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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Hi CantoneseClass101.com Listeners! Do you like nature shows?

Saturday at 03:01 PM
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Actually, did some checking myself with this online Cantonese character dictionary ( http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php?page=chardict&cdcanoce=0&cdqchi=%E9%B9%BF ) and ้นฟis indeed tone 6, but why does the word pronounced in the video when compared to ๅœจ seem to have such a drop off?

Saturday at 02:02 PM
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I think the pdf contains an error, ้นฟsounds like it should either be tone 3 or tone 1, not sure myself, but definitely does not sound like tone 6...but often I can be accused of being tone deaf...a bad trait for studying any Chinese dialect I suppose! ้นฟๅœจ่ท‘๏ผšbecause ๅœจ has quite a drop off in tone after ้นฟ I'd guess tone one over three. Also, the speaker is pretty emphatic in pronouncing ้นฟ in the beginning too.:eek:

Saturday at 01:39 PM
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I like these videos very much, but could you also provide the secondary part of the animals action in the PDF's with the Chinese characters and 'jyutping'? in stead of just the Chinese characters on the video and no jyutping at all.