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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! Today we are going to talk about Birds.
1. 烏鴉 (wu1 aa1) "crow"
Big, black birds.
日本啲烏鴉好大隻。 (jat6 bun2 di1 wu1 aa1 hou2 daai6 zek3.) "Crows in Japan are really big!"
2. 鴿 (gaap3) "pigeon”
Or sometimes 鴿子 (gaap3 zi2); or 白鴿 (baak6 gaap3) is “white pigeon”; 灰鴿 (fui1 gaap3) is “gray pigeon”. But generally speaking 鴿 (gaap3) is for ”pigeons”.
達爾文曾經養鴿同埋研究佢哋。 (daat6 ji5 man4 cang4 ging1 joeng5 gaap2 tung4 maai4 jin4 gau3 keoi5 dei6.) "Darwin used to keep and study pigeons."
Did you know that?
3. 海鷗 (hoi2 au1) "seagull"
"Seagulls can drink both salt and fresh water.” 海鷗鹹水同淡水都飲得。 (hoi2 au1 haam4 seoi2 tung4 taam2 seoi2 dou1 jam2 dak1.)
I don’t think a lot of animals can do that.
4. 雞 (gai1) "chicken” or “hen"
雞係暴龍嘅近親。 (gai1 hai6 bou6 lung4 ge3 gan6 can1.) "Chickens are T-rex's relatives."
They’re closely related. Did you know that there are scientists who created a chick with dinosaur legs?
5. 鴨 (aap2 / aap3) "duck"
唐老鴨 (tong4 lou5 aap2) "Donald duck"
鴨嘅羽毛係防水嘅。 (aap3 ge3 jyu5 mou4 hai6 fong4 seoi2 ge3.) “Duck's feathers are waterproof.”
So that’s it for today, today we talked about birds, which kind of bird do you like the most? And is there any other birds that you want to know the Cantonese names of? Let us know in the comment. Please subscribe so you can check out more Cantonese videos by me, Olivia, and check out the website for the word list. So I’ll see you next time. Bye!