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Lesson Transcript

Hi! Hiiii! I’m Olivia.
I’m Olivia! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! And we’re shooting in Hong Kong today, and it’s still raining. Let’s see what’s the theme for this week.
This week we will talk about Clothing Actions.
著 (zoek3)
著 (zoek3) is “to put on (clothing)”
今日好凍,記得著多件衫呀。(gam1 jat6 hou2 dung3, gei3 dak1 zoek3 do1 gin6 saam1 aa3.) “It's very cold today, remember to put on more clothes.”
“put on” 著 (zoek3)
除 (ceoi4)
除 (ceoi4) is “to take off”
唔好喺度除衫!(m4 hou2 hai2 dou6 ceoi4 saam1!) “Don't take off your clothes here!”
洗衫 (sai2 saam1)
洗衫 (sai2 saam1) is “to wash clothing; to do laundry”
洗衫 (sai2 saam1)... to wash; 洗 (sai2) is “to wash”; 衫 (saam1) is “clothes”
一個禮拜要洗兩次衫。(jat1 go3 lai5 baai3 jiu3 sai2 loeng5 ci3 saam1.) “Do laundry twice a week.”
染 (jim5) is “to dye”, “to dye color”
染髮 (jim5 faat3) “to dye hair”
我染咗紫色頭髮。(ngo5 jim5 zo2 zi2 sik1 tau4 faat3.) “I dyed my hair purple.”
織 (zik1) is “to knit”
我婆婆鍾意織冷衫。(ngo5 po4 po2 zung1 ji3 zik1 laang1 saam1.) “My grandma likes to knit sweaters.”
So that’s it for today, we talked about Clothing Actions. And I’ll see you next time at Cantonese Weekly Words. Bye Bye!


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