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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Hi watchers! Hi guys! Welcome back to Cantonese Weekly Words! Today we’re going to talk about Medicine.
1. 藥/藥物 (joek6 / joek6 mat6) "medicine"
病咗就要食藥。 (beng6 zo2 zau6 jiu3 sik6 joek6.) "When you are sick, you have to take medicine."
2. 疫苗 (jik6 miu4) "vaccine"
我去非洲要打黃熱病疫苗。 (ngo5 heoi2 fei1 zau1 jiu3 daa2 wong4 jit6 beng6 jik6 miu4.) "I'm going to Africa, so I have to get yellow fever vaccine."
黃熱病疫苗 (wong4 jit6 beng6 jik6 miu4) “yellow fever vaccine”
3. 咳藥水 (kat1 joek6 seoi2) "cough syrup"
咳 (kat1) is “to cough”, and 藥水 (joek6 seoi2) is “syrup”, like “medicine water”.
咳咗咁耐,飲咳藥水都冇用。 (kat1 zo2 gam3 noi6, jam2 kat1 joek6 seoi2 dou1 mou5 jung6.) "I've been coughing for so long, even drinking cough syrup doesn't work now."
4. 抗生素 (kong3 sang1 sou3) "antibiotics"
醫生開咗啲抗生素俾我。 (ji1 sang1 hoi1 zo2 di1 kong3 sang1 sou3 bei2 ngo5.) "The doctor prescribed some antibiotics for me."
5. 阿士匹靈 (aa3 si6 pat1 ling4) "Aspirin"
It’s actually the transliteration of “Aspirin”, 阿士匹靈 (aa3 si6 pat1 ling4).
頭痛可以食阿士匹靈。 (tau4 tong3 ho2 ji3 sik6 aa3 si6 pat1 ling4.) "When you have a headache, you can take Aspirin."
So that’s it for today, today we talked about Medicine. And I’ll see you next week, please subscribe, and leave us a comment, or check out the word list on the website, CantoneseClass101.com. See-ya, bye-bye!


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