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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Cantonese weekly words. I'm Olivia, and we are in Hong Kong. See! Today's topic is direction words.
1. 左 (zo2) "left"
我左邊有張櫈。 (ngo5 zo2 bin1 jau5 zoeng1 dang3.) "There is a chair on my left side."
2. 右 (jau6) "right side; (on the) right"
我用右手寫字。 (ngo5 jung6 jau6 sau2 se2 zi6.) "I use my right hand to write."
3. 前面 (cin4 min6 ) is "front; at the front"
"The car in front is blue." 我前面架車係藍色嘅。 (ngo5 cin4 min6 gaa3 ce1 hai6 laam4 sik1 ge3.)
4. 後面 (hau6 min6) "behind"
我後面係中環。 (ngo5 hau6 min6 hai6 zung1 waan4.) "Behind me is Central."
Central is a business district.
5. 直行 (zik6 haang4) "to go straight"
直行就到門口㗎啦! (zik6 haang4 zau6 dou3 mun4 hau2 gaa3 laa3.) "Just go straight, and you will see the entrance."
Well, that's it for today, and today we talked about direction words. I’ll see you next time at Cantonese Weekly Words. Bye!


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