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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Listeners, what's your preferred method of transport? ;) Tell us using your new Cantonese vocab below!

Friday at 12:34 PM
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Hi JC,

Hahaa I like that name too! ็ถฟ็พŠไป” "little sheep" as "scooter".

I guess because compared to the motorcycles, scooters are more gentle and user-friendly.

Thanks for telling us that Vespa means wasp in Italian! Very interesting!:smile:


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Friday at 05:43 AM
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I love how the meaning of the characters for scooter are "little sheep":

็ถฟ็พŠไป” = scooter

็ถฟ็พŠ = sheep

ไป” = son; child; small animal

But I guess naming scooters after little animals is common the world over...

"Vespa" means wasp in Italian. :smile:

Tuesday at 02:42 PM
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Hi littlefoot,

Thank you very much for your comment and support! :mrgreen:

Great to hear that you like our videos!

่ปŠ is actually the short form of ๆฑฝ่ปŠ, so they are basically the same. In conversations usually the short form is used, unless it is referring to some relevant terms, such as ๆฑฝ่ปŠไฟ้šช "car insurance" and ๆฑฝ่ปŠ็ถญไฟฎ "car repair/maintenance".

Good observation! ๅ–ฎ has quite a lot of definitions:

[1] single; individual

[2] only; alone; lone

[3] of an odd number

[4] a slip of paper

[5] simple

[6] a list

[7] a Chinese family name

Following are some examples:

ๅŸ‹ๅ–ฎ (maai4 daan1)"to get the check/bill"

ๅ–ฎ่ปŠ (daan1 ce1) "bicycle"

ๅ–ฎ่บซ (daan1 san1) "single (marital status)"

ๅ–ฎ็จ‹ (daan1 cing4) "one-way"

่œๅ–ฎ (coi3 daan1) "menu"

็ฐกๅ–ฎ (gaan2 daan1) "simple"



Team CantoneseClass101.com

Tuesday at 05:40 AM
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Love the learning with pictures, really helps build vocabulary! :mrgreen:

Just wondered why car is ๆฑฝ่ปŠ not just ่ปŠ?

Also wondered what ๅ–ฎ literally means? I've noticed it used in a few places, above in bicycle, asking for the bill and asking for a single trip ticket... :shock:

Would love to see more vocab videos!!