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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome back to Cantonese Weekly Words. Today, we are back in the kitchen because we are going to talk about tableware, 餐具 (caan1 geoi6) "Tableware."
Here we go. So the first word is...
1. 筷子 (faai3 zi2) "Chopstick"
筷子 (faai3 zi2)
(hai2 hoeng1 gong2, sik6 faan6 tung1 soeng4 jung6 faai3 zi2.)
"In Hong Kong, we usually use chopsticks for eating."
And ever since SARS in 2003, my family picked up the habit of using public chopsticks. We share dishes among everyone. So when we want to take the public food, we use another pair of chopsticks usually another color. So we won’t contaminate the food.
So 公筷 (gung1 faai3), kind of like a "public chopsticks."
And the next thing we use in Cantonese food is...
2. 湯羹 (tong1 gang1) "Soup spoon"
We use this for soup. At least in my family, we have soup every day for dinner. So you will see this in the table for sure.
(m4 goi1 zoeng1 go3 tong1 gang1 fong3 soeng5 toi2.)
"Please put the soup spoon on the table."
All right. 湯 (tong1) is the "soup" and 羹 (gang1) is the "spoon."
So, 湯羹 (tong1 gang1) "soup spoon."
And the next word is...
3. 匙羹 (ci4 gang1)
You know, you use this everywhere pretty much.
匙羹 (ci4 gang1) or just 羹 (gang1), "spoon."
(ngo5 dei6 jung6 ci4 gang1 sik6 gaa3 lei1.)
"We use a spoon to eat curry."
And the next word is...
4. 叉 (caa1). It’s a funny sound.
"Fork" 叉 (caa1)
This is like a normal 叉 (caa1) and if we have a plastic... and for takeout food, we usually get a plastic fork. So, 膠叉 (gaau1 caa1).
膠 (gaau1) is plastic and 叉 (caa1) is "fork."
So, 膠叉 (gaau1 caa1) "plastic fork."
And in a sentence...
(ngo5 hai2 jat6 bun2 maai5 zo2 zek3 caa1.)
"I bought a fork in Japan."
It’s so tiny. It’s good for eating cake.
And the next word is...
5. 刀 (dou1) "knife."
(jung6 dou1 caa1 goe3 paa2.)
"Cutting a steak with a fork and knife."
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about tableware, 餐具 (caan1 geoi6).
Do you use all of the above 餐具 (caan1 geoi6)? Let us know in the comments section.
So thank you for watching today and I will see you next time. Bye!


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hello robert groulx,

You are very welcome. 😇

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck with your language studies.

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robert groulx
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thanks for the lesson

my favorite tableware is 湯羹


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Hi Bjorn,

Thanks for your comment! Yes, should be 叉 (caa1) = fork.

We will fix it as soon as possible. 😉


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The juytping for fork is dou1 in the Vocabulary section above, I guess that is just a mistake ?

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Hello Marie,

一套 餐具(jat1 tou3 caan1 geoi6)~ a set of tableware

一對 筷子(jat1 deoi3 faai3 zi2) ~ a pair of chopsticks

一隻 匙羹(jat1 zek3 ci4 gang1)~ one spoon

一隻 叉 (jat1 zek3 caa1)~ one fork

一把 刀 (jat1 baa2 dou1)~ one knife,

一把(jat1 baa2)~ a handful of

一副刀叉(jat fu3 dou1 caa1)~ a set of fork and knife.

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Thursday at 12:54 AM
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What are the measure words most often used with the various eating utensils?