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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words. Today, we are going to talk about continents, 洲 (zau1).
洲 (zau1) is like "big island", also called 大陸 (daai6 luk6) "big island."
"The seven continents" is 七大洲 (cat1 daai6 zau1).
七 (cat1) is "seven"; and 大 (daai6) is "big"; and 洲 (zau1) is "continents".
(dei6 kau4 jau5 ng5 daai6 joeng4 cat1 daai6 zau1)
"The Earth has five oceans and seven continents."
And the next word is...
1. 歐洲 (au1 zau1) "Europe."
We are in Europe right now.
(sai1 baan1 ngaa4 hai6 hai2 au1 zau1.)
"Spain is in Europe."
Where do you live? Do you live in Europe? Let us know in the comments section.
And the next word is...
2. 亞洲 (aa3 zau1) "Asia"
(hoeng1 gong2 hai2 aa3 zau1.)
"Hong Kong is in Asia."
"Japan is in Asia."
(jat6 bun2 hai2 aa3 zau1.)
(hoeng1 gong2 hai6 aa3 zau1 ge3 gam1 jung4 si5 coeng4.)
"Hong Kong is Asia's financial market."
And the next word is...
3. 非洲 (fei1 zau1) "Africa"
(heoi3 fei1 zau1 tai2 daai6 cin1 saai2.)
"Go to Africa and watch the great migration."
4. 澳洲 (ou3 zau1) "Australia"
Gold Coast is in Australia.
(ngo5 zung1 ji3 heoi3 ou3 zau1 sik6 hoi2 sin1.)
"I like to eat seafood in Australia."
Next word is...
5. 北美洲 (bak1 mei5 zau1) "North America"
北美洲 (bak1 mei5 zau1)
北(bak1) is "north"; 美洲 (mei5 zau1) is "America."
So, 北美洲 (bak1 mei5 zau1) "North America."
(gaa1 naa4 daai6 hai2 bak1 mei5 zau1.)
"Canada is in North America."
The next word is...
6. 南美洲 (naam4 mei5 zau1) "South America"
(baa1 sai1 hai2 naam4 mei5 zau1.)
"Brazil is in South America."
Argentina is also in South America.
And the next word is...
7. 南極 (naam4 gik6) "Antarctica"
南極 (naam4 gik6)
(ngo5 soeng2 heoi3 naam4 gik6 tai2 kei2 ngo2.)
"I want to go watch penguins in Antarctica."
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about continents, 洲 (zau1). and I will see you next time in other Cantonese video. See you next time.


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