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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words. Today, we’re going to talk about post office, 郵局 (jau4 guk2) “post office”. Let’s see what are the words.
1. 郵局 (jau4 guk2) “post office”
我去郵局寄信。 (ngo5 heoi3 jau4 guk2 gei3 seon3.) “I go to the post office to mail a letter.”
歐洲啲郵局好靚。 (au1 zau1 di1 jau4 guk2 hou2 leng3.) “Post offices in Europe are very beautiful.”
They’re usually in old buildings.
And the next word is…
2. 郵票 (jau4 piu3) “stamp”
You lick the stamp and put it on the postcard or envelope.
我細個有儲郵票。 (ngo5 sai3 go3 jau5 cou5 jau4 piu3.) “I used to collect stamps when I was younger.”
3. 寄信 (gei3 seon3) “to mail a letter; to post a letter”
我寄信畀你。 (ngo5 gei3 seon3 bei2 nei5.) “I mail a letter to you.”
而家好少人寄信,通常都係電郵。 (ji4 gaa1 hou2 siu2 jan4 gei3 seon3, tung1 soeng4 dou1 hai6 din6 jau4.) “Nowadays, most people don't mail letters; they send emails.”
4. 信封 (seon3 fung1) “envelope”
信 (seon3 ) is “letter” and 封 (fung1) is “enclosement” so enclosing the letter is the “envelope” 信封 (seon3 fung1).
我冇信封呀,你可唔可以畀一個我呀? (ngo5 mou5 seon3 fung1 aa3, nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 bei2 jat1 go3 ngo5 aa3?) “I don't have an envelope, can you give me one?”
5. 速遞 (cuk1 dai6) “express mail”
速 (cuk1) is like “rapid or fast”, 遞 (dai6) is “to handover” so a very fast handover is express.
呢份文件我趕住要,所以要send速遞呀。 (ni1 fan6 man4 gin2 ngo5 gon2 zyu6 jiu3, so2 ji3 jiu3 SEND cuk1 dai6 aa3.) “I need this document urgently, so please send it by express mail.”
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about “post office” 郵局 (jau4 guk2) and I’ll see you next time. Please subscribe and check out the worklist on CantoneseClass101.com. See you!