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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! I’m Olivia, and this week we are going to talk about Computer Words.
Computer Words. Let’s see what we have.
筆記型電腦 (bat1 gei3 jing4 din6 nou5)
筆記型電腦 (bat1 gei3 jing4 din6 nou5) is “laptop computer”
筆記 (bat1 gei3) is actually “notebook”, so it can be “notebook computer” as well.
我部筆記型電腦係粉紅色嘅。 (ngo5 bou6 bat1 gei3 jing4 din6 nou5 hai6 fan2 hung4 sik1 ge3.) “My laptop computer is pink.”
滑鼠 (waat6 syu2)
滑鼠 (waat6 syu2) “mouse”
鼠 (syu2) is “mouse”; 滑 (waat6) is, like, “slippery”. So a slippery mouse means a mouse for the computer.
無綫嘅滑鼠好方便。(mou4 sin3 ge3 waat6 syu2 hou2 fong1 bin6.) “A wireless mouse is very convenient.” Yeah, I can’t go back to the traditional one after I used the wireless one.
耳筒 (ji5 tung2)
耳 (ji5) means “ears”, and 耳筒 (ji5 tung2) means “earphone” or “headphone”
唔好成日戴住個耳筒,對耳仔唔好。(m4 hou2 sing4 jat6 daai3 zyu6 go3 ji5 tung2, deoi3 ji5 zai2 m4 hou2.) “Don't wear earphones (or headphones) all the time, it's bad for your ears.”
顯示屏 (hin2 si6 ping4)
顯示屏 (hin2 si6 ping4) is “monitor”.
Sometimes in Hong Kong we just call it “mon”, “mon” short for “monitor”. We’re lazy.
個電腦顯示屏好似花咗。(go3 din6 nou5 hin2 si6 ping4 hou2 ci5 faa1 zo2.) “The computer monitor looks scratched.” Someone scratched it, maybe?
打印機 (daa2 jan3 gei1)
打印機 (daa2 jan3 gei1) “printer”.
Sometimes we just say “printer” in Hong Kong as well. For computer words we use a lot of English in Hong Kong.
打印機喺隔離房,所以啲文件要過去攞。(daa2 jan3 gei1 hai2 gaak3 lei4 fong2, so2 ji3 di1 man4 gin2 jiu3 gwo3 heoi3 lo2.) “The printer is in the next room, so I have to go grab the documents.”
So that’s it for today, today we talked about Computer Words. I’ll see you next time at Cantonese Weekly Words. I’m Olivia. Bye!


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which word do you like the most?

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Saturday at 06:17 AM
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Hello robert groulx,

You are very welcome. 😇

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck with your language studies.

Kind regards,


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robert groulx
Friday at 10:36 PM
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thanks for the lesson

my favorite word is 打印機


Sunday at 10:49 AM
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Hello enjoykhg,


go3 din6 nou5 hin2 si6 ping4 hou2 ci5 faa1 zo2.

"The computer monitor looks scratched.” Someone scratched it, maybe?

You are right that we usually use 部(bou6) as a measure word for computer or other electronic devices such as TV or cell phone. For example: 一部電腦(jat1 bou6 din6 nou) ~ one computer. But now the subject of the sentence you mentioned is a

{電腦顯示屏(din6 nou5 hin2 si6 ping4) ~ computer monitor}, not a computer, so the measure word 個(go3) is used instead of 部(bou6).

You are also correct that there are different measure words for the different things in Cantonese. Please take a look of the following lesson and hope you will find it helpful. ?

Measure Words


I think 滑鼠, 顯示屏 are more commonly used in Hong Kong. 手提電腦 has been used for long time but lately 筆記型電腦 is a very popular term too. Many people in Hong Kong use the word 耳筒. 耳機 or 耳筒 is also fine and can be used interchangeably.


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Tuesday at 10:37 PM
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Hi. I just want to ask you some question,


I watched audio clip on this website and in cantonese, we don't use 個 when we have measure wore and we know what we talk about

so is shouldn't be like: 陪電腦顥示屏好似花咗?

or also another sentence in another audio clip: 請出示你張身份證

So I think we need measure word when we know what we talk about and don't use 個

And which word is popular in daily life?




耳筒、耳機(I use 耳機 with my friends and they do)?

and I think 線 might be better and 綫 usually used by my mainland friend so it seems a bit simplified character

Thanks and have a nice day!

Wednesday at 03:00 PM
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Hi victor mario rubio ortiz,

On this site, we teach Cantonese; if you want to learn Mandarin, please check out ChineseClass101.com :wink:

Cantonese and Mandarin are different dialect but they use the same writing system (Chinese characters), each dialect has their unique terms and pronunciation of different characters, so it's really interesting!


Team CantoneseClass101.com

victor mario rubio ortiz
Wednesday at 09:06 AM
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:heart: I wonder if characters are mandarins and not Cantonese because I have heard that they are Mandarin