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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome back to Cantonese holiday words! I’m Olivia, and today we're going to talk about a holiday in Hong Kong. It is 聖誕節 (sing3 daan3 zit3), Christmas. Of course it came from the Western culture, but we also have a holiday in Hong Kong for Christmas.
1. 聖誕節 (sing3 daan3 zit3) “Christmas”
聖誕節放25同26號。 (sing3 daan3 zit3 fong3 jaa6 ng5 tung4 jaa6 luk6 hou6.)
“For Christmas, we get 25th and 26th off.” That’s the public holiday in Hong Kong.
2. 聖誕老人 (sing3 daan3 lou5 jan4) “Santa Claus”
聖誕 (sing3 daan3) is Christmas, and 老人 (lou5 jan4) is like old man, so the old man for Christmas is Santa Claus.
佢個身型好似聖誕老人。 (keoi5 go3 san1 jing4 hou2 ci5 sing3 daan3 lou5 jan4.)
“His body shape is like Santa Claus’s.”
3. 雪人 (syut3 jan4) “snowman”
我細個鍾意砌雪人。 (ngo5 sai3 go3 zung1 ji3 cai3 syut3 jan4.)
“When I was young I liked to make snowman.”
4. 裝飾 (zong1 sik1) “decoration”
呢個商場嘅裝飾好特別呀。 (ni1 go3 soeng1 coeng4 ge3 zong1 sik1 hou2 dak6 bit6 aa3.)
“This shopping mall's decoration is really unique.”
5. 交換禮物 (gaau1 wun6 lai5 mat6) “gift exchange” or "to exchange gift"
I tend to get a lot of cups and towels from gift exchange, it’s pretty hard because you don’t, the gift has to fit for both genders and all ages.
“I got this cushion from gift exchange.”
呢個箍臣係交換禮物得到嘅。 (ni1 go3 ku1 seon2 hai6 gaau1 wun6 lai5 mat6 dak1 dou3 ge3.)
It’s not true, I would like to get a cushion for gift exchange, it seems useful, for some people, I guess.
Anyways, that's it for today! Today we talked about Christmas in Hong Kong, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'll see you next year, bye! I’m Olivia. Bye!