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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to Cantonese weekly words! Today we are in Hong Kong and I’m Olivia, and we’re going to talk about Months.
一月 (jat1 jyut6)
一月 (jat1 jyut6) is January
我生日係喺一月。(ngo5 saang1 jat6 hai6 hai2 jat1 jyut6.) “My birthday is in January.”
四月 (sei3 jyut6)
四月 (sei3 jyut6) is April. April Fools!
四月一號係愚人節。(sei3 jyut6 jat1 hou6 hai6 jyu4 jan4 zit3.) “April Fools is on the 1st of April.“
六月 (luk6 jyut6)
六月 (luk6 jyut6) is June
有啲學校六月開始放暑假。(jau5 di1 hok6 haau6 luk6 jyut6 hoi1 ci2 fong3 syu2 gaa3.) “Some schools start summer vacations in June.“
十月 (sap6 jyut6)
十月 (sap6 jyut6) is October
我媽咪嘅生日係喺十月。(ngo5 maa1 mi4 ge3 saang1 jat6 hai6 hai2 sap6 jyut6.) “My mom's birthday is in October. “
十一月 (sap6 jat1 jyut6)
十一月 (sap6 jat1 jyut6) is November
十一月係冇公眾假期㗎。(sap6 jat1 jyut6 hai6 mou5 gung1 zung3 gaa3 kei4 gaa3.) “There's no public holiday in November.” Except Sundays, but still… sad!
You can see that in Cantonese the months are really easy to say, because you just count the numbers, like one, two, three, four, five…
“One - Month” 一月 (jat1 jyut6) is January;
“Two - Month”, like, “second-month” [二月 (ji6 jyut6)] is February; and so on.
So “Twelve - Month” is December 十二月 (sap6 ji6 jyut6)
So I’ll see you next time at Cantonese Weekly Words! I’m Olivia, and I’ll see you next time! 下次見!


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