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Lesson Transcript

Gabriella: Upper intermediate, season 1, Lesson 24. Invest Your Money Carefully in Hong Kong. Hi everyone. Welcome to cantoneseclass101.com. I am Gabriella.
Olivia: 大家好,我係 (daai6 gaa1 hou2 ,ngo5 hai6) Olivia.
Gabriella: And we are here with upper intermediate, season 1, Lesson 24. Invest Your Money Carefully in Hong Kong.
Olivia: 係關於投資嘅。 (hai6 gwaan1 jyu1 tau4 zi1 ge3 。)
Gabriella: Right. Although we are not sure how the investment goes, we are sure that in this lesson, you will learn how to use the word
Olivia: 實 。 (sat6 。)
Gabriella: To say that something is happening for sure. So Olivia, where does the conversation take place?
Olivia: 係喺一間公司入邊嘅。 (hai6 hai2 jat1 gaan1 gung1 si1 jap6 bin1 ge3 。)
Gabriella: Right. It takes place in an office between an entrepreneur and a potential investor. They will be speaking casual Cantonese as always.
Olivia: 而家就嚟聽吓啦! (ji4 gaa1 zau6 lai4 teng1 haa5 laa1 !)
A:我哋嘅網站適用於所有人,會員數量絕對有保証。 (A: ngo5 dei6 ge3 mong5 zaam6 sik1 jung6 jyu1 so2 jau5 jan4, wui5 jyun4 soi3 loeng6 zyut3 deoi3 jau5 bou2 zing3.)
B:你哋嘅網站有咩功能?可以提供咩服務? (B: nei5 dei6 ge3 mong5 zaam6 jau5 me1 gung1 nang4? ho2 ji5 tai4 gung1 me1 fuk6 mou6?)
A:揀車,買車,汽車保養,我哋提供一條龍服務。想買車嘅,已經有車嘅,都需要我哋嘅網站。 (A: gaan2 ce1, maai5 ce1, hei3 ce1 bou2 joeng5, ngo5 dei6 tai4 gung1 jat1 tiu4 lung4 fuk6 mou6. soeng2 maai5 ce1 ge3, ji5 ging1 jau5 ce1 ge3, dou1 seoi1 jiu3 ngo5 dei6 ge3 mong5 zaam6.)
B:咁同車房有咩分別呀? (B: gam2 tung4 ce1 fong4 jau5 me1 fan1 bit6 aa6?)
A:有呀,我哋係網站,佢哋係實體店呀。我哋幾咁方便快捷。 (A: jau5 aa6, ngo5 dei6 hai6 mong5 zaam6, keoi5 dei6 hai6 sat6 tai2 dim3 aa6. ngo5 dei6 gei2 gam3 fong1 bin6 faai3 zit3.)
B:嗯,有道理。 (B: ng4, jau5 dou3 lei5.)
A:所以你投資我哋係實賺嘅。 (A: so2 ji5 nei5 tau4 zi1 ngo5 dei6 hai6 sat6 zaan6 ge3.)
B:我想睇下你哋個網站。 (B: ngo5 soeng2 tai2 haa5 nei5 dei6 go3 mong5 zaam6.)
A:呢個... 仲要一個月,而家網站仲設計緊。 (A: ni1 go3... zung6 jiu3 jat1 go3 jyut6, ji4 gaa1 mong5 zaam6 zung6 cit3 gai3 gan2.)
B:吓... (B: haa5...)
A:不過,你放心,投資我哋絕對係正確嘅選擇。 (A: bat1 gwo3, nei5 fong3 sam1, tau4 zi1 ngo5 dei6 zyut3 deoi3 hai6 zing3 kok3 ge3 syun2 zaak6.)
A: Our website targets everyone, the members count is absolutely secured.
B: What kind of function does your website have? What kind of service does it provide?
A: We offer one-stop service including car selection, purchase, and maintenance. Our website is useful for those who want to buy a car, as well as those who already have a car.
B: Then what's the difference between this and the car shops?
A: Of course, we are a web site, they are the actual store. We are more convenient.
B: That's true.
A: So if you invest in us you'll earn for sure.
B: I want to see the website.
A: Oh...the site is still being designed, it needs another month.
B: So...
A: But don't you worry, investing in us is the absolute right choice.
Gabriella: It doesn’t sound really safe, does it?
