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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words. Today, we are at the pool in Costa Rica because our topic is...
At the Aquarium 喺水族館 (hai2 seoi2 zuk6 gun2)
This is not aquarium but it's got water at the pool.
1. 水母 (seoi2 mou5) "jellyfish"
Literally, 水 (seoi2) is "water" and 母 (mou5) is "mother," so mother in the water is somehow "jellyfish."
In a sentence,
小心啲呀,呢度有好多水母呀。 (siu2 sam1 di1 aa3, ni1 dou6 jau5 hou2 do1 seoi2 mou5 aa3.) "Be careful, there are many jellyfish here."
Don't get stung!
I know a friend who got stung and it sounds really painful. So be careful!
2. 海豚 (hoi2 tyun4) "dolphin"
海 (hoi2) is "ocean," 豚( tyun4) is kinda like "pig." So pig in the ocean, I don't know why, but "dolphins," 海豚 (hoi2 tyun4).
"I saw a bunch of dolphins jumping out of the water when I was sailing."
我遊船河嗰陣見到啲海豚跳上水呀。 (ngo5 jau4 syun4 ho2 go2 zan6 gin3 dou2 di1 hoi2 tyun4 tiu3 soeng5 seoi2 aa3.)
"Jumping above the water," 跳上水 (tiu3 soeng5 seoi2).
3. 鯨魚 (king4 jyu4) "whale"
鯨魚係最大嘅哺乳類動物。 (king4 jyu4 hai6 zeoi3 daai6 ge3 bou6 jyu5 leoi6 dung6 mat6.) "Whales are the biggest mammals in the world."
4. 魷魚 (jau4 jyu2) "squid"
The most I know about squid is grilled squid, they are delicious.
燒魷魚 "siu1 jau4 jyu2"
我聞到好香嘅燒魷魚呀。 (ngo5 man4 dou2 hou2 hoeng1 ge3 siu1 jau4 jyu2 aa3.) "I smell grilled squid, it smells really good."
And one of the snacks in Hong Kong is 魷魚乾 (jau4 jyu2 gon1), it's ”dried squid,” it's grilled and then dried. It's pretty good, you should try it when you have a chance.
5. 鯊魚 (saa1 jyu2) "shark"
大白鯊 (daai6 baak6 saa1) great white shark
大(daai6) is "big"; 白(baak6) is "white"; and 鯊 (saa1) is "shark". So the "great white shark" is 大白鯊 (daai6 baak6 saa1), like in the movie Jaws.
依個海灘好似有鯊魚呀。 (ji1 go3 hoi2 taan1 hou2 ci3 jau5 saa1 jyu2 aa3.) “It seems like this beach has sharks.” So don't swim in it.
In Hong Kong, some beaches, they set up shark net around the area so people can swim within the area, so that's called 鯊魚網 (saa1 jyu4 mong5).
呢個沙灘有鯊魚網。 (ni1 go3 saa1 taan1 jau5 saa1 jyu4 mong5.) "This beach has a shark net."
So it's safe to swim.
Today we talked about At the Aquarium.
水族館 (seoi2 zuk6 gun2) "aquarium"
And I'll see you next time. I'm Olivia. Bye!