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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com’s Weekly Words. Today we're going to talk about furniture, 傢俬(gaa1 si1), furniture.
You have to buy new furniture when you move to a new place, right? So,
搬屋之後就要買傢俬喇。(bun1 uk1 zi1 hau6 zau6 jiu3 maai5 gaa1 si1 laa3.)
“So after you move to a new place, you have to buy furniture.”
The first word is…
1. 床 (cong4) "bed"
我要一張好大嘅床。 (ngo5 jiu3 jat1 zoeng1 hou2 daai6 ge3 cong4.) "I want a very big bed."
What size is your bed? My bed is, I think, queen size. I like to have a very big bed so I can roll all over it. 床 (cong4).
你張床幾大呢?(nei5 zoeng1 cong4 gei2 daai6 ne1?) “How big is your bed?”
2. 飯枱 (faan6 toi2) "dining table"
"Would you prefer a dining table that is wooden, plastic, or glass?"
你想要張飯枱係木嘅,膠嘅,定係玻璃嘅? (nei5 soeng2 jiu3 zoeng1 faan6 toi2 hai6 muk6 ge3, gaau1 ge3, ding6 hai6 bo1 lei1 ge3?)
Let us know in the comment section, we can do a poll and see which one is the most popular.
The next word is…
3. 書架 (syu1 gaa2) "bookshelf"
書(syu1) is “book” and 架(gaa2) is “shelf” or “rack”, so 書架 (syu1 gaa2) "bookshelf”.
我個書架上面有好多書。 (ngo5 go3 syu1 gaa2 soeng5 min6 jau5 hou2 do1 syu1.) "I have a lot of books on my bookshelf."
“Do you have a lot of books on your bookshelf?”
你個書架上高係咪有好多書呢?(nei5 go3 syu1 gaa2 soeng5 gou1 hai6 mai1 jau5 hou2 do1 syu1 ne1?)
4. 凳 (dang3) "chair"
I need to buy more chairs for my place, so when my guests come over they can sit, now they are just standing around
我要買多啲凳。 (ngo5 jiu3 maai5 do1 di1 dang3.) "I need to buy more chairs."
我要買 (ngo5 jiu3 maai5) "I need to buy”
多啲凳 (do1 di1 dang3) “more chairs"
"I need to buy more chairs." 我要買多啲凳。 (ngo5 jiu3 maai5 do1 di1 dang3.)
I need to put it in my to-do list.
5. 書枱 (syu1 toi2) "desk"
Here you see the word 書(syu1) again, 書(syu1) “book”. And 枱(toi2) is “desk” or “table,” so it's kind of like the desk for study room.
我張書枱可以校高校低㗎。 (ngo5 zoeng1 syu1 toi2 ho2 ji3 gaau3 gou1 gaau3 dai1 gaa3.) "My desk's height is adjustable."
So that's it for today, today we talk about furniture, 傢俬(gaa1 si1). And I'll see you next time in other Cantonese videos. Please subscribe and check out the word list on CantoneseClass101.com, and I'll see you next time. Bye!


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