Olivia: 係囉!我諗俾着係我呢我一定唔會投資比佢哋嘞! (hai6 lo1 !ngo5 lam2 bei2 zoe6 hai6 ngo5 ne1 ngo5 jat1 ding6 m4 wui2 tau4 zi1 bei2 keoi5 dei6 laak3 !)
Gabriella: Me neither.
Olivia: 不過如果呢真係做得成嘅話呢,應該都會幾受歡迎個喎!一條龍服務真係好方便㗎!唔駛騰嚟騰去搞呢樣搞嗰樣。 (bat1 gwo3 jyu4 gwo2 ne1 zan1 hai6 zou6 dak1 seng4 ge3 waa2 ne1 ,jing1 goi1 dou1 wui2 gei2 sau6 fun1 jing4 go3 wo3 !jat1 tiu4 lung4 fuk6 mou6 zan1 hai6 hou2 fong1 bin6 gaa3 !m4 sai2 tang4 lai4 tang4 heoi3 gaau2 ni1 joeng6 gaau2 go2 joeng6 。)
Gabriella: Yes. I wish there were more companies offering one stop service so we can skip the hassle of going around town.
Olivia: 而家網上呢都多咗好多一條龍服務,例如婚宴擺酒呀!餐廳訂位呀!旅行社呀咁啦! (ji4 gaa1 mong5 soeng5 ne1 dou1 do1 zo2 hou2 do1 jat1 tiu4 lung4 fuk6 mou6 ,lai6 jyu4 fan1 jin3 baai2 zau2 aa3 !caan1 teng1 deng6 wai2 aa3 !leoi5 hang4 se5 aa3 gam2 laa1 !)
Gabriella: So for instance, when you are buying plane tickets for your next trip, you can also receive information and reviews about travel insurance, hotels, car rentals, tourist spots, transportation, local tolls, weather and local food all at the same place.
Olivia: 係呀!喺一個地方就可以搞掂晒,唔駛左揾右揾。 (hai6 aa3 !hai2 jat1 go3 dei6 fong1 zau6 ho2 ji5 gaau2 dim6 saai3 ,m4 sai2 zo2 wan2 jau6 wan2 。)
Gabriella: Now let’s move on to the vocab. Now let’s take a look at the vocabulary for this lesson. The first word we shall see is.
Olivia: 適用於。 (sik1 jung6 jyu1.)
Gabriella: Applicable to.
Olivia: 適 用 於, 適用於。 (sik1 jung6 jyu1, sik1 jung6 jyu1.)
Gabriella: Next.
Olivia: 會員。 (wui5 jyun4.)
Gabriella: Member.
Olivia: 會 員, 會員。 (wui5 jyun4, wui5 jyun4.)
Gabriella: Next is.
Olivia: 功能。 (gung1 nang4.)
Gabriella: Function.
Olivia: 功 能, 功能。 (gung1 nang4, gung1 nang4.)
Gabriella: And the next word is
Olivia: 保養。 (bou2 joeng5.)
Gabriella: Maintenance.
Olivia: 保 養, 保養。 (bou2 joeng5, bou2 joeng5.)
Gabriella: Next.
Olivia: 一條龍服務。 (jat1 tiu4 lung4 fuk6 mou6.)
Gabriella: One stop service.
Olivia: 一 條 龍 服 務, 一條龍服務。 (jat1 tiu4 lung4 fuk6 mou6, jat1 tiu4 lung4 fuk6 mou6.)
Gabriella: Then we have.
Olivia: 分別。 (fan1 bit6.)
Gabriella: Difference.
Olivia: 分 別, 分別。 (fan1 bit6, fan1 bit6.)
Gabriella: Next.
Olivia: 實體店。 (sat6 tai2 dim3.)
Gabriella: Physical stall.
Olivia: 實 體 店, 實體店。 (sat6 tai2 dim3, sat6 tai2 dim3.)
Gabriella: And the last vocabulary word is
Olivia: 實賺。 (sat6 zaan6.)
Gabriella: Sure profit.
Olivia:實 賺, 實賺。 (sat6 zaan6, sat6 zaan6.)
Gabriella: Let’s take a closer look at the usage of some of these words and phrases. Our first word is, one stop service.
Olivia: 一條龍。 (jat1 tiu4 lung4 。)
Gabriella: Literally one dragon.
