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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! I’m Olivia, and we will talk about Fruit this week.
So this week’s topic is Fruit. Let’s see what our first word is.
香蕉 (hoeng1 ziu1)
香蕉 (hoeng1 ziu1) is banana
香蕉 (hoeng1 ziu1) in a sentence:
香蕉好有營養。(hoeng1 ziu1 hou2 jau5 jing4 joeng5.) “Banana is full of nutritions.“
西瓜 (sai1 gwaa1)
西瓜 (sai1 gwaa1) is watermelon
西瓜 (sai1 gwaa1), but literally it’s “west-melon”, 西 (sai1) means “west”.
我琴日買咗個好大嘅西瓜,好重呀! (ngo5 kam4 jat6 maai5 zo2 go3 hou2 daai6 ge3 sai1 gwaa1, hou2 cung5 aa3!) “I bought a really big watermelon yesterday, it was really heavy!”
士多啤梨 (si6 do1 be1 lei2)
士多啤梨 (si6 do1 be1 lei2) is strawberry
士多啤梨 (si6 do1 be1 lei2) like str-aw-be-rry, strawberry
士多啤梨係我最鍾意嘅生果。 (si6 do1 be1 lei2 hai6 ngo5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 ge3 saang1 gwo2.) “Strawberry is my favorite fruit.”
菠蘿 (bo1 lo4)
菠蘿 (bo1 lo4) is pineapple
菠蘿 (bo1 lo4), it sounds funny.
我唔識點樣開一個菠蘿。(ngo5 m4 sik1 dim2 joeng2 hoi1 jat1 go3 bo1 lo4.)
我唔識點樣切一個菠蘿。(ngo5 m4 sik1 dim2 joeng2 cit1 jat1 go3 bo1 lo4.) “I don't know how to cut a pineapple open.“ I never tried it.
芒果 (mong1 gwo2)
芒果 (mong1 gwo2) is mango
“I just had mango yesterday.“
我琴日啱啱食完芒果。(ngo5 kam4 jat6 aam1 aam1 sik6 jyun4 mong1 gwo2.)
幾好味㗎, it’s pretty good!
That’s it for today, today we talked about fruit. And I’ll see you next time at Cantonese Weekly Words. I’m Olivia. Bye!