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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome back to Cantonese weekly words. Today, we are back in Costa Rica and we are going to talk about mammals, 哺乳類動物 (bou6 jyu5 leoi6 dung6 mat6).
Let’s see if any of your favorite animals are in there. Here we go.
The first word is...
1. 狗 (gau2) "Dog"
I used to have three dogs. A German shepherd, a Chow Chow and a Rottweiler.
(ngo5 ji5 cin4 joeng5 gwo3 saam1 zek3 gau2.)
"I had three dogs when I was younger."
"Dogs are man's best friend."
(gau2 hai6 jan4 leoi6 zeoi3 hou2 ge3 pang4 jau5.)
Do you have a dog? What kind? Let us know in the comments section.
Next word is...
2. 貓 (maau1) "Cat"
貓 (maau1)
It sounds like when they are meowing.
So, 貓 (maau1).
"I also had a cat, and he sleeps a lot."
(ngo5 ji5 cin4 dou1 jau5 joeng5 maau1, keoi5 fan3 hou2 do1 gaau3.)
佢成日瞓覺。(keoi5 sing4 jat6 fan3 gaau3.) "He sleeps all day."
And his name is Rosty. Do you have a cat?
So "cat food" is 貓糧 (maau1 loeng4); and "dog food" is 狗糧 (gau2 loeng4).
(mou5 saai3 maau1 loeng4 laa3, ngo5 dei6 heoi3 ciu1 si5 maai5 laa1.)
"We're out of cat food; let's go get some at the supermarket."
And next...
3. "Horse" 馬 (maa5)
(ngo5 mei6 si3 gwo3 ziu3 gu3 jat1 zek3 maa5.)
"I've never taken care of a horse."
I heard that they can sleep standing up.
(maa5 ho2 ji3 kei2 hai2 dou6 fan3.)
And I heard that they can see all around them because their eyes are on different sides of their head. So they have 360-degree vision. That’s pretty cool.
So the next word is...
4. "Deer" 鹿 (luk2)
鹿(luk2), it has a funny sound.
Bambi is 鹿 (luk2), 斑比鹿(baan1 bei2 luk2).
"Many species of deers are hunted for their antlers."
(hou2 do1 luk2 dou1 jan1 wai6 keoi5 dei6 ge3 luk2 gok3 ji4 bei2 jan4 lip6 saat3.)
Antlers, 鹿角 (luk2 gok3)
角 (gok3) is kind of like a horn or antler, in this case.
Please don’t kill or hunt for Antler.
And the next word is...
5. "Elephant" 象 (zoeng6)
Or sometimes we call it 大笨象 (daai6 ban6 zoeng6) "the big stupid elephants", literally. I know they are not stupid but I don’t know why they are called the big stupid elephant. They are not stupid at all.
"They have very good memory."
(zoeng6 ge3 gei3 jik1 lik6 hou2 hou2.)
And you know, they have the longest gestation period among all mammals.
They have to carry their baby for 22 months. That’s almost two years. I cannot imagine.
(zoeng6 maa4 maa1 jiu3 to4 zyu6 go3 bi4 bi1 ji6 sap6 ji6 go3 jyut6 sin1 saang1 ceot1 lei4.)
"Elephant mothers have to carry their baby for 22 months before they give birth."
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about mammals, 哺乳類動物 (bou6 jyu5 leoi6 dung6 mat6) "mammals."
Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. I am Olivia and I will see you next time in other Cantonese video.
Ciao! 下次見 (haa6 ci3 gin3). Bye-bye! See you next time.


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