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Lesson Transcript

Gabriella: Upper intermediate, season 1, Lesson 22. An Untrustworthy Employee in Hong Kong. Hi everyone, welcome to cantoneseclass101.com. I am Gabriella.
Olivia: 大家好,我係 (daai6 gaa1 hou2 ,ngo5 hai6) Olivia.
Gabriella: And we are here with upper intermediate, season 1, Lesson 22. An Untrustworthy Employee in Hong Kong.
Olivia: 一個唔信得過嘅員工。(jat1 go3 m4 seon3 dak1 gwo3 ge3 jyun4 gung1 。)
Gabriella: So I guess the conversation takes place in an office.
Olivia: 冇錯嘞!係個老板同個員工之間嘅對話,睇嚟間公司呢唔係好掂喎! ( mou5 co3 laak3 !hai6 go3 lou5 baan2 tung4 go3 jyun4 gung1 zi1 gaan1 ge3 deoi3 waa6 ,tai2 lai4 gaan1 gung1 si1 ne1 m4 hai6 hou2 dim6 wo3 !)
Gabriella: The conversation is between the boss and an employee and unfortunately the company seems to be doing pretty poorly.
Olivia: 今次呢個對話帶出咗好多術語,都幾有用㗎! (gam1 ci3 ni1 go3 deoi3 waa6 daai3 ceot1 zo2 hou2 do1 seot6 jyu5 ,dou1 gei2 jau5 jung6 gaa3 !)
Gabriella: And they will be speaking casual Cantonese as always. Let’s listen to the conversation.
A:我俾你嗰五千萬投資,你就咁樣使咗? (A: ngo5 bei2 nei5 go2 ng5 cin1 maan6 tau4 zi1, nei5 zau6 gam2 joeng2 sai2 zo2?)
B:王老板,你咁講就唔啱喇,我平時生活都有開支㗎。 (B: wong4 lou5 baan2, nei5 gam2 gong2 zau6 m4 ngaam1 laa6, ngo5 ping4 si4 sang1 sut6 dou1 jau5 hoi1 zi1 gaa2.)
A:但係啲錢係用嚟投資項目,唔係俾你買車買樓㗎。 (A: daan6 hai6 di1 cin2 hai6 jung6 lei4 tau4 zi1 hong6 muk6, m4 hai6 bei2 nei5 maai5 ce1 maai5 lau4 gaa3.)
B:冇呀!你睇唔到我請咗好多人咩? (B: mou5 aa3! nei5 tai2 m4 dou2 ngo5 ceng2 zo2 hou2 do1 jan4 me1?)
A:你唔好以為我唔知道,你偷工減料,請廉價勞工,仲爭人哋錢。 (A: nei5 m4 hou2 ji5 wai4 ngo5 m4 zi1 dou3, nei5 tau1 gung1 gaam2 liu2, ceng2 lim4 gaa3 lou4 gung1, zung6 zaang1 jan4 dei6 cin2.)
B:點都好啦,間公司搞唔落去,我已經宣佈破產喇。我對你唔住。 (B: dim2 dou1 hou2 laa1, gaan1 gung1 si1 gaau2 m4 lok6 heoi3, ngo5 ji5 ging1 syun1 bou3 po3 caan2 laa6. ngo5 deoi3 nei5 m4 zyu6.)
A:我要去法院告你。 (A: ngo5 jiu3 heoi3 faat3 jyun2 gou3 nei5.)
B:哦!你仲未知道,我老婆細路都移民去咗加拿大喇,我晏晝坐飛機同佢哋團聚。 (B: o4! nei4 zung6 mei6 zi1 dou6, ngo5 lou5 po4 sai3 lou6 dou1 ji4 man4 heoi3 zo2 gaa1 naa4 daai6 laa3, ngo5 ngaan3 zau3 co5 fei1 gei1 tung4 keoi5 dei6 tyun4 zeoi6.)
A: You squandered the fifty million I invested?
B: Boss Wong, don't say it like that, I had to eat too!
A: The money was for investment projects, not for you to buy a car and apartment.
B: I didn't! Didn't you see that I've hired so many people?
A: You think I don't know? You played tricks with the raw materials. You also employed cheap labor and put the company in debt.
B: Anyway, now the company can't operate anymore, and I've declared bankruptcy. I feel sorry for you.
A: I'm going to sue you.
B: Oh, you didn't know that my wife and kids already immigrated to Canada? I'm flying over there this afternoon to reunite with them.
Olivia: 嘩!咁都得呀? (waa1 !gam2 dou1 dak1 aa4 ?)
Gabriella: That’s very cunning of him.
Olivia: 係啦!希望黃老板嘅損失唔係太嚴重啦! (hai6 laa1 !hei1 mong6 wong4 lou5 baan2 ge3 syun2 sat1 m4 hai6 taai3 jim4 cung4 laa1 !)
Gabriella: And he should be more careful next time especially when hiring someone to manage his capital.
