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Lesson Transcript

This is Olivia reporting from Hong Kong! Hi, everyone, welcome to Cantonese Holiday Words. Today we're going to talk about Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day 情人節 (cing4 jan4 zit3)
情人(cing4 jan4) is “lover”, and 節(zit3) is like “festival”. So ”Valentine's Day" is 情人節 (cing4 jan4 zit3). Let’s go over some terms.
1. 情人節 (cing4 jan4 zit3) "Valentine's Day"
情人節喺二月十四號。 (cing4 jan4 zit3 hai2 ji6 jyut6 sap6 sei3 hou6.) "Valentine's Day is on 14th of February."
2. 朱古力 (zyu1 gu1 lik1) "chocolate"
我買咗盒心型嘅朱古力俾佢。 (ngo5 maai5 zo2 hap6 sam1 jing4 ge3 zyu1 gu1 lik1 bei2 keoi5.) "I bought a box of heart-shape chocolates for him.”
3. 拍拖 (paak3 to1) “to date; to see someone; to be in a romantic relationship with someone“
In a sentence, 你有冇拍拖呢? (nei5 jau5 mou5 paak3 to1 ne1?) "Are you in a relationship? “Are you seeing someone?"
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拍拖 (paak3 to1)
4. 燭光晚餐 (zuk1 gwong1 maan5 caan1) "candlelight dinner"
Candlelight dinner on Valentine's Day is a very common thing in Hong Kong, and they are
very expensive, especially at the hotels. maybe you can have a 燭光晚餐 (zuk1 gwong1 maan5 caan1) at home, that might be better. You can cook for your lover.
佢煮咗燭光晚餐俾我食,好浪漫呀。 (keoi5 zyu2 zo2 zuk1 gwong1 maan5 caan1 bei2 ngo5 sik6, hou2 long6 maan6 aa3.) "He made me candlelight dinner, that was so romantic."
5. 男朋友 (naam4 pang4 jau5) “boyfriend”
男(naam4) is “male”, 朋友(pang4 jau5) is “friend”, so male-friend is “boyfriend”.
男朋友 (naam4 pang4 jau5)
你有冇男朋友呢? (nei5 jau5 mou5 naam4 pang4 jau5 ne1?) “Do you have a boyfriend?”
So that's it for today. Today we talked about Valentine's Day. We hope you have a great valentine's Day. Please subscribe, leave us a comment, and check out CantoneseClass101.com for more Cantonese videos. See you next time! Bye!


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朱古力 zyu1 gu1 lik1 happens to be having similar pronounciation in Korean word 죽을래 which means 你係咪想死呀?lol