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Lesson Transcript

David: Welcome to cantoneseclass101.com. I am David.
Nicole: 大家好,我係 (daai6 gaa1 hou2 ,ngo5 hai6) Nicole.
David: And we are here early in the morning in the studios to bring you upper intermediate, season 1, Lesson 15. Bringing Your Cat Out of Hong Kong.
Nicole: 冇錯啦!帶你隻貓出境。 (mou5 co3 laak3 !daai3 nei5 zek3 maau1 ceot1 ging2 。)
David: Yeah and the bad news is, if you got a cat, it’s actually easy compared to a dog.
Nicole: 係呀!帶狗出境仲難呀! (hai6 aa3 !daai3 gau2 ceot1 ging2 zung6 naan4 aa3 !)
David: Yeah. So Nicole, what are we talking about today?
Nicole: Ah…. 係一個朋友向另一個朋友諮詢點樣帶隻貓出境。 (hai6 jat1 go3 pang4 jau5 hoeng3 ling6 jat1 go3 pang4 jau5 zi1 seon1 dim2 joeng2 daai3 zek3 maau1 ceot1 ging2 。)
David: Yeah and so they are going to talk about all of the legal procedures that are technically on the books. It’s not really this difficult in real life. We are going to find out about the worst case scenario. Let’s get to the dialogue.
A:我想帶我隻貓去澳門,唔知要辦咩手續。 (A: ngo5 soeng2 daai3 ngo5 zek3 maau1 heoi3 ou3 mun2, m4 zi1 jiu3 baan6 me1 sau2 zuk6.)
B:你隻貓有冇攞牌呀? (B: nei5 zek3 maau1 jau5 mou5 lo2 paai4 aa3?)
A:有牌,而且做咗絕育添。 (A: jau5 paai4, ji4 ce2 zou6 zo2 zyut6 juk6 tim1.)
B:聽講要打狂犬疫苗喎。 (B: teng1 gong2 jiu3 daa2 kwong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4 wo3.)
A:但我隻係貓嚟嗰喎。 (A: daan6 ngo5 zek3 hai6 maau1 lai4 go3 wo3.)
B:我聽講仲要去檢疫部門住低觀察一個月添。 (B: ngo5 teng1 gong2 zung6 jiu3 heoi3 gim2 jik6 bou6 mun4 zyu6 dai1 gun1 caat3 jat1 go3 jyut6 tim1.)
A:去漁農署住一個月?但係我隻猫上個月先打完防疫針喎。 (A: heoi3 jyu4 nung4 cyu5 zyu6 jat1 go3 jyut6? daan6 hai6 ngo5 zek3 maau1 soeng6 go3 jyut6 sin1 daa2 jyun4 fong4 jik6 zam1 wo3.)
B:如果觀察期間發現未合資格,可能仲需要打針添。 (B: jyu4 gwo2 gun1 caat3 kei4 gaan1 faat3 jin6 mei6 hap6 zi1 gaak3, ho2 nang4 zung6 seoi1 jiu3 daa2 zam1 tim1.n4 fong4 jik6 zam1 wo3.)
A:我聽講去到澳門之後先至要住貓房觀察嗰喎。 (A: ngo5 teng1 gong2 heoi3 dou3 ou3 mun2 zi1 hau6 sin1 zi3 jiu3 zyu6 maau1 fong4 gun1 caat3 go3 wo3.)
B:兩邊都要。 (B: loeng5 bin1 dou1 jiu3.)
A:I want to take my cat to Macau, but I don't know what procedures to do.
B:Does your cat have a license?
A:Yes, and it's been spayed.
B:I've heard you have to vaccinate it against rabies.
A:But it's a cat.
B:I heard it also has to get quarantined at the inspection of disease control bureau for a month.
A:It has to go live at the Fishing and Agriculture Department for a whole month? But my cat just finished its vaccination schedule last month.
B:If the quarantine period reveals that your cat isn't up to standard, it might need more shots.
A:I've heard it only needs to get quarantine after arriving in Macau.
B:Both before and after are needed.
David: So this is technically what you need to do to bring an animal out of Hong Kong.
Nicole: 我聽講係㗎! (ngo5 teng1 gong2 hai6 gaa3 !)
David: Okay so be careful or your cat may end up in cat prison which is
Nicole: 貓房。 (maau1 fong4 。)
David: Yes. Yeah we’ve got a lot of interesting advanced vocab here. So let’s take a listen.
