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Lesson Transcript

Hi. Welcome to Cantonese weekly words. I am Olivia and this week, we will talk about Health Concerns. Let’s see what we have.
1. 頭痛 (tau4 tung3) is "headache"
Headache in a sentence...
你令到我好頭痛!(nei5 ling6 dou3 ngo5 hou2 tau4 tung3!)
"You're giving me headaches."
(ngo5 je6 maan5 lam4 fan3 dou1 tau4 tung3.)
"I have a headache every night before I go to sleep."
2. 頭暈 (tau4 wan4) is "dizzy" and feeling giddy, dizzy, yeah.
(ngo5 jau5 di1 tau4 wan4, soeng2 zou2 di1 faan1 uk1 kei2.)
"I'm feeling dizzy, I want to go home early and rest."
3. 肚痛 (tou5 tung3) is "stomachache"
頭(tau4) is "head" and 肚 (tou5) is "stomach".
So 痛 (tung3) is "pain".
So 肚痛 (tou5 tung3) is "stomachache"
(aai1 jaa3, m4 zi1 sik6 zo2 mat1 je5, ji4 gaa1 hou2 tou5 tung3.)
"I don't know what I ate, but I'm having a really bad stomach-ache right now."
Next. Next is...
4. 敏感 (man5 gam2) is "allergy"
Like we are having an allergic reaction.
(ngo5 deoi3 faa1 sang1 man5 gam2.)
"I'm allergic to peanuts."
(ngo5 deoi3 hoi2 sin1 man5 gam2.)
"I'm allergic to seafood."
It’s not true. That will be so bad. I love seafood.
5. 作嘔 (zok3 au2) is "nauseous"
Feeling nauseous that would be. I have to throw up.
(keoi5 gan6 paai4 sing4 jat6 zok3 au2, m4 zi1 hai6 jau5 me1 si6.)
"She has been feeling nauseous all the time lately, I wonder what happened?"
Today, we talked about Health Concerns and I will see you next week. I’m Olivia, see you next time!


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