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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! Today we are going to talk about Studying a Language, 讀一個語言 (duk6 jat1 go3 jyu5 jin4) or 學語言(hok6 jyu5 jin4).
1. 名詞 (ming4 ci4) "noun"
「頭」係一個名詞。 ("tau4" hai6 jat1 go3 ming4 ci4.) “’Head’is a noun."
2. 動詞 (dung6 ci4) "verb"
跑 (paau2), 跑 (paau2) is the verb for “run; to run”.
“I’m running” would be 我跑緊 (ngo5 paau2 gan2).
3. 形容詞 (jing4 jung4 ci4) "adjective"
你好醒呀! (nei5 hou2 sing2 aa3!) "You're very smart!"
Then 醒 (sing2) is the 形容詞 (jing4 jung4 ci4), “smart” is the adjective in the sentence.
So 你好醒呀! (nei5 hou2 sing2 aa3!)
4. 字 (zi6) "word” or ”character"
我今日學咗五個字。 (ngo5 gam1 jat6 hok6 zo2 ng5 go3 zi6.) "I learned 5 characters today." "I learned 5 words today."
“one two three four five” 一二三四五 (jat1 ji6 saam1 sei3 ng5), those are the five words that I learned today.
un deux trois quatre cinq
uno dos tres cuatro cinco
Five words!
5. 重複 (cung4 fuk1) "to repeat"
唔該你可唔可以重複一次? (m4 goi1 nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 cung4 fuk1 jat1 ci3?) "Can you repeat it once more please?"
So when people are speaking too fast or you didn’t catch the word, you can ask that question 唔該你可唔可以重複一次? (m4 goi1 nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 cung4 fuk1 jat1 ci3?) “Could you please repeat that, please?"
So that’s it for today, today we talked about Studying a Language. Please subscribe, and check out CantoneseClass101.com for the word list. And I’ll see you next time in other Cantonese videos. I’m Olivia. Bye!