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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to CantoneseClass101.com’s weekly words. Today, we are going to talk about "At The Hotel," 喺酒店 (hai2 zau2 dim3).
This is a hotel, 酒店 (zau2 dim3).
酒 (zau2) is "wine"; and 店 (dim3) is like "store" or "shop."
So literally, "wine shop," but somehow it’s a "hotel."
So, 喺酒店 (hai2 zau2 dim3).
1. 大堂 (daai6 tong4) "Lobby"
(heoi3 daai6 tong4 zou6 dang1 gei3)
"Go to the lobby for registration."
Kind of like check-in or checkout, it’s both registration, so 登記 (dang1 gei3).
去大堂 (heoi3 daai6 tong4)
2. 鎖匙 (so2 si4) "Key"
Nowadays, most hotels use electronic key cards, 電子鎖匙卡 (din6 zi2 so2 si4 kaat1), or just 鎖匙卡 (so2 si4 kaat1), kind of like one like this.
鎖匙卡 (so2 si4 kaat1) "key card"
(ngo5 dei6 ni1 gaan1 fong2 jau5 loeng5 zoeng1 so2 si4 kaat1.)
"This room comes with two key cards."
Or, 呢張係鎖匙卡,唔好唔見呀。
(ni1 zoeng1 hai6 so2 si4 kaat1, m4 hou2 m4 gin3 aa3.)
"This is the key card, don't lose it."
And usually give it back when you checkout.
Next word is...
3. 雙人床 (soeng1 jan4 cong4) "Double bed"
Usually, if you have two separate single beds, it’s called a twin room, right?
So with one double bed, it’s a double room. So this is a double room with a double bed.
(ni1 gaan1 fong2 jau5 zoeng1 soeng1 jan4 cong4.)
"There is a double bed in this room."
And next word is...
4. 單人床 (daan1 jan4 cong4) "A single bed"
If there are two single beds in the room, it’s called a twin room.
(jat1 go3 jan2 zau6 fan3 daan1 jan4 cong4, loeng5 go3 jan2 zau6 fan3 soeng1 jan4 cong4.)
"One person sleeps in a single bed, and two people will sleep in a double bed."
Or if I am sleeping by myself, I still like to sleep in a double bed. It’s much bigger.
Next word is...
5. 客房服務 (haak3 fong2 fuk6 mou6) "Room service"
(hou2 tou5 ngo6 aa3, bat1 jyu4 giu3 haak3 fong2 fuk6 mou6 lo3.)
"I'm very hungry, let's order room service."
I just don’t want to get out of this hotel room.
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about "At the hotel," 喺酒店 (hai2 zau2 dim3).
And I will see you next time. I am Olivia. Bye!


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my favorite phrase is 好肚餓呀,不如叫客房服務囉。