Nicole: 手續。 (sau2 zuk6.)
David: Procedures.
Nicole: 手 續, 手續, 攞牌。 (sau2 zuk6, sau2 zuk6, lo2 paai4.)
David: To have a license.
Nicole: 攞 牌, 攞牌, 絕育。 (lo2 paai4, lo2 paai4, zyut6 juk6.)
David: To spay or neuter.
Nicole: 絕 育, 絕育, 狂犬疫苗。 (zyut6 juk6, zyut6 juk6, kwong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4.)
David: Rabies vaccine.
Nicole: 狂 犬 疫 苗, 狂犬疫苗, 檢疫部門。 (kwong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4, kwong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4, gim2 jik6 bou6 mun4.)
David: Inspection and disease control department.
Nicole: 檢 疫 部 門, 檢疫部門, 觀察。 (gim2 jik6 bou6 mun4, gim2 jik6 bou6 mun4, gun1 caat3.)
David: To inspect.
Nicole: 觀 察, 觀察, 漁農署。 (gun1 caat3, gun1 caat3, jyu4 nung4 cyu5.)
David: Fishing and agriculture department.
Nicole: 漁 農 署, 漁農署, 防疫針。 (jyu4 nung4 cyu5, jyu4 nung4 cyu5, fong4 jik6 zam1.)
David: Vaccine.
Nicole: 防 疫 針, 防疫針, 打針。 (fong4 jik6 zam1, fong4 jik6 zam1, daa2 zam1.)
David: To get a shot.
Nicole: 打 針, 打針, 貓房。 (daa2 zam1, daa2 zam1, maau1 fong4.)
David: Cat prison.
Nicole: 貓 房, 貓房。 (maau1 fong4, maau1 fong4.)
David: I think it’s pretty obvious that the first word we need to talk about is cat prison.
Nicole: 貓房。 (maau1 fong4 。)
David: Nicole, what is cat prison?
Nicole: 係一間一間嘅房仔比貓住嘅,但係呢 Uhmm…. 係政府比貓住嘅。 (hai6 jat1 gaan1 jat1 gaan1 ge3 fong2 zai2 bei2 maau1 zyu6 ge3 ,daan6 hai6 ne1 Uhmm …. hai6 zing3 fu2 bei2 maau1 zyu6 ge3 。)
David: Right. So this is not an official term. Are they going to have a dog prison as well?
Nicole: 梗係有啦! 狗房, 貓房, 狗房。 (gang2 hai6 jau5 laa1 ! gau2 fong4 , maau1 fong4 , gau2 fong4 。)
David: Okay. So in Hong Kong, this is actually – it’s at the airport.
Nicole: 冇錯啦! 因為你要帶隻貓出境嗰陣呢, 就會留隻貓響度觀察。 (mou5 co3 laak3 ! jan1 wai6 nei5 jiu3 daai3 zek3 maau1 ceot1 ging2 go2 zan6 ne1 , zau6 wui2 lau4 zek3 maau1 hoeng2 dou6 gun1 caat3 。)
David: So be careful if you need to bring an animal in because otherwise it could easily get quarantine at the airport for a month which is really rough.
Nicole: 你仲要俾錢呀!仲要交啲罰款呀!各種各樣嘅費。 (nei5 zung6 jiu3 bei2 cin2 aa3!zung6 jiu3 gaau1 di1 fat6 fun2 aa3 !gok3 zung2 gok3 joeng6 ge3 fai3 。)
David: Yeah. Anyway so be careful of that term. It is cat prison.
Nicole: 貓房。 (maau1 fong4 。)
David: Right. Next on our list to look at is the word for rabies.
Nicole: 狂犬。 (kong4 hyun2 。)
David: Which we see in the phrase Rabies vaccine.
Nicole: 狂犬疫苗。 (kong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4 。)
David: Yeah. In the dialogue, the speaker is a bit surprised because she is you know, why does my cat need to have rabies?
Nicole: 點解我隻貓要打狂犬疫苗? (dim2 gaai2 ngo5 zek3 maau1 jiu3 daa2 kong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4 ?)
David: Yeah it’s because the name in Cantonese is a crazy dog vaccine.
Nicole: 係呀!瘋狗症。 (hai6 aa3 !fung1 gau2 zing3 。)
David: Yeah.
