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Lesson Transcript

Hi! Welcome to Cantonese Holiday Words, and happy new year from all of us! I am Olivia from CantoneseClass101.com. In this video we're going to talk about New Year in Hong Kong.
1. 新年 (san1 nin4) “New Year's Day”
新 (san1) is “new”, and 年 (nin4) is “year”, so “new year”.
新年要買新衫。 (san1 nin4 jiu3 maai5 san1 saam1.)
“For new year we have to buy new clothes.” Perfect excuse to go shopping!
2. 倒數 (dou3 sou2) “countdown”
We countdown for New Year. 倒數 (dou3 sou2) Party, a countdown party.
“Where did you countdown last year?”
你上年喺邊度倒數? (nei5 soeng6 nin2 hai2 bin1 dou6 dou3 sou2?)
Let us know in the comments! What’s your plan for this year?
3. 煙花 (jin1 faa1) “fireworks”
So after we countdown to New Year, we get the fireworks.
下個禮拜有煙花比賽。 (haa6 go3 lai5 baai3 jau5 jin1 faa1 bei2 coi3.)
“There is a firework competition next week.”
4. 花紅 (faa1 hung4) “bonus”
Literally it’s “flower” and “red”, 花紅 (faa1 hung4), “flower red”
So in Hong Kong, After New Year and before Chinese New Year, companies usually give out bonus, like annual bonus to their staffs. Usually is around one month’s worth of salary, and we use that money to go shopping and buy new clothes.
唔知今年有幾多花紅呢? (m4 zi1 gam1 nin2 jau5 gei2 do1 faa1 hung4 ne1?)
“I wonder how much bonus we will get this year.”
5. 香檳 (hoeng1 ban1) “champagne”
So yeah, we count down and then we drink champagne for New Year.
“champagne” 香檳 (hoeng1 ban1). In a sentence,
呢隻香檳好貴喎。 (ni1 zek3 hoeng1 ban1 hou2 gwai3 wo3.)
“This champagne is so expensive.”
Do you like drinking expensive champagne? I guess it’s usually better, right?
That's it for today! So today we talked about the new year, and I hope you have a great one. If you like the video, please subscribe, and check out CantoneseClass101.com. I’ll see you next time, I'm Olivia.