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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone! I'm Olivia, welcome to Cantonese Holiday Words. Today we're going to talk about Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is, of course, on the 1st day of the 1st month of the lunar calendar. So in 2016, it’s on the 8th of February, and in 2007 it’s on the 28th of January. So let’s see what are the terms.
1. 農曆新年 (nung4 lik6 san1 nin4) “Chinese New Year”
農曆 (nung4 lik6) is actually “lunar calendar, and 新年 (san1 nin4) is “new year”. 新 (san1) is “new”, and 年 (nin4) is “year”.
農曆新年要同屋企人過。 (nung4 lik6 san1 nin4 jiu3 tung4 uk1 kei2 jan4 gwo3.)
“We spend Chinese New Year with our family.” That’s a very common thing, that everybody would spend their Chinese New Year with their family, it’s a very family-oriented holiday.
2. 利是 (lai6 si6) “red packets”
利是 (lai6 si6) is red packets, or red envelop filled with money.
So people who are married, they have to give red packets to people who are still single, or kids. It’s a kind of blessing, so they pass on the money as a blessing. Lucky for people who are not married.
利是 (lai6 si6) in a sentence,
我今年逗咗好多利是呀! (ngo5 gam1 nin4 dau6 zo2 hou2 do1 lai6 si6 aa3!)
“I got a lot of red packets this year!” I’m rich!
3. 年糕 (nin4 gou1) “rice cake”
年糕 (nin4 gou1) is a rice cake that is very delicious. we usually grill it in the pan, please try it if you have the opportunity.
我新年食咗好多年糕,肥死喇。 (ngo5 san1 nin4 sik6 zo2 hou2 do1 nin4 gou1, fei4 sei2 laa3.)
“I ate a lot of rice cake during Chinese New Year, I'm gaining so much weight.”
4. 團年飯 (tyun4 nin4 faan6) “reunion dinner”
團年飯 (tyun4 nin4 faan6) is the day before the Chinese New Year where the whole family gather around and catch up and spend the new year together. It’s kinda like Thanksgiving in Western culture, I guess.
團年飯 (tyun4 nin4 faan6) in a sentence,
我今日唔得閒同你去睇戲呀,我要食團年飯。 (ngo5 gam1 jat6 m4 dak1 haan4 tung4 nei5 heoi3 tai2 hei3 aa3, ngo6 jiu3 sik6 tyun4 nin4 faan6.)
“I can't go to the movies with you (tonight), I have reunion dinner with my family tonight.”
5. 年宵市場 (nin4 siu1 si5 coeng4) “Lunar New Year Fair”
So every year there are a lot of huge fairs or night markets around town selling new year products, so it’s super crowded everywhere. I don't usually go, but it's a very nice place to go if you’re visiting Hong King during the Chinese New Year. 年宵市場 (nin4 siu1 si5 coeng4) in a sentence,
年宵市場好多人,小心銀包呀。 (nin4 siu1 si5 coeng4 hou2 do1 jan4, siu2 sam1 ngan4 baau1 aa3.)
“Because it's so crowded at the Lunar New Year Fair, watch your belongings.” Don’t get anything stolen.
That’s all the terms for Chinese New Year! We’ll check out other holidays in Hong Kong in our next Holiday Words videos. I’m Olivia, see you next time, please leave a comment and subscribe. See-ya! Bye! Happy New Year!


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