Nicole: 唔,一般嚟講猫係 … 理論上,我唔知呀…可能唔會有狂犬病。 (m4 ,jat1 bun1 lai4 gong2 maau1 hai6 … lei5 leon6 soeng6 ,ngo5 m4 zi1 aa3… ho2 nang4 m4 wui2 jau5 kong4 hyun2 beng6 。)
David: The people are very concerned about it here. So make sure your cat has the rabies vaccine.
Nicole: 冇錯嘞!確認你隻貓有打狂犬疫苗。 (mou5 co3 laak3 !kok3 jing6 nei5 zek3 maau1 jau5 daa2 kong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4 。)
David: Right. You also need to have a license.
Nicole: 牌照。 (paai4 ziu3 。)
David: And that’s the noun, license.
Nicole: 牌照。 (paai4 ziu3 。)
David: Our next word is
Nicole: 攞牌。 (lo2 paai4 。)
David: To have a license.
Nicole: 攞牌。 (lo2 paai4 。)
David: Right and the noun for license here is
Nicole: 牌 or 牌照, 牌照係更長一啲嘅名。 (paai4 or paai4 ziu3 , paai4 ziu3 hai6 gang3 coeng4 jat1 di1 ge3 meng2 。)
David: Yeah. So you need licenses for cats, you need them for dogs.
Nicole: 冇錯啦!我屋企隻狗有攞牌嘅,一般嚟講你就去到漁農署同佢辦手續,咁攞隻牌照呢就要80蚊嘅。 (mou5 co3 laak3 !ngo5 nguk1 kei5 zek3 gau2 jau5 lo2 paai4 ge3 ,jat1 bun1 lei4 gong2 nei5 zau6 heoi3 dou3 jyu4 nung4 cyu5 tung4 keoi5 baan6 sau2 zuk6 ,gam2 lo2 zek3 paai4 ziu3 ne1 zau6 jiu3 baat3 sap6 man1 ge3 。)
David: Yeah. So it is only HKD80. It is pretty cheap.
Nicole: 冇錯。 (mou5 co3 。)
David: Also, you are going to want to make sure that you get your pets paid or neutered.
Nicole: 絕育。 (zyut6 juk6 。)
David: And that’s the same for both male and female animals.
Nicole:冇錯啦!喺廣東話入邊呢,無論係公嘅貓或者係乸嘅貓呢,你都可以講話絕育嘅。 (mou5 co3 laak3 !hai2 gwong2 dung1 waa2 jap6 bin1 ne1 ,mou4 leon6 hai6 gung1 ge3 maau1 waak6 ze2 hai6 naa2 ge3 maau1 ne1 ,nei5 dou1 ho2 ji5 gong2 waa6 zyut6 juk6 ge3 。)
David: Right. So key vocab for your pet in Hong Kong, to have a license.
Nicole: 攞牌。 (lo2 paai4 。)
David: To spay or neuter.
Nicole: 絕育。 (zyut6 juk6 。)
David: Rabies vaccine.
Nicole: 狂犬疫苗。 (kong4 hyun2 jik6 miu4 。)
David: And of course the infamies cat and dog prisons.
Nicole: 貓房, 狗房。 (maau1 fong4 , gau2 fong4 。)
David: With that, let’s get to our grammar point. It’s grammar time. Okay Nicole, what are we learning today?

Lesson focus

Nicole: 今日呢我哋學 一個結構,就係 仲.......添。 (gam1 jat6 ne1 ngo5 dei6 hok6 jat1 go3 git3 kau3 ,zau6 hai6 zung6 .......tim1 。)
David: This pattern means also or even.
Nicole: 冇錯嘞!咁我哋喺 dialogue 入邊呢就聽到一個好長嘅句子,但係我哋可以聽一個簡單啲嘅句子開始喎!譬如話 佢仲識講西班牙文添。 (mou5 co3 laak3 !gam2 ngo5 dei6 hai2 dialogue jap6 bin1 ne1 zau6 teng1 dou2 jat1 go3 hou2 coeng4 ge3 geoi3 zi2 ,daan6 hai6 ngo5 dei6 ho2 ji5 teng1 jat1 go3 gaan2 daan1 di1 ge3 geoi3 zi2 hoi1 ci2 wo3 !pei3 jyu4 waa6 keoi5 zung6 sik1 gong2 sai1 baan1 ngaa4 man2 tim1 。)
David: He can even speak Spanish.
Nicole: 佢仲識講西班牙文添。 (keoi5 zung6 sik1 gong2 sai1 baan1 ngaa4 man2 tim1 。)
David: Or she can even speak Spanish.
