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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome back to Cantonese weekly words. Today, we are in Costa Rica,
哥斯達黎加 (go1 si1 daat6 lai4 gaa1).
Costa Rica, 哥斯達黎加 (go1 si1 daat6 lai4 gaa1).
And we are going to talk about geography, 地理 (dei6 lei5), "Geography".
Here we go!
1. 山 (saan1) "Mountain" / "hill"
For us, we don’t distinguish between mountains and hills. So I don’t really know what’s different about them. Please tell me in the comments section if you know. So when we go hiking on the mountain, we say 行山 (haang4 saan1) "hiking."
Literally, "walk mountain."
行(haang4) is "to walk" and 山 (saan1) "mountain."
行山 (haang4 saan1)
And in the winter, we go to snow mountain for skiing.
雪山 (syut3 saan1) "snow mountain"
雪 (syut3) is "snow," and then mountain.
雪山 (syut3 saan1)
And here in Costa Rica, they have a lot of volcanoes.
So "volcanoes" in Cantonese is 火山 (fo2 saan1), literally "fire mountain."
火山 (fo2 saan1) "fire mountain," that’s "volcano."
(fu3 si6 saan1 hai6 jat1 go3 hou2 ceot1 meng2 ge3 fo2 saan1.)
"Fuji mountain is a very famous volcano."
Have you ever been there? Let us know.
And the next word is...
2. 島 (dou2) "Island"
I would want to visit Greece. I heard that there are more than 6000 islands there.
(hei1 lip6 jau5 caa1 m4 do1 luk6 cin1 go3 dou2.)
"There are around six thousand islands in Greece."
Do you have any suggestions on where to go in Greece? I would really love to visit there. Please let us know in the comments section.
3. "Beach" 沙灘 (saa1 taan1)
"Beach"; sometimes you hear 海灘 (hoi2 taan1), so they are interchangeable.
沙 (saa1) means "sand" and, 灘 (taan1) is just "beach".
So 沙灘 (saa1 taan1) is like "sand beach."
(ni1 dou6 heoi3 saa1 taan1 haang4 sap6 ng5 fan1 zung1.)
"From here, we can walk to the beach in 15 minutes."
(jau4 ni1 dou6 haang4 heoi3 saa1 taan1 jiu3 sap6 ng5 fan1 zung1.)
"It takes 15 minutes to walk from here to the beach."
4. 森林 (sam1 lam4) "Forest"
(taai3 saan1 zyu6 hai2 sam1 lam4 jap6 min6.)
"Tarzan lives in the - ."
What’s the difference between jungle and forest? I don’t know. We also call "jungle" 森林 (sam1 lam4), I think.
So 森林 (sam1 lam4) for both "forest" and "jungle."
So "Tarzan (for us) lives in a jungle."
(taai3 saan1 zyu6 hai2 sam1 lam4 jap6 min6.)
(lou5 fu2 zyu6 hai2 sam1 lam4 jap6 min6.)
"Tigers live in the forest."
And the next word is...
5. 河 (ho4) "River"
河 (ho4). It’s a very low tone. So, 河 (ho4) "river".
尼羅河 (nei4 lo4 ho4) "The Nile River"
泰晤士河 (taai3 ng4 si6 ho4)
"The Thames – The Thames. The Thame River. The Thames River."
泰晤士河 (taai3 ng4 si6 ho4) "Thames River."
The Canyon. The Canyon was created because of the river flow. So we can say that,
(ho4 lau4 jing4 sing4 haap6 guk1.)
"The flowing river created the canyon."
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about geography and I will see you next time in other Cantonese videos. I am Olivia. See you.


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