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Friday at 6:30 pm
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Tuesday at 1:03 pm
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Hi Shawn,

Thank you for your comment. This video series teaches written form of Cantonese, therefore it's similar to Mandarin. For colloquial Cantonese lessons, please check out our other video series and audio series. :wink:

If you want to learn basic Cantonese expressions, please check out "Learn Cantonese in 3 Minutes" series (https://www.cantoneseclass101.com/index.php?cat=41).

If you want to learn about Cantonese pronunciation, please check out the "Pronunciation Guide" series (https://www.cantoneseclass101.com/index.php?cat=61)

If you want to learn vocabs and build up your word bank, please check out our Weekly Words videos for Beginners (https://www.cantoneseclass101.com/index.php?cat=56).

Feel free to ask if you have any other questions! :smile:


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Sunday at 11:15 am
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My wife says this is so Mandarin. Where can I find more colloquial Cantonese?