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Hi everybody, I’m Olivia.
These are intermediate phrases that you can use in everyday life. You can use them when you travel, at work or for your studies. They are for asking and answering questions.
Alright, let’s get started!
(NORMAL) 我想去~ (ngo5 soeng2 heoi3 ~)
"I’d like to go to ~ ."
(SLOW) 我想去~
(NORMAL) 我想去~
(NORMAL) 附近有冇櫃員機? (fu6 gan6 jau5 mou5 gwai6 jyun4 gei1?)
"Is there an ATM nearby?"
(SLOW) 附近有冇櫃員機?
(NORMAL) 附近有冇櫃員機?
(NORMAL) 講多啲關於~嘅嘢俾我聽。 (gong2 do1 di1 gwaan1 jyu1 ~ ge3 je5 bei2 ngo5 teng1.)
"Please tell me more about ~."
(SLOW) 講多啲關於~嘅嘢俾我聽。
(NORMAL) 講多啲關於~嘅嘢俾我聽。
(NORMAL) 你好有品味。 (nei5 hou2 jau5 ban2 mei6.)
"You have good taste. "
(SLOW) 你好有品味。
(NORMAL) 你好有品味。
(NORMAL) 你下個禮拜六得唔得閒? (nei5 haa6 go3 lai5 baai3 luk6 dak1 m4 dak1 haan4?)
"Do you have time next Saturday?"
(SLOW) 你下個禮拜六得唔得閒?
(NORMAL) 你下個禮拜六得唔得閒?
(NORMAL) 我遲到因為等唔到巴士。 (ngo5 ci4 dou3 jan1 wai6 dang2 m4 dou2 baa1 si2.)
"I am late because the bus did not show up."
(SLOW) 我遲到因為等唔到巴士。
(NORMAL) 我遲到因為等唔到巴士。
(NORMAL) 請保持安靜。 (cing2 bou2 ci4 on1 zing6.)
"Please keep quiet."
(SLOW) 請保持安靜。
(NORMAL) 請保持安靜。
(NORMAL) 你有冇問題? (nei5 jau5 mou5 man6 tai4?)
"Do you have a question?"
(SLOW) 你有冇問題?
(NORMAL) 你有冇問題?
(NORMAL) 我唔係好舒服,我可唔可以請日假? (ngo5 m4 hai6 hou2 syu1 fuk6, ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 ceng2 jat6 gaa3?)
"I don't feel well. Can I be excused for the day?"
(SLOW) 我唔係好舒服,我可唔可以請日假?
(NORMAL) 我唔係好舒服,我可唔可以請日假?
(NORMAL) 你有乜嘢好介紹? (nei5 jau5 mat1 je5 hou2 gaai3 siu6?)
"What do you recommend?"
(SLOW) 你有乜嘢好介紹?
(NORMAL) 你有乜嘢好介紹?
(NORMAL) 呢個餸有冇 ~ 㗎? (ni1 go3 sung3 jau5 mou5 ~ gaa3?)
"Does this dish contain any ~?"
(SLOW) 呢個餸有冇 ~ 㗎?
(NORMAL) 呢個餸有冇 ~ 㗎?
(NORMAL) 我唔食/飲得~。 (ngo5 m4 sik6 / jam2 dak1~.)
"I can't eat/drink ~."
(SLOW) 我唔食/飲得~。
(NORMAL) 我唔食/飲得~。
(NORMAL) 我鍾意 ~。 (ngo5 zung1 ji3 ~ .)
"I like to ~."
(SLOW) 我鍾意 ~。
(NORMAL) 我鍾意 ~。
(NORMAL) 天氣點呀? (tin1 hei3 dim2 aa3?)
"How's the weather?"
(SLOW) 天氣點呀?
(NORMAL) 天氣點呀?
(NORMAL) 我唔見咗 [ 嘢 ]!(ngo5 m4 gin3 zo2 [ je5 ].)
"I lost my [item]!"
(SLOW) 我唔見咗 [ 嘢 ]!
(NORMAL) 我唔見咗 [ 嘢 ]!
(NORMAL) 我可唔可以坐呢度? (ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 co5 ni1 dou6?)
"Can I sit here?"
(SLOW) 我可唔可以坐呢度?
(NORMAL) 我可唔可以坐呢度?
(NORMAL) 你哋有冇~賣呀? (nei5 dei6 jau5 mou5 ~ maai6 aa3?)
"Do you have a ~?" (when shopping)
(SLOW) 你哋有冇~賣呀?
(NORMAL) 你哋有冇~賣呀?
(NORMAL) 我要搵〜。 (ngo5 jiu3 wan2 ~.)
"I'm looking for a/the ~."
(SLOW) 我要搵〜。
(NORMAL) 我要搵〜。
(NORMAL) 我嘅電郵地址係 ~。 (ngo5 ge3 din6 jau4 dei6 zi2 hai6 ~.)
"My e-mail address is ~."
(SLOW) 我嘅電郵地址係 ~。
(NORMAL) 我嘅電郵地址係 ~。
(NORMAL) 你係做咩㗎? (nei5 hai6 zou6 me1 gaa3?)
"What do you do?"
(SLOW) 你係做咩㗎?
(NORMAL) 你係做咩㗎?
(NORMAL) 我去咗睇戲。 (ngo5 heoi3 zo2 tai2 hei3. )
"I went to the cinema."
(SLOW) 我去咗睇戲。
(NORMAL) 我去咗睇戲。
(NORMAL) 入嚟! (jap6 lai4!)
"Come in!"
(SLOW) 入嚟!
(NORMAL) 入嚟!
(NORMAL) 我最鍾意嘅歌係~。 (ngo5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 ge3 go1 hai6~.)
"My favorite song is ~."
(SLOW) 我最鍾意嘅歌係~。
(NORMAL) 我最鍾意嘅歌係~。
(NORMAL) 你鍾意啲乜嘢音樂呀? (nei5 zung1 ji3 di1 mat1 je5 jam1 ngok6 aa3?)
"What kind of music do you like?"
(SLOW) 你鍾意啲乜嘢音樂呀?
(NORMAL) 你鍾意啲乜嘢音樂呀?
(NORMAL) 生日快樂! (saang1 jat6 faai3 lok6!)
"Happy birthday!"
(SLOW) 生日快樂!
(NORMAL) 生日快樂!
Those were 25 Must-Know Intermediate Phrases. I hope they were helpful for you. That’s everything for the lesson, thank you very much for watching.
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