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Lesson Transcript

Hi watchers! Welcome back to Cantonese Weekly Words! This week we are going to talk about Jobs, 工作 (gung1 zok3) “jobs; occupation”.
1. 警察 (ging2 caat3) "police"
我哥哥細個嘅志願係做警察。 (ngo5 go4 go1 sai3 go3 ge3 zi3 jyun6 hai6 zou6 ging2 caat3.) "When my elder brother was younger, his dream was to be a policeman."
2. 醫生 (ji1 sang1) "doctor"
"My uncle is a doctor." 我姨丈係個醫生。 (ngo5 ji4 zoeng2 hai6 go3 ji1 sang1.)
3. 護士 (wu6 si6) "nurse"
我朋友Cherry係個護士。 (ngo5 pang4 jau5 CHERRY hai6 go3 wu6 si6.) "My friend Cherry is a nurse."
Hi, Cherry!
4. 教授 (gaau3 sau6) "lecturer” or “professor"
教 (gaau3) is “to teach”; and 教授 (gaau3 sau6) is a “professor” or "lecturer”.
我表哥係個教授。 (ngo5 biu2 go1 hai6 go3 gaau3 sau6.) "My cousin is a professor."
5. 主婦 (zyu2 fu5) "housewife"
Women who take care of the family.
主婦係冇得放假嘅。 (zyu2 fu5 hai6 mou5 dak1 fong3 gaa3 ge3.) "Housewives don't have holidays.”
It’s a really tough job!
That’s it for today, today we talked about jobs, 工作 (gung1 zok3). And I’ll see you next time in more Cantonese videos. Please subscribe, leave a comment, tell us what’s your occupation, if you can tell us in Cantonese that’d be perfect. Check out the word list on CantoneseClass101.com. And I’ll see you next time in other Cantonese videos. Bye! have a nice day.


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