Nicole: 係喇!識講咩嘢語言唔緊要,緊要嘅就係你聽到 “仲.......添”。 (hai6 laak3 !sik1 gong2 me1 je5 jyu5 jin4 m4 gan2 jiu3 ,gan2 jiu3 ge3 zau6 hai6 nei5 teng1 dou2 “zung6 .......tim1 ”。)
David: Right. So what we are doing is we are taking the statement.
Nicole: 佢識講西班牙文。 (keoi5 sik1 gong2 sai1 baan1 ngaa4 man2 。)
David: And we are adding this pattern to it.
Nicole: 仲.......添, 所以成個句子就係 “佢仲識講西班牙文添”。 (zung6 .......tim1 , so2 ji5 sing4 go3 geoi3 zi2 zau6 hai6 “keoi5 zung6 sik1 gong2 sai1 baan1 ngaa4 man2 tim1 ”。)
David: Let’s have another example.
Nicole: 香港機場仲有貓房添。 (hoeng1 gong2 gei1 coeng4 zung6 jau5 maau1 fong4 tim1 。)
David: Hong Kong airport even has a cat prison.
Nicole: 香港機場仲有貓房添。 (hoeng1 gong2 gei1 coeng4 zung6 jau5 maau1 fong4 tim1 。)
David: So the meaning here is that Hong Kong airport has a lot of stuff but it even has a cat prison.
Nicole: 冇錯啦!所以我哋嘅對話呢就會有咁樣嘅一個句子, “我聽講仲要去檢疫部門住低觀察一個月添。” (mou5 co3 laak3 !so2 ji5 ngo5 dei6 ge3 deoi3 waa6 ne1 zau6 wui2 jau5 gam2 joeng2 ge3 jat1 go3 geoi3 zi2 , “ngo5 teng1 gong2 zung6 jiu3 heoi3 gim2 jik6 bou6 mun4 zyu6 dai1 gun1 caat3 jat1 go3 jyut6 tim1 。”)
David: Right which is the sentence from our dialogue. Let’s hear that again.
Nicole: 我聽講仲要去檢疫部門住低觀察一個月添。 (ngo5 teng1 gong2 zung6 jiu3 heoi3 gim2 jik6 bou6 mun4 zyu6 dai1 gun1 caat3 jat1 go3 jyut6 tim1 。)
David: As we warned you in an earlier lesson, the subject is missing from this sentence. The subject is cats.
Nicole: 貓。 (maau1 。)
David: So let’s change it so that it’s a complete sentence.
Nicole: 我聽講 貓仲要去檢疫部門住低觀察一個月添。 (ngo5 teng1 gong2 maau1 zung6 jiu3 heoi3 gim2 jik6 bou6 mun4 zyu6 dai1 gun1 caat3 jat1 go3 jyut6 tim1 。)
David: Yeah. I’ve heard that cats even need to go to the disease inspection bureau for a month.
Nicole: 冇錯啦!除咗去住低觀察之外呢,仲有好多手續要做嘅。 (mou5 co3 laak3 !ceoi4 zo2 heoi3 zyu6 dai1 gun1 caat3 zi1 ngoi6 ne1 ,zung6 jau5 hou2 do1 sau2 zuk6 jiu3 zou6 ge3 。)
David: Right. So there are other things they need to do but they also need to do this. Okay so once again, a useful pattern.
Nicole: 仲.......添。 (zung6 .......tim1 。)


David: Used in simple sentences, used in complex sentences. The meaning is, there is other stuff that’s happening but even this also has to happen and with that, we are at the end of our lesson. Before we go, as always, let us remind you.
Nicole: 我哋嘅網站呢仲有非常之有用嘅錄音工具。 ( ngo5 dei6 ge3 mong5 zaam6 ne1 zung6 jau5 fei1 soeng4 zi1 jau5 jung6 ge3 luk6 jam1 gung1 geoi6 。)
David: Right. You can record yourself speaking Cantonese and listen to how you sound in real time useful especially for the tones and if you have any questions, email us
Nicole: Contactus@cantoneseclass101.com
David: Or leave a note on the site and we look forward to hearing from you. From Hong Kong, I am David.
Nicole: 我係 (ngo5 hai6 ) Nicole.
David: Thanks for listening. We will see you online.
Nicole: 下次見 。 (haa6 ci3 gin3 。)