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Lesson Transcript

Hi, welcome to CantoneseClass101.com’s Cantonese holiday words. I am Olivia, and today we are going to talk about National Day. National Day is a public holiday in Hong Kong celebrating the birthday of China. So let’s see what kind of words we have.
國慶 (gwok3 hing3) National Day.
In a sentence, 國慶喺每年嘅十月一號。(gwok3 hing3 hai2 mui5 nin4 ge3 sap6 jyut6 jat1 hou6.) National Day is on every 1st of October.
So on this day, we all have one day of holiday in Hong Kong but in China, they have I think a week of holiday. So a lot of the people from Mainland China come to Hong Kong and go shopping, eating and it’s very crowded everywhere.
中國共產黨 (zung1 gwok3 gung6 caan2 dong2) Communist Party of China.
So back in 1945 or 1946, it was when the communist party start to be active and that’s how the war of liberation started.
中國共產黨攞晒我爺爺嘅財產。(zung1 gwok3 gung6 caan2 dong2 lo2 saai3 ngo5 je4 je2 ge3 coi4 caan2.) The communist party of China took away all my grandpa’s properties. Yeah so read about the history. I like to listen to my grandpa talking about his past, and yeah the Communist party did a lot of things…
黨 (dong2) political party.
你係共和黨定民主黨? (nei5 hai6 gung6 wo4 dong2 ding6 man4 zyu2 dong2?) Are you Republic or a Democrat?
鄧小平 (dang6 siu2 ping4) He is the leader of the communist party.
你有冇聽過鄧小平嘅故事? (nei5 jau5 mou5 teng1 gwo3 dang6 siu2 ping4 ge3 gu3 si6?) Have you ever heard of the story of Deng Xiaoping? if you haven’t, check it out. It is what we all have to study in Chinese history class and it’s very hard.
解放 (gaai2 fong3) Liberation
解放戰爭係喺1945年至1950年發生嘅。(gaai2 fong3 zin3 zang1 hai6 hai2 jat1 gau2 sei3 ng5 nin4 zi3 jat1 gau2 ng5 ling4 nin4 faat3 sang1 ge3.) The War of Liberation happened between 1945 and 1950.
In this lesson, we talked about the National Day and if you like it, please subscribe and check out CantoneseClass101.com if you want to learn more Cantonese, check out our audio and video lessons. I will see you next time. I am Olivia, bye.