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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Cantonese weekly words. I am Olivia and this week’s topic is Drinks. There are many famous drinks in Hong Kong.
The first word is...
1. 奶茶 (naai5 caa4) is "Milk tea"
Hong Kong has a very special Hong Kong-style milk tea. They just use a lot of tea and add it with condensed milk and/or evaporated milk sometimes.
In a sentence, 奶茶 (naai5 caa4)...
(hoeng1 gong2 ge3 naai5 caa4 hou2 ceot1 meng2.)
"Hong Kong's milk tea is very famous."
2. 鴛鴦 (jin1 joeng1)
鴛鴦 (jin1 joeng1) is a mixture of coffee and milk tea. You should try it sometime.
(ngo5 heoi3 caa4 caan1 teng1 jam2 jin1 joeng1.)
"I go to Hong Kong-style restaurants to drink 鴛鴦 (jin1 joeng1),
"coffee tea – coffee milk tea."
In a sentence,
(ngo5 hou2 zung1 ji3 jam2 jin1 joeng1.)
"I like drinking coffee milk tea."
3. 檸樂 (ling2 lok6)
檸(ling2) is short for 檸檬(ling4 mung1), "lemon"; and 樂(lok6) is short for "Coca-Cola," 可樂 (ho2 lok6).
So 檸樂 (ling2 lok6) is "lemon coke."
In a sentence,
(ling2 lok6 ho2 ji3 dung3 jam2 jik6 ho2 ji5 jit6 jam2.)
"You can drink lemon coke either hot or cold."
It’s interesting, right?
4. 檸蜜 (ling2 mat6)
檸(ling2) is short for 檸檬(ling4 mung1), "lemon"; and 蜜 (mat6) is short for 蜜糖(mat6 tong4) "honey."
So 檸蜜 (ling2 mat6) is "lemon in hot water with honey."
Yeah. It’s really good for your throat if you have like scratchy or sore throat. So,
(ngo5 dung1 tin1 jat6 jat6 dou1 jam2 jit6 ling2 mat6.)
"I drink hot lemon water with honey every day in the winter."
Next word is...
5. 好立克 (hou2 laap6 haak1)
好立克 (hou2 laap6 haak1) is "Horlicks".
I think other countries have them as well, some countries. It’s powder made with malt and you add it with hot milk or hot water and make it into a sweet drink. I used to like it when I was a kid.
(ngo5 sai3 go3 go2 zan6 hou2 zung1 ji3 jam2 hou2 laap6 haak1.)
"When I was young, I liked to drink Horlicks."
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about drinks. I will see you next time at Cantonese weekly words. Bye!


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