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Lesson Transcript

Hi watchers! Welcome back to Cantonese weekly words. Today, we are going to talk about clothes, 衫 (saam1), "clothes" or "clothing". So that’s why I am going to show you my wardrobe. It’s a bit embarrassing but here we go. Ta-da!
1. 牛仔褲 (ngau4 zai2 fu3) "Jeans"
牛仔褲 (ngau4 zai2 fu3) "Denim jeans." "Denim / Jeans"
牛仔 (ngau4 zai2) means "cowboy" and 褲 (fu3) is "pants."
So cowboy pants would be jeans.
(ngo5 caa1 m4 do1 jat6 jat6 dou1 zoek3 ngau4 zai2 fu3.)
"I wear jeans almost every day."
So next we have...
2. 冷衫 (laang1 saam1) "sweater"
冷衫 (laang1 saam1)
(ngo5 hou2 zung1 ji3 ni1 gin6 laang1 saam1, hou2 hoeng1 aa3.)
"I like this sweater a lot; it smells good, too."
冷 (laang1) is kind of linen or wool and 衫 (saam1) is clothes. So clothes that are knitted. Mostly, most sweaters.
So 冷衫 (laang1 saam1).
Next word is...
3. 恤衫 (seot1 saam1) "shirt"
Like "blouse" or "shirt," 恤衫 (seot1 saam1)..
(ni1 gin6 seot1 saam1 hai6 zi2 sik1 ge3.)
"This shirt is purple."
4. 帽 (mou5) A "hat" or a "cap"
帽 (mou5)
(ngo5 san1 maai5 zo2 deng2 mou5 aa3.)
"I bought a new hat."
(ni1 deng2 mou5 hai6 fe1 sik1 ge3.)
"This hat is brown."
And I don’t know where I should wear it to yet.
5. And for "Leather jacket," it’s 皮褸 (pei2 lau1)
皮 (pei2) is "leather" and 褸 (lau1) is "jacket."
We don’t say 皮外套 (pei2 ngoi6 tou3), we say 皮褸 (pei2 lau1).
So, I love my 皮褸 (pei2 lau1)
"I love my leather jacket."
(ngo5 gam1 maan1 zau6 zoek3 pei2 lau1 ceot1 gaai1 laa1!)
"I'm gonna wear this leather jacket out tonight."
It should keep me warm.
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about clothes, 衫 (saam1) "Clothes."
Thank you very much for watching. If you like it, please subscribe to our channel and check out CantoneseClass101.com where you can find the word list for the terms we talked about today. So I will see you next time in other Cantonese videos. I am Olivia. Bye-bye. 下次見 (haa6 ci3 gin3).
好熱呀 (hou2 jit6 aa3), it’s too warm.


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