8-#9 are similar and share the same grammatical features. The above example phrase applies to all #8-#9 – you can simply fill in the blanks.
9機場gei1 ceong4airport
10車費ce1 fai3(transportation with wheels) fare(s) 


gei2 do1 cin2 ce1 fai3

How much is the fare?

4. Nouns for Dining

A chef cooking
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1貼士tip1 si2tip(w) 


naam4 si6 zing3 zoi6 kap1 si6 jing3 tip1 si2

The gentleman is tipping the waiter.
2侍應si6 jing3waitress / waiter(w) 


cyun1 zoek6 zai3 fuk6 dik1 si6 jing3

waitress/waiter in uniform
3晚餐maan5 caan1dinner(w) 


ngo5 wo4 gaa1 jan4 mui5 maan5 dou1 jat1 hei2 hek3 maan5 caan1

My family eats dinner together every night.
4中菜zung1 coi3Chinese food(w) 


zung1 coi3 han2 mei5 mei4

Chinese food is delicious!
5筷子faai3 zi2chopsticks(w) 


faai3 zi2 zoi6 wun2 soeng6

The chopsticks are on the bowl.
6餐單caan1 daan1menu(w) 


cung4 caan1 daan1 leoi5 syun2 zaak6

Select from the menu.
7帳單zoeng3 daan1bill(w) 


bat1 gwai3 dik1 zoeng3 daan1

inexpensive bill


ho2 ji5 kap1 ngo5 jat1 se1 seoi2 maa1

Can I have some water, please?
9廚師cyu4 si1chef(s) 


cyu4 si1 hai2 dou6 zyu2 je5 sik6

The chef is making a meal.
10信用卡seon3 jung6 kaat1credit card(s) 


nei2 ge3 seon3 jung6 kaat1 hou6 maa5 hai6 me1

What is your credit card number?

5. Nouns for School Essentials

A student
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1作業zok3 jip6homework(w) 


zok3 jip6 si6 hok6 zaap6 zung1 zung6 jiu3 dik1 jat1 waan4

Your homework is one important part of the learning experience.
2筆記簿bat1 gei3 bou2notebook(w) 


baak6 sik1 daan1 hong4 bat1 gei3 bou2

white lined notebook
3同學tung4 hok6classmate(w) 


tung4 hok6 mun4 si6 pang4 jau5

The classmates are friends.
4大學daai6 hok6university(w) 


taa1 cung4 jau5 meng2 dik1 daai6 hok6 dak1 dou3 liu5 zoeng2 hok6 gam1

He received a full scholarship from a famous university.
5背囊bui3 nong4backpack(s) 


hak1 hung4 sik1 bui3 nong4

red-and-black backpack
6鉛筆jyun4 bat1pencil(s) 


ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 ze3 zi1 jyun4 bat1

Can I borrow a pencil?
7原子筆jyun4 zi2 bat1pen(s) 


ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 ze3 zi1 jyun4 zi2 bat1

Can I borrow a pen?
8數學sou3 hok6math(s) 


ngo5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 ge3 hok6 haau6 fo1 muk6 hai6 sou3 hok6

My favorite subject in school is Math.
9考試haau2 si3exam(s) 


ngo5 m4 zung1 ji3 haau2 si3

I don’t like exams.
10學生hok6 sang1student(s) 


ngo5 hai6 hok6 sang1

I am a student.

6. Nouns for Occupation

A family
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1醫生ji1 sang1doctor(s) 


keoi5 hai6 _____

He/she is ______.

*Note: #1-#10 are similar and share the same grammatical features. The above example phrase applies to all #1-#10 – you can simply fill in the blanks.
2律師leot6 si1lawyer
3護士wu6 si6nurse
4經理ging1 lei5manager
5商人soeng1 jan4businessman
6警察ging2 caat3police
7消防員siu1 fong4 jyun4firefighter
8工程師gung1 cing4 si1engineer
9公務員gung1 mou6 jyun4civil servant
10作家zok3 gaa1writer

7. Nouns for Family Members

Nouns 3
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1媽媽maa4 maa1mother(s) 


keoi5 hai6 _____

He/she is ______.

