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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody, welcome back to Cantonese Weekly Words!
Today we are in Costa Rica, and we're going to talk about Personalities, 性格 (sing3 gaak3).
Here we go!
The first word is...
1. 受歡迎 (sau6 fun1 jing4) "popular"
歡迎 (fun1 jing4) is kinda like "welcome," and 受歡迎 (sau6 fun1 jing4) is like being welcomed by everybody, so "popular."
佢好受歡迎,人人都鍾意佢。 (keoi5 hou2 sau6 fun1 jing4, jan4 jan4 dou1 zung1 ji3 keoi5. )
"He's very popular; everybody likes him."
Do you have a friend that's like that?
The next word is...
2. 聰明 (cung1 ming4) "clever" or "smart"
Sometimes, we say 小聰明 (siu2 cung1 ming4) like, little smart, it means "witty.” It's not the proper knowledge that you know but you are street smart, so we'd say 小聰明 (siu2 cung1 ming4). Or kind of like "show off" as well.
And in a sentence,
(do1 di1 tung4 jat1 di1 bei2 nei5 cung1 ming4 ge3 jan4 jat1 cai4 waan2.)
“Hang out more with people who are smarter than you."
So you can learn a lot from them, probably.
So the next word is...
3. 活潑 (wut6 put3) "lively"
We usually say a kid, like the child, or children who are very lively, we'd say,
啲細路好活潑。(di1 sai3 lou6 hou2 wut6 put3.) "The kids are very lively.”
It's a positive adjective.
(ngo5 zung1 ji3 tai2 di1 sai3 lou6 waan2, keoi5 dei6 hou2 wut6 put3.)
"I like to watch the kids play; they are very lively (energetic)."
The next word is...
4. 誠實 (sing4 sat6) "honest"
So to be very honest, we say,
佢個人好誠實。(keoi5 go3 jan4 hou2 sing4 sat6.) "He's a very honest person.”
(muk6 ngau5 kei4 jyu6 gei3 ni1 go3 gu3 si6 gaau3 ngo5 dei6 jiu3 sing4 sat6.)
"The story of Pinocchio teaches us to be honest."
Or else you'll have a super long nose.
And the next word is the opposite of 誠實 (sing4 sat6), which is...
5. 狡猾 (gaau2 waat6) "cunning" or "sly"
佢個人好似好狡猾。 (keoi5 go3 jan4 hou2 ci3 hou2 gaau2 waat6.) "He looks very cunning."
Sometimes, we also use the adjective 奸 (gaan1), it's kinda like "evil" or it's like the person has some hidden intentions. So, 佢個人好奸。(keoi5 go3 jan4 hou2 gaan1.) "He is kinda evil." or "He is up to no good."
(keoi5 go3 jan4 hou2 gaau2 waat6, hou2 gaan1, ngo5 m4 wui5 seon3 keoi5.)
"He is very cunning and sly; I wouldn't trust him."
I hope you don't have any person around you that is 狡猾 (gaau2 waat6) or 奸 (gaan1).
So that's it for today, today we talked about personalities, 性格 (sing3 gaak3). And what is your personality? Was it anyone in the word list? And I'll see you next time.
下次見 (haa6 ci3 gin3), bye!