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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome back to Cantonese weekly words. Today, we are still in Costa Rica. And we are going to talk about sports, 運動 (wan6 dung6).
"Sports" 運動 (wan6 dung6)
Let’s see if your favorite sport is in the word list. Here we go!
1. 網球 (mong5 kau4) "Tennis"
(ngo5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 ge3 mong5 kau4 sau2 hai6 zou2 gou1 wik6.)
"My favorite tennis player is Djokovic."
And who is your favorite Tennis player?
手 (sau2) is actually a "hand"
Literally "tennis hand," 網球手 (mong5 kau4 sau2), is "tennis player."
The next word is...
2. 羽毛球 (jyu5 mou4 kau4) "Badminton"
羽毛球 (jyu5 mou4 kau4)
羽毛 (jyu5 mou4) is actually "feather"; and 球 (kau4) is a "ball."
So "the ball with the feather" is "badminton."
"My cousin is a badminton instructor."
(ngo5 biu2 dai2 hai6 gaau3 jyu5 mou4 kau4 ge3.)
3. 籃球 (laam4 kau4) "Basketball"
It’s probably most of you guys’ favorite sport.
So, 籃 (laam4), literally, is "basket."
So – and the ball. So basket and ball, "basketball," 籃球 (laam4 kau4).
"I don’t know much about basketball."
我唔係好識籃球 (ngo5 m4 hai6 hou2 sik1 laam4 kau4).
I only know players like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan... but most of my guy friends like basketball a lot. So they are always watching the NBA.
(ngo5 di1 pang4 jau5 sing4 jat6 hai2 dou6 tai2 laam4 kau4 coi3.)
"My friends are always watching basketball matches."
4. 曲棍球 (kuk1 gwan3 kau4) "Hockey"
曲 (kuk1) is like "bended" or "crooked"
And 棍 (gwan3) is the "bat" or a "stick"
And then 球 (kau4) is "ball"
So you play with a crooked stick, that’s hockey!
And then so, 曲棍球 (kuk1 gwan3 kau4) "bended stick ball," "hockey."
"Ice hockey is famous in Canada."
(gaa1 naa4 daai6 ceot1 meng2 bing1 soeng6 kuk1 gwan3 kau4.)
冰上曲棍球 (bing1 soeng6 kuk1 gwan3 kau4) is "ice hockey."
冰(bing1) is "ice" and 上(soeng6) is like "above"; so, "on the ice."
Canucks is one of the most famous teams around the world, or at least in Canada.
And if it was not on ice, it would be field hockey.
It will be 草上曲棍球 (cou2 soeng6 kuk1 gwan3 kau4)
草(cou2) is "grass" and 上(soeng6), again, is "above";
so, 草上曲棍球 (cou2 soeng6 kuk1 gwan3 kau4) is "field hockey," you play it on the grass.
(ngo5 waan2 cou2 soeng6 kuk1 gwan3 kau4 m4 lek1.)
"I'm not very good at field hockey."
Are you?
Next word is...
5. 足球 (zuk1 kau4) "Soccer / football"
足球 (zuk1 kau4) "Soccer" in the US, and "football" in the rest of the world.
足 (zuk1) is "feet" or "foot"; 球 (kau4) "ball"; so, "football."
I think it is one of the most famous or most popular sports around the world.
(sai3 gaai3 bui1 ge3 zuk1 kau4 coi3 si6 gei2 hou2 tai2.)
“The soccer matches for the World Cup is pretty good.”
It’s pretty exciting.
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about sports, 運動 (wan6 dung6).
Which one is your favorite sports? Let us know in the comments section.
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