*Note: #1-#10 are similar and share the same grammatical features. The above example phrase applies to all #1-#10 – you can simply fill in the blanks.
2爸爸baa4 baa1father
3老婆lou5 po4wife
4老公lou5 gung1husband
5家長gaa1 zoeng2parent
6細路sai3 lou6child
9叔叔suk1 suk1uncle

8. Nouns for Body Parts

A belly
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample


zo2 goek3

left foot


coeng4 teoi2

long legs


tau4 kap6 geng2

head and neck
4手臂sau2 bei3arm(ws) 


loeng5 tiu4 sau2 bei3

two arms


jau6 sau2

right hand
6手指sau2 zi2finger(ws) 


ng5 zek3 sau2 zi2

five fingers
7身體san1 tai2body(ws) 


jan4 leoi6 san1 tai2

human body


ngo5 tou5 tung3

I have a stomachache.
9背脊bui3 zek3back(w) 


ngo5 zing2 tin1 bun1 cung5 mat6, soeng1 liu5 bui3 zek3

I hurt my back by lifting heavy things all day.


ngo5 hung1 hau2 tung3

I have chest pain.

9. Nouns for Time

Nouns 2
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1星期sing1 kei4week(s) 


jat1 go3 sing1 kei4 jau5 cat1 jat6

There are seven days in a week.


jat1 go3 nin4 dou6

one calendar year
3今天gam1 tin1today(w) 


gam1 tin1 si6 gau2 jyut6 sap6 jat6 sing1 kei4 luk6

Today is Saturday, September 10th.
4明天ming4 tin1tomorrow(w) 


ming4 tin1 gin3

See you tomorrow!
5昨天zok3 tin1yesterday(w) 


ngo5 zok3 tin1 ceng2 gaa3

I took a day off yesterday.
6日曆jat6 lik6calendar(s) 


ngo5 wan2 m4 dou2 jat6 lik6

I can’t find the calendar.


miu5 biu1 dou3 sou2 zi2 sing6 haa6 ng5 sap6 baat3 miu5

There are fifty-eight seconds left on the stopwatch.
8小時siu2 si4hour(w) 


jat1 siu2 si4 jau5 luk6 sap6 fan1 zung1

There are sixty minutes in an hour.
9分鐘fan1 zung1minute(ws) 


saam1 fan1 zung1

three minutes


yi1 gaa1 gei2 dim2

What time is it now?

10. Nouns for Hobbies

A piano
#Chinese CharactersRomanizationMeaningExample
1書法syu1 faat3calligraphy(s) 


ngo5 zung1 ji3 se2 syu1 faat3

I like writing calligraphy.
2結他git3 taa1guitar(w) 


nei5 dik1 _____ taan4 dak1 han2 hou2

You play the _____ very well.

*Note: #2-#3 are similar and share the same grammatical features. The above example phrase applies to all #2-#3 – you can simply fill in the blanks.
3鋼琴gong3 kam4piano
4喇叭laa3 baa1trumpet(s) 


ngo5 zung1 ji3 _____

I like ______.

*Note: #4-#7 are similar and share the same grammatical features. The above example phrase applies to all #4-#7 – you can simply fill in the blanks.
5小提琴siu2 tai4 kam4violin
6音樂jam1 ngok6music
7搖滾音樂jiu4 gwan2 jam1 ngok6rock music
8相片soeng3 pin2photo(w) 


ze5 si6 ngo5 gaa1 jan4 dik1 soeng3 pin2

This is a photo of my family.


ngo5 zung1 ji3 zuk1 kei2

I like playing chess.


ngo5 zung1 ji3 tai2 syu1

I like reading (books).

11. How Can Help You Learn More Cantonese

Nouns 4

We hope you’ve learned some useful nouns in Cantonese by now, and can describe your hobbies or home appliances with friends at ease! 

Let us know in the comments any new words you learned, or Cantonese nouns you still want to know! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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