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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com’s Weekly Words. Today, we're going to talk about crossing borders, 過境 (gwo3 ging2), crossing borders. When you cross borders you go to another country or another region.
1. 護照 (wu6 ziu3) "passport"
You need your passport when you go to another country, right? I think I have my passport here… Passport, passport!
When your roommate is going on a trip and you want to remind her to bring her passport,
記得帶護照呀! (gei3 dak1 daai2 wu6 ziu3 aa3!) "Remember to bring the passport."
Next word is…
2. 國籍 (gwok3 zik6) "nationality"
I’m Canadian. 我嘅國籍係加拿大。 (ngo5 ge3 gwok3 zik6 hai6 gaa1 naa4 daai6.) "My nationality is Canadian."
你係咩國籍呢? (nei5 hai6 me1 gwok3 zik6 ne1?) “What is your nationality?”
Tell us in the comment section!
3. 簽證 (cim1 zing3) "visa"
Visa, it’s not the credit card visa, it’s the visa you need to go to some countries.
去印尼要簽證 (heoi3 jan3 nei4 jiu3 cim1 zing3) "You need a visa for going to Indonesia."
印尼 (jan3 nei4) is "Indonesia"
去越南要簽證 (heoi3 jyut6 naam4 jiu3 cim1 zing3) "You need a visa for going to Vietnam."
去肯亞要簽證 (heoi3 hang2 aa2 jiu3 cim1 zing3) "You need a visa for going to Kenya.”
4. 海關 (hoi2 gwaan1) "customs" or the immigration office.
我過海關嗰陣遇到Mr. Rosa. (ngo5 gwo3 hoi2 gwaan1 go2 zan6 jyu6 dou2 Mr. Rosa.) "I met Mr. Rosa when I went through customs (or immigration).”
He is the officer working there and he recognized me from the videos. Hi, Mr. Rosa! It was really nice meeting you and good luck in learning Cantonese!
5. 免稅 (man5 seoi3) "tax-free"
We can buy tax-free products at the airport.
喺機場買免稅品。 (hai2 gei1 coeng4 maai5 man5 seoi3 ban2.) "Buy tax-free products at the airport."
So that's it for today! Today we talked about crossing border, are you crossing any borders, are you traveling anywhere soon? Let us know and leave us some comments, subscribe and please check out the word list on CantoneseClass101.com, I'm Olivia, and I'll see you next time! Bye!