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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Cantonese weekly words. Today, we are going to talk about Study Subjects. 學科 (hok6 fo1) "Study Subjects."
What was your favorite study subject? Let us know in the comments section.
Let’s check out the word list now. First word is...
1. "English" 英文 (jing1 man2)
(ngo5 hou2 zung1 ji3 ngo5 ge3 jing1 man2 sin1 saang1.)
"I like my English teacher." When I was in high school.
Next word is...
2. 歷史 (lik6 si2) "History"
世界歷史 (sai3 gaai3 lik6 si2) "World history"
中國歷史 (zung1 gwok3 lik6 si2) "Chinese history"
法國歷史, (faat3 gwok3 lik6 si2) "French history"
"Art history" is 美術歷史 (mei5 seot6 lik6 si2)
(ngo5 lik6 si2 m4 hai6 hou2 lek1, daan6 hai6 ngo5 zung1 ji3.)
"I'm not very good at history, but I like it a lot."
Next word is...
3. 地理 (dei6 lei5) "Geography"
Not many of my friends have studied geography. Usually, they just draw a lot of graphs after tearing of the layers of earth and whatever.
(dei6 lei5 tong4 hou2 ci3 hou2 naan4 wo6.)
"It sounds difficult to take geography class."
Have you ever taken geography class? Is it difficult?
Next word is...
4. 經濟 (ging1 zai3) "Economics"
(ngo5 biu2 mui2 duk6 ging1 zai3 hok6 ge3)
"My cousin studied economics."
"The study of economics" is 經濟學 (ging1 zai3 hok6)
And you can also use it for economy. So you can say that,
"A country’s economy is good."
So, 呢個國家嘅經濟好好。
(ni1 go3 gwok3 gaa1 ge3 ging1 zai3 hou2 hou2.)
Next word is...
5. "Art"
美術 (mei5 seot6) "Art"
(ngo5 zung1 ji3 soeng5 mei5 seot6 tong4, ho2 ji3 waak6 waa2 tung4 maai4 tiu1 haak1.)
"I like art class because I can paint and do sculptures."
雕刻 (tiu1 haak1) "doing sculpture"
畫畫 (waak6 waa2) "to paint" or "to draw"
美術班 (mei5 seot6 baan1) is the "art class"
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about study subjects.
Let us know your favorite subject in school. Are you doing something and is your job related to what you studied and I will see you next time. I am Olivia. Bye!


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