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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Cantonese weekly words. Today, we are going to talk about Life Events, 人生大事 (jan4 sang1 daai6 si6)!
Big things that happen to your life. So, 人生大事 (jan4 sang1 daai6 si6).
And now the first is...
1. 出世 (ceot1 sai3) "Birth" or "to be born"
出世(ceot1 sai3)
出 (ceot1) is like "exit."
世 (sai3) is "the world."
So it should be entering into world but somehow, the term means "to exit into the world."
Exits your mother’s body – exit your mother’s body into the world. So, 出世 (ceot1 sai3) "birth."
(nei5 go3 zai2 gei2 si4 ceot1 sai3 gaa3?)
"When was your son born?"
(nei5 go3 neoi5 gei2 si4 ceot1 sai3 gaa3?)
"When was your daughter born?"
(ngo5 hai6 jat1 jyut6 ceot1 sai3 ge3.)
"I was born in January."
And the next word is...
2. 畢業 (bat1 jip6) "Graduate"
(siu2 hok6 bat1 jip6)
"graduate from elementary school"
(zung1 hok6 bat1 jip6)
"graduate from secondary school"
(daai6 hok6 bat1 jip6)
"graduate from university"
(bat1 jip6 din2 lai5)
"Graduation ceremony"
3. 搵工 (wan2 gung1) "Job hunting"
Next word. After you graduate, you have to go job hunting, right?
搵 (wan2) is "to look for" or "to search for."
工 (gung1) is "job or occupation"
So 搵工 (wan2 gung1)
(tai2 bou3 zi2 wan2 gung1)
"to job hunt on newspaper"
Classified posts, probably.
(ji4 gaa1 di1 jan4 dou1 wui5 soeng5 mong5 wan2 gung1.)
"People nowadays would job hunt online."
(wan2 gung1 mong5 jip6)
"Job hunting websites."
4. 結婚 (git3 fan1) "To get married"
結婚 (git3 fan1)
So after engagement, you get married.
(JOHN tung4 MARY haa6 nin2 git3 fan1 laa3!)
"John and Mary will get married next year!"
5. 退休 (teoi3 jau1) "To retire/retirement"
(ngo5 baa4 baa1 haa6 nin2 zau6 teoi3 jau1 laa3.)
"My father is going to retire next year."
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about life events, 人生大事 (jan4 sang1 daai6 si6). And I will see you next time. I am Olivia. Ciao!


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my favorite phrase is 我爸爸下年就退休喇。