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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Hi CantoneseClass101.com Listeners! Do you think birds are intelligent?

Thursday at 12:53 AM
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I need to clarify my previous comment. Cantonese has two styles- a written style and a spoken style, whereas Mandarin has just one. So, many of these sentences are in the written style and look more like Mandarin. Often the written and spoken are so close that they may differ by one character change.

For example: ่€่™Žๅœจๆฃฎๆž—ๅ››่™•ๅตๅฏŸใ€‚ (written) , ่€่™Žไฟ‚ๆฃฎๆž—ๅ››่™•ๅตๅฏŸใ€‚ (spoken)

Hope this helps:smile:

Tuesday at 12:33 PM
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"็ƒ้ด‰ๅœจๆ‰พๆฑ่ฅฟๅƒ." is Mandarin. "็ƒ้ด‰ๆต็ทŠ้‡Ž้ฃŸ." is Cantonese.

Tuesday at 02:38 AM
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I agree with Fleur. Hek3 dung1 sai1 is Mandarin chi1 dong1xi and sik6 je5 is Cantonese.

Wednesday at 03:48 PM
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It seems like the sample sentances are constructed using 'Mandarin' vocabulary instead of commonly heard Cantonese. Eg 'zoi' to denote 'at' instead of 'hai', 'hek' to denote 'eat' instead of 'sek'. I imagine lots of people want to improve their Cantonese vocabulary of what they hear every day. Could you use more 'everyday' vocab - instead of 'text book' vocab?:wink: