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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, welcome to Cantonese weekly words. I am Olivia. Today, we are going to talk about Clothing Accessories.
1. "Bag" 手袋 (sau2 doi2)
手袋 (sau2 doi2) is "handbag" or a "bag."
"Pouch" or a "handbag."
(ngo5 zing2 gan2 jat1 go3 pei2 ge3 sau2 doi2)
"I'm making a leather handbag."
2. "Scarf" 頸巾 (geng2 gan1)
頸巾 (geng2 gan1) is "scarf."
頸巾 (geng2 gan1)
"I’m putting on a scarf."
(ngo5 daai3 zo2 tiu4 geng2 gan1.)
3. "Sunglasses"
(taai3 joeng4 ngaan5 geng2)
太陽(taai3 joeng4) is "sun" and 眼鏡(ngaan5 geng2) is "glasses". So "sunglasses," easy!
In a sentence...
(hai2 sat1 noi6 m4 hou2 daai3 taai3 joeng4 ngaan5 geng2.)
"Don't wear sunglasses indoors."
Of course, it’s bad for your eyes and its pretentious.
Um, next.
4. "Earrings" 耳環 (ji5 waan2)
耳環 (ji5 waan2) is "earrings."
In a sentence...
(nei5 deoi3 ji5 waan2 hai2 bin1 dou6 maai5 gaa3? hou2 leng3 aa3!)
"Where did you buy your pair of earrings? They are pretty."
5. "Watch" 手錶 (sau2 biu1)
手錶 (sau2 biu1) is "watch."
I don’t have a watch today, sorry.
A watch.
(ngo5 m4 zung1 ji3 daai3 sau2 biu1.)
"I don't like wearing watches."
It’s limiting. We just use our cell phone nowadays, right?
That’s it for today. Today, we talked about clothing accessories and I will see you next time at Cantonese weekly words. Bye!


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