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Lesson Transcript

Hi! I am Olivia, welcome back to Cantonese holiday words. Today we are going to talk about a Hong Kong holiday, but it’s not exactly a public holiday. It’s actually a holiday that came from the western culture and it is Halloween!
Halloween 萬聖節 (maan6 sing3 zit3) Halloween.
In Hong Kong, Halloween 萬聖節 (maan6 sing3 zit3) is also celebrated on the last day of October, the 31st of October. We just use this as an excuse to party and to get some candy.
In a sentence, 萬聖節去海洋公園玩。(maan6 sing3 zit3 heoi3 hoi2 joeng4 gung1 jyun2 waan2.) Visit Ocean park on Halloween. Visiting Ocean Park on Halloween or a week before, 1 or 2 weeks before. It’s very common because they have a special theme going on.
糖 (tong2) Candy
candy, lolly, candy, sweets. We need candy for Halloween.
In a sentence,食咁多糖,小心肚痛呀!(sik6 gam2 do1 tong2, siu2 sam1 tou5 tung3 aa3!) You eat so many candies… you might get stomachache for eating that much candy.
巫婆 (mou4 po4) is Witch.
That’s one of the popular character to dress up on Halloween, I guess. Have you ever dressed up as a witch before? I have.
And in a sentence, 今年萬聖節我扮巫婆。(gam1 nin2 maan6 sing3 zit3 ngo5 baan6 mou4 po4.) For this year, I am gonna dress up as a witch for Halloween.
喪屍 (song3 si1) Zombie
Zombie is getting more famous everywhere now for some reason.
In a sentence, 我鍾意睇關於喪屍嘅戲。(ngo5 zung1 ji3 tai2 gwaan1 jyu1 song3 si1 ge3 hei3.) I like to watch movies about Zombies, do you? What are your favorite Zombie movies? Let us know.
鬼屋 (gwai2 uk1) Haunted House
I don’t like going to Haunted House, it’s too scary.
In a sentence, 你去過最恐怖嘅鬼屋喺邊?(nei5 heoi3 gwo3 zeoi3 hung2 bou3 ge3 gwai2 uk1 hai2 bin1?) Where is the scariest Haunted House you’ve ever been?
And that’s the end of today’s Cantonese holiday words. Today we talked about Halloween 萬聖節 (maan6 sing3 zit3) in Hong Kong. And if you like the video, please subscribe and I will see you next time with more Cantonese videos, bye.