Olivia: 不過點都好,投資始終都有風險,都係小心啲好。 (bat1 gwo3 dim2 dou1 hou2, tau4 zi1 ci2 zung1 dou1 jau5 fung1 him2 ,dou1 hai6 siu2 sam1 di1 hou2 。)
Gabriella: Okay. Now let’s move on to the vocab.
Gabriella: Let’s take a look at the vocabulary for this lesson. The first word we shall see is
Olivia: 投資。 (tau4 zi1.)
Gabriella: Investment.
Olivia:投 資, 投資。 (tau4 zi1, tau4 zi1.)
Gabriella: Next.
Olivia: 使。 (sai2.)
Gabriella: To spend.
Olivia: 使, 使。 (sai2, sai2.)
Gabriella: Next is
Olivia: 項目。 (hong6 muk6.)
Gabriella: Project.
Olivia: 項 目, 項目。 (hong6 muk6, hong6 muk6.)
Gabriella: And next we have
Olivia: 偷工減料。 (tau1 gung1 gaam2 liu2.)
Gabriella: Shoddy work.
Olivia: 偷 工 減 料, 偷工減料。 (tau1 gung1 gaam2 liu2, tau1 gung1 gaam2 liu2.)
Gabriella: Next
Olivia: 廉價勞工。 (lim4 gaa3 lou4 gung1)
Gabriella: Cheap labor.
Olivia: 廉 價 勞 工, 廉價勞工。 (lim4 gaa3 lou4 gung1, lim4 gaa3 lou4 gung1.)
Gabriella: Then we have
Olivia: 破產。 (po3 caan2.)
Gabriella: To go bankrupt.
Olivia: 破 產, 破產。 (po3 caan2, po3 caan2.)
Gabriella: The next word is
Olivia: 告。 (gou3.)
Gabriella: To sue
Olivia: 告, 告。 (gou3, gou3.)
Gabriella: Next
Olivia: 移民。 (ji4 man4.)
Gabriella: Immigrant.
Olivia: 移 民, 移民。 (ji4 man4, ji4 man4.)
Gabriella: And next.
Olivia: 晏晝。 (ngaan3 zau3.)
Gabriella: Afternoon.
Olivia: 晏 晝, 晏晝。 (ngaan3 zau3, ngaan3 zau3.)
Gabriella: And the last word is
Olivia: 團聚。 (tyun4 zeoi6.)
Gabriella: Reunite.
Olivia: 團 聚, 團聚。 (tyun4 zeoi6, tyun4 zeoi6.)
Gabriella: Let’s take a closer look at the usage of some of these words and phrases. Our first word is shoddy work.
Olivia: 偷工減料。 (tau1 gung1 gaam2 liu2 。)
Gabriella: It consists of four characters. Steal, labor, decrease and material.
Olivia: 係喇!主要係用嚟形容啲製造商呢為咗賺多啲錢, 而用啲渣嘅材料從中取利㗎! (hai6 laak3!zyu2 jiu3 hai6 jung6 lai4 jing4 jung4 di1 zai3 zou6 soeng1 ne1 wai6 zo2 zaan6 do1 di1 cin2 , ji4 jung6 di1 zaa2 ge3 coi4 liu2 cung4 zung1 ceoi2 lei6 gaa3 !)
Gabriella: Reaping profits by using shoddy materials instead of giving customers the good quality they paid for. That’s despicable and our next word is nothing better and it also has four characters.
Olivia: 廉價勞工。 (lim4 gaa3 lou4 gung1 。)
Gabriella: Cheap labor. It’s very straightforward as it consists of four characters. Cheap, price, labor and work.
Olivia: 一般嚟講呢東南亞地區有好多廉價勞工,而因為香港有最低工資制度, 所以如果啲廉價勞工收嘅人工係低過最低嘅工資,咁就算係犯法㗎啦, 請佢嗰間公司都會被起訴㗎! (jat1 bun1 lai4 gong2 ne1 dung1 naam4 ngaa3 dei6 keoi1 jau5 hou2 do1 lim4 gaa3 lou4 gung1 ,ji4 jan1 wai6 hoeng1 gong2 jau5 zeoi3 dai1 gung1 zi1 zai3 dou6 , so2 ji5 jyu4 gwo2 di1 lim4 gaa3 lou4 gung1 sau1 ge3 jan4 gung1 hai6 dai1 gwo3 zeoi3 dai1 ge3 gung1 zi1 ,gam2 zau6 syun3 hai6 faan6 faat3 gaa3 laa3 , ceng2 keoi5 go2 gaan1 gung1 si1 dou1 wui2 bei6 hei2 sou3 gaa3 !)
Gabriella: Yikes! So if the employee in the conversation hired cheap labor for an hourly rate lower than the minimum wage, it could bring a lawsuit against the company.
Olivia: 係囉!希望黃老板間公司冇犯法啦! (hai6 lo1 !hei1 mong6 wong4 lou5 baan2 gaan1 gung1 si1 mou5 faan6 faat3 laa1 !)
Gabriella: And now on to the grammar.

