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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! Today we are going to talk about Home Tools.
Let me go grab my toolbox. My toolbox!
1. 工具箱 (gung1 geoi6 soeng1) "toolbox"
呢個工具箱好重呀。 (ni1 go3 gung1 geoi6 soeng1 hou2 cung5 aa3.) "This toolbox is very heavy."
2. 螺絲批 (lo4 si1 pai1) "screwdriver"
我用螺絲批上螺絲。 (ngo5 jung6 lo4 si1 pai1 soeng5 lo4 si1.) "I use a screwdriver to tighten a screw."
This is a “cross shape“. 十 (sap6) is the Chinese character “ten”, it’s just like a cross. So “cross shape screwdriver (Phillips head screwdriver)” is
十字型螺絲批 (sap6 zi6 jing4 lo4 si1 pai1), or just 十字螺絲批 (sap6 zi6 lo4 si1 pai1)
3. 槌仔 (ceoi4 zai2) "hammer"
I’m Thor!
Once my friend Risa she came to my room and asked 點解你個房會有槌仔㗎? (dim2 gaai2 nei5 go3 fong2 wui5 jau5 ceoi4 zai2 gaa3?) "Why do you have hammers in your room?"
Well “I use hammers for leather craft” 我用槌仔整皮 (ngo5 jung6 ceoi4 zai2 zing2 pei2).
4. 鋸 (goe3) "saw"
我好驚用鋸。 (ngo5 hou2 geng1 jung6 goe3.) "I'm afraid of using a saw."
5. 卷尺 (gyun2 cek3) "measuring tape"
Have you ever played with these when you were a kid? I always afraid that I would hit myself.
呢個卷尺有分CM同尺寸。 (ni1 go3 gyun2 cek3 jau5 fan1 CM tung4 cek3 cyun3.) "This measuring tape has index for centimeters and inches."
That’s it for today, today we talked about home tools. Do you have some special tools that other people don’t usually have? Or is there any tools that you want to know the Cantonese names of? Leave us a message in the comments, and check out the word list on CantoneseClass101.com. Please subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in other videos! I’m Olivia. Bye!