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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! I’m Olivia, and this week we are going to talk about Being Sick.
感冒 (gam2 mou6)
感冒 (gam2 mou6) “cold;” “to catch a cold”
而家天氣成日轉,小心感冒。 (ji4 gaa1 tin1 hei3 sing4 jat6 zyun3, siu2 sam gam2 mou6.) “The weather keeps changing lately, so be careful don't catch a cold.”
發燒 (faat3 siu1)
發燒 (faat3 siu1) is “fever”
我細佬琴晚發燒,要入醫院。(ngo5 sai3 lou2 kam4 maan5 faat3 siu1, jiu3 jap6 ji1 jyun2.) “My younger brother had a fever last night that he had to go to the hospital.” He’s alright!
頭痛 (tau4 tung3)
頭痛 (tau4 tung3) “headache”
頭 (tau4) is “head”, 痛 (tung3) is “pain”
你令到我好頭痛!(nei5 ling4 dou3 ngo5 hou2 tau4 tung3!) “You're giving me headaches!”
敏感 (man5 gam2)
敏感 (man5 gam2) is “allergy”
我對海鮮敏感。(ngo5 deoi3 hoi2 sin1 man5 gam2.) “I'm allergic to seafood.“ That’s not true, that would be so sad, I love seafood!
哮喘 (haau1 cyun2)
哮喘 (haau1 cyun2) is “asthma”
我朋友成日用哮喘嚟做藉口唔上體育堂。(ngo5 pang4 jau5 sing4 jat6 jung6 haau1 cyun2 lei4 zou6 zik6 hau2 m4 soeng5 tai2 juk6 tong4.) “My friend always use asthma as an excuse to skip PE class.” Don’t do that!
That’s it for today, today we talked about Being Sick. And I’ll see you next time at Cantonese Weekly Words. I’m Olivia. Bye Bye! 下次見!
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