Olivia: 係啦!意思係 一節 一節好長咁接落去。 (hai6 laak3 !ji3 si1 hai6 jat1 zit3 jat1 zit3 hou2 coeng4 gam2 zip3 lok6 heoi3 。)
Gabriella: Interesting. I can imagine the services lining up waiting to serve the customer.
Olivia: 係呀!而家香港啲家長最關注嘅呢應該就係一條龍學校, 呢個教育制度呢係由某啲小學同埋中學一齊合作嘅, 咁呢啲小學生畢業之後就可以直升上有合作關係嘅中學, 就唔駛等抽籤派位㗎啦! (hai6 aa3 !ji4 gaa1 hoeng1 gong2 di1 gaa1 zoeng5 zeoi3 gwaan1 zyu3 ge3 ne1 jing1 goi1 zau6 hai6 jat1 tiu4 lung4 hok6 haau6 , ni1 go3 gaau3 juk6 zai3 dou6 ne1 hai6 jau4 mau5 di1 siu2 hok6 tung4 maai4 zung1 hok6 jat1 cai4 hap6 zok3 ge3 , gam2 ni1 di1 siu2 hok6 sang1 bat1 jip6 zi1 hau6 zau6 ho2 ji5 zik6 sing1 soeng5 jau5 hap6 zok3 gwaan1 hai6 ge3 zung1 hok6 , zau6 m4 sai2 dang2 cau1 cim1 paai3 wai2 gaa3 laa3 !)
Gabriella: So in Hong Kong, there is an education system that provides such a one stop service. It’s official name is Through Train through the collaboration between some primary and secondary schools graduating pupils of the primary school may proceed to the linked secondary school directly without going through the central allocation process.
Olivia: 係呀!都推行咗十年㗎啦! (hai6 aa3 !dou1 teoi1 hang4 zo2 sap6 nin4 gaa3 laa3 !)
Gabriella: So our next word is applicable to
Olivia: 適用於, 例如呢個應用程式適用於所有智能電話。 (sik1 jung6 jyu1 , lai6 jyu4 ni1 go3 jing3 jung6 cing4 sik1 sik1 jung6 jyu1 so2 jau5 zi3 nang4 din6 waa2 。)
Gabriella: This app is applicable to all smart phones.
Olivia: 呢個國際協定適用於香港。 (ni1 go3 gwok3 zai3 hip3 ding6 sik1 jung6 jyu1 hoeng1 gong2 。)
Gabriella: This international agreement is applicable to Hong Kong; and in some cases, this phrase also means suitable for. For example...
Olivia: 適用於大人同細路。 ( sik1 jung6 jyu1 daai6 jan4 tung4 sai3 lou6 。)
Gabriella: Suitable for adults and children.
Olivia: 只適用於六個月以下嘅 BB 。 (zi2 sik1 jung6 jyu1 luk6 go3 jyut6 ji5 haa6 ge3 bi4 bi1 。)
Gabriella: Only suitable for babies and six months old. Okay now let’s move on to the grammar.

Lesson focus

Gabriella: In this lesson, you will learn about the usage of the character
Olivia: 實。 (sat6 。)
Gabriella: When it’s placed in front of a verb, it means the action will take place for sure.
Olivia: 係啦!例如對話入面嘅 “實賺”。 (hai6 laak3 !lai6 jyu4 deoi3 waa6 jap6 min6 ge3 “sat6 zaan6 ”。)
Gabriella: Sure profit or gain profit for sure.
Olivia: 通常呢有朋友邀請我去party 嘅時候呢, 我就會答, “我實去。” (tung1 soeng4 ne1 jau5 pang4 jau5 jiu1 cing2 ngo5 heoi3 party ge3 si4 hau6 ne1 , ngo5 zau6 wui2 daap3 , “ngo5 sat6 heoi3 。”)
Gabriella: I will go for sure or I will definitely go.
Olivia: 總之呢就係喺好肯定嘅情況之下用嘅。 ( zung2 zi1 ne1 zau6 hai6 hai2 hou2 hang2 ding6 ge3 cing4 fong3 zi1 haa6 jung6 ge3 。)
Gabriella: Right. So if you aren’t sure of something, don’t use it. Olivia, can you give us more examples.
