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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words. I'm Olivia, today, we're going to talk about In An Airplane. And we are in an airplane right now.
1. 飛機 (fei1 gei1) "airplane"
我而家坐緊飛機。 (ngo5 ji4 gaa1 co5 gan2 fei1 gei1.) "I'm on an airplane right now."
Next one...
2. 安全帶 (on1 cyun4 daai2) "seat belt"
This is my seat belt, 安全帶 (on1 cyun4 daai2).
搭飛機要帶安全帶。 (daap3 fei1 gei1 jiu3 daai3 on1 cyun4 daai2.) "Put on the seat belt when you ride the plane."
Next word.
3. 空中服務員 (hung1 zung1 fuk6 mou6 jyun4) "flight attendant"
There is actually one standing right here.
Or, 空中小姐 (hung1 zung1 siu2 ze2) is for female, and 空中少爺 (hung1 zung1 siu3 je4) is for male.
空中服務員 (hung1 zung1 fuk6 mou6 jyun4) is the general term for both genders.
In a sentence,
呢個空中服務員好好呀。(ni1 go3 hung1 zung1 fuk6 mou6 jyun4 hou2 hou2 aa3.) “This flight attendant is very nice.”
4. 飛機師 (fei1 gei1 si1) "pilot"
Pilot is the guy driving the plane for us.
呢個飛機師好型仔呀! (ni1 go3 fei1 gei1 si1 hou2 jing4 zai2 aa3!) "This pilot is very handsome!"
5. 時差 (si4 caa1) "time difference"
When we travel to another country, very likely there is 時差 (si4 caa1) "time difference". In a sentence,
香港同日本嘅時差係一個鐘。 (hoeng1 gong2 tung4 jat6 bun2 ge3 si4 caa1 hai6 jat1 go3 zung1.) "The time difference between Hong Kong and Japan is one hour."
So that's it for today, today we talked about In An Airplane. And we are about to take off soon, I'll see you next time! I'm Olivia.


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Hello I see the word for window seat but how about aisle seat? Thank you for your time. 👍