Lesson focus

Gabriella: In this lesson, you will learn how to use the expression
Olivia: 就咁樣。 (zau6 gam2 joeng2 。)
Gabriella: Just like that.
Olivia: 不過呢通常都係用喺啲令人唔係咁開心嘅情況㗎! (bat1 gwo3 ne1 tung1 soeng4 dou1 hai6 jung6 hai2 di1 ling6 jan4 m4 hai6 gam3 hoi1 sam1 ge3 cing4 fong3 ga3 !)
Gabriella: Although it’s not always the case, this expression is often used in saddening situations. In the dialogue, we hear.
Olivia: 你就咁樣使咗? (nei5 zau6 gam2 joeng2 sai2 zo2 ?)
Gabriella: You spent it just like that.
Olivia: 係啦!個用法呢就係將 “就咁樣” 夾住喺個主語同埋個結果中間, 嗱!我哋睇下頭先呢句個簡單句子係, “你使咗?” ( hai6 laak3 !go3 jung6 faat3 ne1 zau6 hai6 zoeng31 “zau6 gam2 joeng2 ” gaap3 zyu6 hai2 go3 zyu2 jyu5 tung4 maai4 go3 git3 gwo2 zung1 gaan1 , naa4 !ngo5 dei2 tai2 haa6 tau4 sin1 ni1 geoi3 go3 gaan2 daan1 geoi3 zi2 hai6 , “nei5 sai2 zo2 ?”)
Gabriella: You spent it?
Olivia: 加咗 “就咁樣” 喺 “你” 後面呢,就即刻表達到呢件係一件唔開心又或者令人意想不到嘅事啦! (gaa1 zo2 “zau6 gam2 joeng2 ” hai2 “nei5 ” hau6 min6 ne1 ,zau6 zik1 hak1 biu2 daat6 dou3 ni1 gin6 hai6 jat1 gin6 m4 hoi1 sam1 jau6 waak6 ze2 ling6 jan4 ji3 soeng2 bat1 dou3 ge3 si6 laak3 !)
Gabriella: So the structure is, subject or phrase for this lesson
Olivia: 就咁樣。 (zau6 gam2 joeng2 。)
Gabriella: And then end the sentence with the outcome. Let’s hear some examples.
Olivia: 我架車就咁樣俾人偷咗。 (ngo5 gaa3 ce1 zau6 gam2 joeng2 bei2 jan4 tau1 zo2 。)
Gabriella: My car was stolen just like that. Olivia, can you tell us about the simple sentences.
Olivia: 我架車俾人偷咗。 (ngo5 gaa3 ce1 bei2 jan4 tau1 zo2 。)
Gabriella: My car was stolen.
Olivia: 加埋今日學嘅就係, “我架車就咁樣俾人偷咗。” (gaa1 maai4 gam1 jat6 hok6 ge3 zau6 hai6 , “ngo5 gaa3 ce1 zau6 gam2 joeng2 bei2 jan4 tau1 zo2 。”)
Gabriella: My car was stolen just like that.
Olivia: 係啦!比多幾個例子你哋啦!咁辛苦賺嚟嘅血汗錢就咁樣冇咗。 (hai6 laak3 !bei2 do1 gei2 go3 lai6 zi2 nei5 dei6 laa1 !gam3 san1 fu2 zaan6 lai4 ge3 hyut3 hon6 cin2 zau6 gam2 joeng2 mou5 zo2 。)
Gabriella: All the hard earned money is gone just like that.
Olivia: 儲咗咁多年嘅漫畫就咁樣俾人掉咗。 (cyu5 zo2 gam3 do1 nin4 ge3 maan6 waa2 zau6 gam2 joeng2 bei2 jan4 deu6 zo2 。)
Gabriella: The comic books that I’ve collected over all these years are thrown away just like that.
Olivia: 唉!真係慘!好啦!今日就到此爲止, Lesson note 會有多啲例子, 記得 download嚟睇吓啦! (aai1 !zan1 hai6 caam2 !hou2 laak3 !gam1 jat6 zau6 dou3 ci2 wai4 zi2 , Lesson note wui2 jau5 do1 di1 lai6 zi2 , gei3 dak1 download lai4 tai2 haa5 laa1 !)


Gabriella: Yes. Check out the lesson notes for further explanations and sample sentences. Well that’s it for this lesson.
Olivia: Listeners, can you understand Cantonese TV shows, movies or songs.
Gabriella: How about friends and loved ones conversations in Cantonese?
Olivia: If you want to know what’s going on, we have a tool to help.
Gabriella: Line by line audio.
Olivia: Listen to the lesson conversations line by line and learn to understand natural Cantonese fast.
Gabriella: It’s simple really.
Olivia: With a click of a button, listen to each line of the conversation.
Gabriella: Listen again and again and tune your ear to natural Cantonese.
Olivia: Rapidly understand natural Cantonese with this powerful tool.
Gabriella: Find this feature on the lesson page in the lesson material section at cantoneseclass101.com. Thanks for listening and we will see you next time. Goodbye everyone.
Olivia: 下次見! (haa6 ci3 gin3 !)