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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to CantoneseClass101.com’s weekly words. Today, we are going to talk about tourism.
"Tourism" 旅遊 (leoi5 jau4)
Do you like traveling? Let us know in the comments section. Let’s get started with the words now.
The first word is...
1. 遊客 (jau4 haak3) "Tourist"
遊 (jau4) is kind of like "travel," the word is for travel;
and 客 (haak3) is "customer." So, the customer who travels are tourists.
(gam1 jat6 jau5 hou2 do1 jau4 haak3 hai2 ni1 keoi1 wo3, m4 zi1 mat1 si6 ne1?)
"There are a lot of tourists in the area today.”
今日有好多遊客喺呢區 (gam1 jat6 jau5 hou2 do1 jau4 haak3 hai2 ni1 keoi1)
"I wonder what happened? Some events."
2. 導遊 (dou6 jau4) "Tour guide"
導遊 (dou6 jau4)
導(dou6) is "to lead" and 遊(jau4) is "travel."
So someone who leads the traveling is 導遊 (dou6 jau4), the "tour guide."
(gan1 zyu6 go3 dou6 jau4 haang4 aa3!)
"Follow the tour guide!"
Don’t lose him or don’t wander around and lost track of the tour guide. That happened to me once in the tour that I joined. One lady was wandering around and the tour guide cannot find her afterwards. Well luckily, she found the other tour guide from the other company and they kind of – the tour guides kind of know each other. So they called each other and said, hey, I found a lady from your tour. Come pick her up. So lucky for her.
Anyways, 導遊 (dou6 jau4).
(gan1 zyu6 go3 dou6 jau4 haang4 aa3!)
"Follow the tour guide!"
(dou6 jau4 sik1 hou2 do1 je5.)
"The tour guide knows a lot."
They usually know everything about the area, the history, the culture, the everything, the background. What’s good to eat, where to go, right?
3. 旅遊指南 (leoi5 jau4 zi2 naam4) "Guidebook"
Do you bring a guidebook when you travel? I used to buy a guidebook that was outdated. So all the train schedule was off and I went to the train station way too early. But that was better than being late, right?
(cin1 kei4 m4 hou2 maai5 bun2 gau6 ge3 leoi5 jau4 zi2 naam4.)
"Remember not to buy an outdated guidebook."
Or the same thing will happen to you.
Next is...
4. 旅遊巴 (leoi5 jau4 baa1)
So 旅遊 (leoi5 jau4) is the word for "travel" and 巴 (baa1) is short for 巴士(baa1 si2), which is "bus." Easy, right?
So 旅遊巴 (leoi5 jau4 baa1) "Tour bus, travel bus"
Bus for travellers, bus for taking tourists to places.
旅遊巴 (leoi5 jau4 baa1)
(ni1 gaa3 leoi5 jau4 baa1 jau5 mou5 ci3 so2 ne1?)
"Is there any washroom on this tour bus?"
Some do and some don’t depending if you are going on a long trip, right but usually people don’t like to use the toilet on the tour bus unless it’s really necessary.
5. 瀑布 (buk6 bou3) "Waterfall"
布 (bou3) is kind of like a cloth. So water running down like cloth is waterfall. Pretty name, right?
(jat6 bun2 jau5 hou2 do1 hou2 leng3 ge3 buk6 bou3.)
"There are a lot of beautiful waterfalls in Japan."
Have you been to any of those? Let us know in the comments section.
6. 公園 (gung1 jyun2) "Park"
公園 (gung1 jyun2)
This is a 公園 (gung1 jyun2), "park."
When you travel, sometimes you go to the National Park. So that is 國家公園 (gwok3 gaa1 gung1 jyun2) "National Park."
黃 (wong4) "Yellow."
石 (sek6) "stone."
國家 (gwok3 gaa1) is "national."
And 公園 (gung1 jyun2) is "park."
So "Yellowstone National Park"
黃石國家公園 (wong4 sek6 gwok3 gaa1 gung1 jyun2)
(gam1 jat6 tin1 hei3 gam3 hou2, ngo5 dei6 heoi3 gung1 jyun2 lo3.)
"It's such a nice day today, let's go to the park."
Let’s go!
So I will see you next time because I am going to the park and please subscribe. Check out the word list on CantoneseClass101.com, I am Olivia and I will see you next time. Thanks for watching. Bye!


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