Olivia: 好呀!譬如去餐廳叫咗好多餸,如果你個侍應問, “你哋食唔食得晒㗎?”咁你就可以話, “我哋實食得晒。” (hou2 aa3 !pei3 jyu4 heoi3 caan1 teng1 giu3 zo2 hou2 do1 sung3 ,jyu4 gwo2 nei5 go3 si6 jing3 man6 , “nei5 dei6 sik6 m4 sik6 dak1 saai3 gaa3 ?”gam2 nei5 zau6 ho2 ji5 waa6 , “ngo5 dei6 sat6 sik6 dak1 saai3 。” )
Gabriella: We can finish all the food for sure.
Olivia: 係啦!我哋實食得晒, 我哋實食得晒。 (hai6 laak3 !ngo5 dei6 sat6 sik6 dak1 saai3 , ngo5 dei6 sat6 sik6 dak1 saai3 。)
Gabriella: So it usually follows the pronoun. Okay but in the dialogue, we hear.
Olivia: 你投資我哋係實賺嘅。 (nei5 tau4 zi1 ngo5 dei6 hai6 sat6 zaan6 ge3 。)
Gabriella: It looks a bit complicated. Can you break it down for us please?
Olivia: 冇問題吖!唔... 呢個句子嘅主語係 “你投資我哋” 呢個 statement. (mou5 man6 tai4 aa1 !m4 ... ni1 go3 geoi3 zi2 ge3 zyu2 jyu5 hai6 “nei5 tau4 zi1 ngo5 dei6 ” ni1 go3 statement .)
Gabriella: So rather than using a pronoun, the subject of the sentence is the phrase you investing in us.
Olivia: 係啦!Ah ...如果覺得太複雜呢,可以將佢先簡化成呢件事, 然後呢就會得出 - 呢件事係實賺嘅。 (hai6 laak3 !Ah ...jyu4 gwo2 gok3 dak1 taai3 fuk1 zaap6 ne1 ,ho2 ji5 zoeng1 keoi5 sin1 gaan2 faa3 seng4 ni1 gin6 si6 , jin4 hau6 ne1 zau6 wui2 dak1 ceot1 - ni1 gin6 si6 hai6 sat6 zaan6 ge3 。)
Gabriella: If it’s too confusing, try to substitute the phrase, you investing in us with this matter. Then you will get, this matter is sure profit.
Olivia: 係啦!比多個例子你哋啦!學 一個新語言將來實有用,嗱!提吓你 “學一個新語言” 係個主語, 而 “將來” 就係個副詞。 (hai6 laak3 !bei2 do1 go3 lai6 zi2 nei5 dei6 laa1 !hok6 jat1 go3 san1 jyu5 jin4 zoeng1 loi4 sat6 jau5 jung6 ,naa4 !tai4 haak3 nei5 “hok6 jat1 go3 san1 jyu5 jin4 ” hai6 go3 zyu2 jyu5 , ji4 “zoeng3 loi4 ” zau6 hai6 go3 fu3 ci4 。)
Gabriella: So let me try. The subject is learning a new language and the adverb is in the future, then this lesson’s magic word.
Olivia: 實。 (sat6 。)
Gabriella: And then followed by to be useful. Huh I guess it means learning a new language is definitely useful in the future.
Olivia: Bingo! 冇錯嘞! (mou5 co3 laak3 !)
Gabriella: Yeay!
Olivia: 你哋明唔明呢?睇下呢課嘅 Lesson note 消化一吓啦!有咩問題即管發問呀! (nei5 dei6 ming4 m4 ming4 ne1 ?tai2 haa6 ni1 fo3 ge3 Lesson note siu1 faa3 jat1 haa5 laa1 !jau5 me1 man6 tai4 zik1 gun2 faat3 man6 aa3 !)


Gabriella: Well that’s all for this lesson. Attention perfectionists! You are about to learn how to perfect your pronunciation.
Olivia: Lesson review audio tracks.
Gabriella: Increase fluency and vocabulary fast with the short effective audio tracks.
Olivia: Super simple to use. Listen to the Cantonese word or phrase
Gabriella: Then repeat it out loud in a loud, clear voice.
Olivia: You will speak with confidence knowing that you are speaking Cantonese like the locals.
Gabriella: Go to cantoneseclass101.com and download the review audio tracks right on the lesson’s page today. Thanks for listening and we will see you next time. Goodbye everyone.
Olivia: 今日就講住咁多先啦,下次見! (gam1 jat6 zau6 gong2 zyu6 gam3 do1 sin1 laa1 ,haa6 ci3 gin3 !)